7 Best Golf Clubs For Teenagers in 2024

Parents should always think that junior players are not yet adults. Teenage golfers have lower swing speed, small size, and height, so they need golf clubs that fit their stature. It is advisable giving them the equipment where they are more comfortable to keep their passion alive and kicking!

But what are the best golf clubs you can give to your kid to enhance their interest in golf? Some junior players started slowly in swing speed, while some had enough tempos to carry on a good start. 

We tested some of the leading brands in the industry and ended up in the top seven in the market. Finding the best golf clubs for teenagers gave us more thrills and excitement as we tried each product. 

However, you can try other brands and choose the better one for your kid. 

The best golf club for teenagers is the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set. The XJ Junior Golf Set has most of Callaway’s advanced technologies and it has 4-level of sizes. It has a wide array of selections for teens of any age specification. Also, the set comes in a 4-piece, 6-piece, 7-piece, and 10-piece club set; a perfect starting point to assign the correct number of pieces depending on age.

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Our Top Picks of Best Golf Clubs For Teenagers

Best Overall: Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

Best for Teenage Girls: Callaway Strata Women Complete Golf Club Set

Best for Teenage Boys: PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

Best Value for Money: Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids     

Best Junior Golf Clubs with Most Forgiveness: WILSON Junior Profile JGI Complete Golf Club Set   

Best Lefty Youth Golf Clubs: Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Golf Clubs Set     

Best Golf Clubs for 16-year-old Boys: Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set  

7 Best Golf Clubs For Teenagers- Best Reviews In 2024

1. Callaway Strata Women Complete Golf Club Set

Callaway Strata Women Complete Golf Club Set

Girls eager to learn golf at a young age may find the Strata Women Complete Golf Club Set as exemplary initial equipment. The set is available in three packages; 11-piece, 14-piece, and 16-piece sets. Your teen golfer kid will have a grand time having more forgiveness and hitting accurate shots with enough distance.

The 14-piece set includes a 460cc titanium driver, a 5-wood, 5-hybrid, 6 to 9-irons, PW & SW, and a putter. The package also has a durable golf cart bag and three head covers. The clubs are lightweight, ideally for teens that have the potential to pursue the game big time!

Overall, the Callaway Strata Women Complete Golf Club Set is best for beginners. You can pick the correct number of clubs because it comes in 11, 14, and 16-piece sets. The price is reasonable.

Key Features

  • The putter is mallet-shaped with better alignment.
  • The driver has a large sweet spot for more forgiveness.

  • One of the best golf club sets for 11-14-year-olds.
  • A parent suggests buying a 14 or 16-piece set to include the wedges (PW & SW).
  • It is an ideal setting for teens just starting in golf.
  • Although the price might be too much for kid starters, the quality last compared to other brands.

Who should use this product?

Kid golfers (girls) who are just getting started playing golf should have at least the 11-piece set of Strata. The set comes in either left or right-hand orientation, so your child can pick the perfect set. 

2. PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children   

PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children

PreciseGolf has junior players on its priority lists with a design that fits kid golfers. The set comes in right-hand and left-hand orientations and three age groups for boys & girls. The price range of each depends on the age group. The cost increases as the age group vary.

The left-hand junior set includes a 15-inch driver, #22 hybrid wood, 6 and 7 irons, a 9-iron, a putter, a stand bag, and two head covers. If you want your kid to learn the game with ease and confidence; you can rely on the Precise X7!

If your kid is 3-5 years old, this is the perfect golf club set for them! The price is very affordable. It is only a fraction of the cost of premium brands. The set also has a size ideal for toddlers.

Key Features

  • The ergonomic lift handle of the bag makes it easy to use.
  • Exclusively designed for players to improve accuracy & distance.

  • The bag has a retractable stand for ease of use.
  • The complete golf club set is ideal for children with heights between 4’4” and 5’.
  • ‘I love the one-year warranty on my purchase!” a proud parent said.
  • The club shafts might be short for tall kids.
  • The bag is not recommendable for adult use.

Who should use this product?

Average height junior golfers (boys & girls) will have the best opportunity to use complete golf sets with PreciseGolf designs. The selection will be perfect for their height, while the club shafts have junior flexes ideal for highly-active kids. The package is suitable for kids aged between 3 and 12-year old.

3. WILSON Junior Profile JGI Complete Golf Club Package Set    

WILSON Junior Profile JGI Complete Golf Club Package Set

Even if your kid does not have the playing style yet: you can predict the outcome once you let them play with quality equipment. You can start with the WILSON Junior Profile JGI Golf Club Set to make a lot of difference. 

The Wilson JGI club set offers eight junior-size options (S, M, and L) for different age groups. The package usually contains a driver, long and short irons, a hybrid, a wedge, and a putter. The package set also comes with a stand bag and two head covers.

The WILSON Junior Profile JGI Complete Golf Club Set ensures your kid will grow up liking golf a lot. The Wilson JGI golf sets are easy to play: they are lightweight, too. It’s like playing with sticks. 

Key Features

  • Designed for juniors.
  • The clubs have weighted soles for a good swing.

  • The flex, grip size, length, and weight are for juniors.
  • It contains all of the junior players need for a good start.
  • ‘I am 4’11”, 40 years old, and this set fits me well! Said a lady adult golfer.
  • Suitable for boys and girls.
  • The driver club head is smaller than other drivers.

Who should use this product?

Most 11-13-year-old players between 56” and 63” tall are the ideal users of the WILSON Junior Profile JGI club set. Beginner and intermediate junior players will have an easy grasp of its modern technology and the clubs’ more forgiving features. 

4. Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids  

Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set for Kids  

Do you have the trust your child will do well in golf at a young age? You can take a second look by giving your kid the more affordable Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set. The set includes four clubs (a driver, 7 & 9 irons, and a putter) with a top-notch junior stand bag. 

The deluxe stand bag has double shoulder straps and a 4-way divider. The bag is lightweight, so your kid can carry it for short distances. The stand bag even has an umbrella holder and a rain hood.

The golf club set more recommendable for 4-8-year-olds is the Confidence Golf Junior. As for height, it is ideal for kids 4”6’ tall. The golf clubs come with a stand bag with dual shoulder straps. 

Key Features

  • The grip material is rubber.
  • The putter is mallet-style.

  • The Ti-Matrix perimeter-weighted irons have large and more forgiving sweet spots.
  • The irons (7 & 9 irons) are cavity-back with more forgiveness.
  • ‘My 5-year-old kid can hit the driver with ease. A proud father said.
  • The maximum height of the user is 4’ 6” tall.

Who should use this product?

Kids 4-8 years old longing to learn the basics of golf should start with Confidence Junior Golf Club Set. It is one of the cheapest modern club sets. At this young age, kids may use at least four clubs and add individual clubs as they improve their game.

5. Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set 

Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set 

Beginner teen golfers who want the ball into the air should count on Precise Teenager Complete Set. The junior flex shafts and lightweight clubs are user-friendly. The set contains a 460cc titanium driver, S.S. fairway wood, S. S. Hybrid, S. S. 7-PW Irons, and a putter. 

It comes with a lightweight stand bag and three head covers. The set comes in right and left-hand orientations, so your kid can pick the perfect assortment of clubs. 

The Precise Teenager Complete set comes with a 460cc titanium driver. You can seldom find a junior golf set with a 460cc titanium driver. The driver; combined with a fairway wood, a 7-PW iron, a hybrid, and a putter, is a strong set for juniors.

Key Features

  • The set has mid-firm flex for better handling.
  • The titanium driver has a 460cc volume.

  • The stand bag has a bottom that can fit into a pushcart.
  • The woods have 100% graphite shafts, while the irons have True Temper Steel shafts.
  • ‘I just learned that this set has perfect game improvement clubs!’ A dad commented.
  • I am disappointed that the straps broke after only four months of use. A father complained.

Who should use this product?

The Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set is ideal for teen golfers between the ages of 13 and 16. The set will suit them regardless of the skill level they have. The clubs are easy to hit with better forgiveness, especially the driver. 

6. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set (Top Pick: Best Set for Teenagers)

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

If your teenager wants a wide array of club selections in one package: the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Set is one of the best options. It has a bag with a unique shape and contains 10 types of clubs. The set includes a driver, fairway wood, a hybrid, four irons, two wedges, and a putter.

The Callaway XJ is a series of junior clubs in four levels of sizes (4-piece, 6-piece, 7-piece, and 10-piece sets). As junior players grow older and their skill evolves, you can vary the type of sets they use. The Xt teen set fits junior golfers with a height of 62 inches and above (5 feet and above).

The Callaway XJ is unbelievable! It is one of the lightest golf sets for juniors, although it has a 10-piece golf club. The bag has several compartments for golf accessories like balls, beverages, and extra clothing.

Key Features

  • The set has designs for improved performance & distance.
  • The set weighs just 10 pounds.
  • Designed with Callaway technologies.

  • My kid walks around the course carrying the bag. It is so lightweight! A father exclaimed.
  • The clubs are durable and can withstand extreme weather.
  • The driver is 360cc with lots of sweet spots for beginners to pick up.
  • The clubs do not carry the Jailbreak and Face Cup techs.

Who should use this product?

The Callaway XJ Junior Golf Set fits kid golfers aged 9-12. Tall children aged seven to eight can also use this set. The 10-piece club set is a better starting point than choosing 6-piece or 7-piece sets.

7. Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Golf Clubs Set   

Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Golf Clubs Set   

One of the cheapest golf club sets with remarkable qualities is the Ram Golf Junior G-Force Boys Golf Clubs Set. The set comes in three age brackets: 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 years old. Kid golfers usually have slower swing speeds. The driver comes with a 14-degree loft to help your child attain higher ball flight.

The G-Force contains a driver, a hybrid (21-degree equal to a 3-iron), 7 & 9 irons, a wedge, and a putter. The set also includes a lightweight golf bag with foldable stands. The putter has a built-in alignment aid to keep the shot straight.

The golf clubs offer more forgiveness, yet one of the least expensive sets is the Ram Junior G-Force, especially for boys. The irons and wedges have graphite shafts that are easy to swing. This is a good choice for boys 7-9 years old. 

Key Features

  • The G-Force has a 14-degree driver and lightweight shaft.
  • The irons are cavity-back.

  • I am glad the driver has a 14-degree loft. My kid is a slow speed Swinger’. A mother golfer said.
  • The 21-degree hybrid is easy to hit.
  • The wedge has a 56-degree loft perfect for chip shots.
  • The 4 to 6-year-olds have no hybrid and wedge clubs.

Who should use this product?

The Ram G-Force Golf Club Set is one of the best tools for left-handed junior players. The cost varies as the age of users varies (but still affordable for average-income parents). 

The 4-6 age brackets have four clubs on the bag; the 7-9 and the 10-12 age brackets have six clubs each. If you think your child needs only specific clubs, the G-Force Club Set is a cost-effective alternative.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Golf Clubs For Teenagers?

1. Comfort over Form

Teenage players should also feel comfortable using their new equipment. You must ensure that your kid has more pleasant clubs with the appropriate grips, flexes, and lengths. 

2. Consider the Set Make-Up

Know the composition of your kid club selection. As your child begins learning the ropes and pieces of golf, they should carry basic clubs. It is not necessary to carry all the clubs required in a game. But buying a complete set of clubs is more economical. 

Moreover, junior players tend to grow faster. Buy only the clubs appropriate for their current built and top-up regularly as they swell in height and gain skills.

3. Quality 

Go for golf clubs that have unquestionable qualities, like the brands we tested above. The brands with reputable attributes are Callaway, Wilson, Precise, Ram, and Confidence. Their models are not only suitable (price-wise) for parents: they are also better alternatives for teens as initial equipment.

4. Forgiveness

One of the features you should look for in junior golf clubs is forgiveness: Pick clubs with large sweet spots because many teen players are still struggling to do center hits. A sizeable sweet spot provides them the needed forgiveness to lessen the ill effects of a bad swing.

5. Color 

Let the kids choose the color of the club set they like. The color of their equipment adds to their interest in the game.

6. Price 

Decide whether you want to spend more or less on your kid’s new hobby. The different price ranges of the club set nowadays (like the products we reviewed) are becoming more affordable. 

7. Individual Size and Strength

Junior golf clubs are usually sold based on the kid’s height and strength. If you know your kid’s height, find a golf club that fits his height. Every golf club has an applicable height range. 

Buy a club one step higher than the kid’s height: considering they continue growing. The golf club might be initially too long for them; its lifespan is expected to last longer.

8. Junior’s Skill Level

How good is your child in golf? Is he just starting to learn the game or do you see he has improved? That is right; you should consider your kid’s skill level. 

Junior golf sets, like adult sets, have the appropriate golf clubs depending on the skill. If your kid is just a beginner, there are clubs ideal for startups, and so on. So, make a better decision on what to buy.

9. Quality of Clubs and Bag

You may know the quality of golf clubs and bags if they cost so much. Well, not at all times. Nowadays, several manufacturers are making golf clubs specifically for juniors, and they have competitive prices.

To know if a club is top-quality, determine its shaft material. Today, junior golf club shafts are of fiberglass, steel, or graphite. Go for graphite: it is lightweight and flexible. Steel is heavy for juniors, while fiberglass wears out easily. 

Choose a golf bag according to your child’s height. It should be strong in construction but lightweight. Ensure your child can carry the bag comfortably.


What Clubs You May Consider Adding to Your Teen Bag

Here are some golf clubs you may include in your teen golf bag.

1. Driver


Many junior club heads are slightly smaller and lighter than adult players. But they also come with big heads, like the driver. A driver may not be a priority, but once your kid decides to use it, make sure it is lightweight and has a graphite shaft.

Junior players can still use the legal 460cc maximum volume for a driver’s head if they are more comfortable with it. Besides, the 460cc driver is more forgiving and has a large sweet spot well-suited for junior players.

2. Hybrids and Long Irons

Hybrids provide the same characteristics as irons and woods, teenage golfers will adapt easily to the clubs’ features. Moreover, the Hybrid is easier to hit than long irons. 

3. Irons

Junior and teenage golfers should look for game improvement irons for maximum distance with lots of forgiveness. Cavity-back irons are more suitable for teen golfers because these clubs provide high trajectories with added range.

4. Wedges

Do not forget the wedges on your teen bag. Wedges make teenage players more comfortable hitting a variety of shots around the green. For a start, sand and pitching wedges (SW & PW) are more practical.

5. Putter

The putter should not be the last thing on your teen’s list of clubs. It is the club that decides how they score. A putter with a built-in alignment line is better for teen players. Also, consider a mallet-shaped putter to keep them more confident and improve their balance.


1. Should I Buy A Complete Set or Individual Clubs?

A teenage or junior golfer does not need to carry the 14 clubs in their bag. Our tests suggest that a good teen starter set needs a driver, a hybrid, 7-iron, pitching and sand wedges, and a putter. The club selection may vary depending on your child’s starting skills. Buying the clubs in a set is more economical. But ensure that your teen’s golf clubs have the appropriate weights, lengths, and grip widths.

Once you observe that your kid is gaining improvement, you can buy golf clubs individually suiting your teen’s current ability. 

2. Which Should I Buy for My High School or Teen Golfer: Men or Junior Golf Clubs?

Many teenage high school boys have a height similar to adult male golfers. We suggest you buy golf clubs for men that are not heavy and have lengths not longer than junior clubs. Boys tend to grow faster at this stage: they should catch up when they grow taller and heavier. 

3. What golf clubs should a 13-year-old use?

The WILSON Junior Profile JGI Complete Golf Club Set is more recommendable for early teen golfers. The set has eight size options for different age groups and has one of the best collections of golf clubs.

4. What size golf clubs does a 12-year-old need?

The Callaway Level Three clubs (of the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set) are superior for 12-year-old golfers. These clubs are also ideal for junior players 54 and 61 inches in height.

5. What golf clubs should a teenager use? 

The most crucial golf clubs for juniors are an iron, a wood, a putter, and a wedge. A driver is not necessarily needed if they have a 3-wood, which can work well for them in many instances. 

6. What clubs should a 15-year-old use?

A 15-year-old golfer should have a mix of a driver, hybrids, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and a putter. However, ensure that your teen has more than one wedge (the PW & SW are also essentials).

7. What driver should a 13-year-old use?

A 13-year-old golfer should use a more forgiving driver like the one included in Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set. It is a 360cc titanium driver with a graphite shaft, perfect for a 13-year-old.

8. What is the best brand of golf clubs for juniors?

Some of the leading brands for junior golf clubs are Callaway XJ Junior, followed by Wilson Profile, and PreciseGolf X7. 

9. Can a 14-year-old use men’s golf clubs?

Some 14-year-old boys are as big as average men, in this case, they can use men’s golf clubs. But, there may be a need to shorten the shaft a little bit. Many junior golf clubs are designed for pre-teens (or younger than a 12-year-old).

When a boy is five feet tall (60 inches), he no longer fits into junior golf clubs. At this time, he has the option to use an adult golf club, but it should have a shorter shaft.

10. What size golf clubs for a 14-year-old boy?

A 14-year-old boy with a height range of 59-60-61 inches should use a driver 39”-40”-41” inches in length: 3-wood at 39”-40”-41”: 9-Iron at 32”-33”-34”: and PW at 31.5”-32.5”-33.5”.

11. What is the difference between youth and women’s golf clubs?

Women’s golf clubs have a longer handle than youth clubs. It is more comfortable for women to hold longer handles and hit the ball straight and far. In contrast, junior clubs have smaller handles, It is easier for small hands to grasp and control the club.

12. Can a 12-year-old use men’s golf clubs?

Depending on how tall he is and his physical strength, a 12-year-old kid could benefit from using men’s irons. When using an adult driver, he might have difficulty swinging a longer and heavier club.

13. Can I start playing golf at 15?

Yes, you can start playing at 15. There is no rule about when one should start playing golf. Anyone can learn the game of golf from age two through 102.


As a parent, you could maintain a better relationship with your teenage golfer by having a mutual choice of the perfect golf clubs. We know that you would like a cheaper set to begin with while your kid begins the journey towards a more rewarding golf career.

One of the cheapest golf clubs we recommend without sacrificing quality is the Confidence Golf Junior Golf Clubs Set: This junior golf club set suits, boys and girls, in the 4-7 age range. The clubs have junior flexes, are lightweight, and will suit kids up to 4’ 6’ tall.

But for the best golf clubs for teenagers, we highly recommend the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf SetThe price is still affordable because it comes with a 10-piece golf club with a free stand bag. The basic clubs a junior golfer may need are included in this set.

We also recommend that once you have found the appropriate clubs for your kid, ensure that you check them (at least twice a year). Make sure that the golf clubs still fit.

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