10 Best Golf Bags for Push Carts in 2024

Golf bags come in many shapes and sizes. But what is the best to use in a push cart? Some say a stand bag is better; others say a cart bag fits into a pushcart very well.

A push cart is better if you want to walk when playing golf than riding a golf cart. Making you more mobile on the golf course becomes part of an exercise routine to keep your body healthy.

We tested ten of the leading golf bags in a push cart to determine the best golf bags for push carts many aspiring golfers want to know. But you can try other brands and pick the best one for you.

If you are in a hurry to know the result of our test, we find the Sun Mountain 2021 Golf Cart Bag as the Best Golf Bag for Push Carts.

Our Top Picks: Best Golf Bags for Push Carts

Best Overall: Sun Mountain 2021 Golf Cart Bag

Best value for money: Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

Best for budget-conscious golfers: Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

Best for gadgets: Cleveland Golf Cart Bag  

Best lightweight: Datrek Lite Rider Pro Golf Cart Bag   

Best in any weather: MOTOCADDY 2021 Dry Series CART Bag    

Best for traveling golfers: Datrek Transit Golf Cart Bag     

Best premium cart bag: Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 7 Cart Bag     

Best lightweight 14-way: Yovital Golf Cart Bag  

Best with chiller pocket: Bag Boy Cart Bag    

10 Best Golf Bags For Push Carts – Top Reviews Of 2024

1. Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Golf Cart Bag  (Top Pick) 

Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Golf Cart Bag 

If you want a bag with more pockets and still lightweight enough even when fully loaded: the Maverick Golf Cart Bag by Sun Mountain is a clever choice. The nylon bag has convertible foam-padded straps with lift-assist handles for better handling even when not in a cart.

Key Features

  • The front-facing pockets have an insulated cooler patch.
  • The 14-way top dividers are all full-lengths.

  • It comes with seven color combinations, all at the same price.
  • I like the foam-padded carry straps! Says a customer.
  • It is the Top Gun of golf bags!” A user told a review.
  • The slanting top works well when riding on a golf cart.

Who should use this product?

The Maverick bag is ideal for players frequently riding a golf cart on their games. Its best feature is the 14-way full-length divided top. The feature will let you have a slot for every club. This way, the grips will keep separated at the bottom.  

2. Yovital 14-Way Golf Cart Bag  

Yovital 14-Way Golf Cart Bag  

golf cart bag need not be heavy to accommodate all of your golf clubs. That is why the Yovital 14-Way Golf Cart Bag comes with 14 full-length dividers while it weighs just 3.97kg. 

Key Features

  • The pockets have two-way zippers.
  • It has a large base with four fiber stick support system.

  • The bag has 11 large pockets for apparel, range finder, shoes, balls, gloves, and other valuables.
  • The cooler pocket has a built-in drain.
  • All pockets for essentials are velour-lined.
  • The straps are extremely sharp and rough”, a user observed.

Who should use this product?

The Yovital 14-way cart bag is perfect for beginners that prefer a set of clubs in a lightweight bag. The bag will not tip over even on hilly or uneven terrain: its base is large enough to support the weight.

3. Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 7 Cart Bag     

Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 7 Cart Bag

Many golfers do not want too many dividers for their golf bag but still can carry the required 14 clubs. You can try using the Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 7 Cart Bag. It has only seven dividers, but each slot is large enough to accommodate at least two clubs.

Key Features

  • The 7-way mid-sized dividers have an arched top.
  • Zippers are waterproof.

  • The ORG 7 seems like a better tool to organize my clubs more efficiently”, says an experienced golfer.
  • The golf bag weighs only 4.25 pounds (less than 2kg).
  • ‘It is better than a TaylorMade cart bag!” A golfer said.
  • Not advisable for beginner or amateur players.
  • Only four dividers are full-length.

Who should use this product?

We recommend the Callaway ORG 7 bag for experienced golfers that can easily recognize their golf clubs even from afar. 

A 7-way bag has few dividers, which is more usable in separating short game clubs from long game clubs.

4. Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag   

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag 

One of the best golf push cart bags for budget-conscious golfers is the Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag. The nylon golf bag comes in two color combinations: black-charcoal and black-charcoal-royal. The bag fits most types of golf carts.

Key Features

  • Lightweight (4.25 pounds) and durable.
  • It features 15-way full-length individual dividers.

  • The lightweight golf bag is ideal for travel.
  • ‘I like the cooler pocket that can accommodate a few bottled water and ice”, a traveling golfer said.
  • The large putter well is rubberized.
  • It took me a hard time engaging the bag into the bottom of a Bagboy cart”, a user said.

Who should use this product? 

A golfer (leisure player or otherwise) who always travels will find the DG Lite II Cart Bag a breeze during transit. It has 15 dividers (seven of which have zippers), allowing you to carry almost all your essentials in one go.

5. Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag  

 Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag

The cheapest golf cart bag on our lists is the Izzo Ultra Lite Cart Bag. It is also the most lightweight at only 3.28 pounds.And unlike other budget-friendly cart bags, the Ultra Lite has a 14-way padded top with a SmartGrip handle. 

Key Features

  • Complete with storage space but lighter.
  • It has six large pockets.

  • The lightweight cart bag is easy to transport in any vehicle.
  • ‘The simple design makes it easier to use. A client claims.
  • The valuables pockets are waterproof.
  • Not ideal for golfers who prefer to carry their bags.

Who should use this product?

The Izzo Ultra Lite is ideal for golfers looking for three things: the price, the lightweight, and lots of storage spaces. The bag is easy to load and unload in any vehicle, such as an SUV, a truck, or a car.

6. Cleveland Golf Cart Bag  

Cleveland Golf Cart Bag

The 14-way divider of Cleveland Cart Bag lets you carry all your favorite golf clubs and keep them well organized. It has top and bottom handles to carry the bag wherever you may be: traveling or playing golf.

Key Features

  • The shoulder straps add to its ease of use.
  • It has six grab handles for quick loading into vehicles.

  • The bag has five color combinations to choose from.
  • I never imagined that carrying my golf bag would be much easy when traveling”, a petite golfer commented.
  • Some golf bags have only nine pockets, but the Cleveland has 11, amazing!” exclaimed a buyer.
  • It was a perfect gift for my husband. He is an occasional golfer”, a housewife said.
  • The dividers are not full-length.

Who should use this product?

Every golfer wanting their essentials dry and organized should use this bag by Cleveland. The lightweight cart golf bag has waterproof pockets with zippers for your valuables. What is more interesting is that the bag weighs only 5.51 pounds.

7. Bag Boy Cart Bag    

Bag Boy Cart Bag    

What we are impressed with the Bag Boy Cart Bag is its chiller pocket. The cooler (or chiller) pocket has insulation and is removable. The cooler can hold six 12-ounce cans of drinks and other beverages. You can surely last the game fully hydrated.

Key Features

  • The TOP-LOK technology attaches the bag to the cart more securely.
  • Four pockets are available for apparel storage.

  • The TOP-LOK technology allows the bag to merge with a Bag Boy push cart without twisting.
  • ‘The pockets are large compared to other golf bags”, a user observed.
  • It has 14-way dividers for a complete set of clubs.
  • The price varies upward with color.
  • The bag is not fully waterproof.

Who should use this product?

Anybody can use the Bag Boy Cart Bag, but it is preferable for pleasure golfers playing with their buddies. It is also advisable for a family of golfers to play together. The large volume of drinks that the chiller can accommodate is a big boost for energizing a group of players.

8. Datrek Lite Rider Pro Golf Cart Bag   

Datrek Lite Rider Pro Golf Cart Bag

Do you want to maximize the functionality of your golf bag? Well, the Datrek Lite Rider Pro Golf Cart Bag gives you the ease of retrieving and returning clubs. Its bottom is rubberized: for stability in any terrain. The soft-grip lift lets you handle the bag without a tight grip.

Key Features

  • The cart bag has 15 dividers with 15 pockets.
  • The Lite Rider has oversized pockets for organized storage of clubs.

  • The insulated cooler pocket keeps your drinks cold even after a single round of 18-hole.
  • ‘It weighs just 4.7 pounds for easy pulling with a cart”, a customer reiterates.
  • The bag works well with a Clicgear cart.
  • It seems awkward carrying the bag to and from the cart with the strap!” complains a user.

Who should use this product?

Golfers playing more frequently, say three times a week should use the Datrek Lite Rider Pro Golf Cart Bag. It is not necessarily the pros that should use the Lite Rider. Beginners and amateurs should have this kind of bag for the versatility of use.

9. MOTOCADDY 2021 Dry Series CART Bag    

MOTOCADDY 2021 Dry Series CART Bag

One of the priciest golf cart bags on our lists is the MOTOCADDY 2021 Dry Series CART Bag. But do you know why? The 14-way nylon bag comes with exceptional features we just found out when we tested it. The Dry Series is what you may want in a golf bag: it is always dry!

Key Features

  • The cart bag is waterproof.
  • Lightweight with large pockets.
  • It has EASILOCK anti-twist base.

  • The bag has a 14-way diamond top and full-length dividers.
  • The bag works well with an M7 golf push cart.
  • There is enough space on each side pocket for rain gear and winter layers”. Commented a user.
  • I am disappointed that the dividers do not stop the clubs getting entangled’, an upset buyer wrote.

Who should use this product?

Senior players with a low vision problem will benefit more from MOTOCADDY Dry Series Cart Bag. The bag models have only one base fabric color, but the zippers have different colors. The pocket opening can be easily seen even in a low-visibility environment. Also, senior golfers will enjoy the benefit of having their essentials dry in any weather condition.

10. Datrek Transit Golf Cart Bag    

Datrek Transit Golf Cart Bag    

The Datrek Transit Golf Cart Bag is best to use when traveling more frequently to play golf. The lightweight bag (8.2 pounds) has a 14-way organizer top with full-length dividers. It is the most effortless way of going from your car to the golf course!

Key Features

  • The bag has a unique two-wheel base system.
  • It has eight large pockets with zippers.

  • It has a retracting telescopic handle with a push-button adjustment.
  • The pockets include fleece-lined valuable patches.
  • I can easily grab the soft-grip putter well in the top bag’.
  • A user said: The plastic wheels are small and loud, and the bag tends to tilt when hitting uneven surfaces

Who should use this product?

The zippered pockets and the deluxe neoprene handle of the Datrek Transit Golf Cart Bag offer a lot of convenience for frequent golfers. Golfers making an everyday trip to and from home to play the game will appreciate the comfort this bag provides.

What Features To Look For In The Best Golf Bags For Push Carts?

We can tell the things you should look for and the things you should avoid when buying a new cart bag. Here they are.

1. Type of bag

Pick a golf cart bag that suits what push you currently have. If you do not have both yet, ensure that what you buy fits well with each other.

2. Pro Staff Bag

We do not recommend a pro staff bag if you want to play without a caddy. This bag is bulky, heavy, and may not fit in a standard push cart.

3. Stand Bag

Many golf stand bags on the market work well with push carts. However, some models have stabilizers (stand) that only fit on the bag’s bottom. But if you prefer a pushcart, a stand bag is not appropriate.

4. Cart and Buggy Bags

Cart and Buggy Bags

Do you know how a cart bag works on a push cart? Do not pick a cart bag when you think its top section may interfere with the push cart’s console (if any). It is also not advisable if your cart bag has an angled top. It can make access to your club hardly from a golf buggy.

5. Straps and Handles

Choose a cart bag with well-padded straps. This way, carrying the bag will provide adequate support on the back and shoulders. Also, ensure that the handle will not slip from your hand, with or without gloves.

5. The Weight Matters

It is impressive that many modern cart bags come with durable materials, yet they are not heavy. Even if you are putting it on a push cart, it is more comfortable if it is lightweight.

6. Cost


If you plan to replace your golf bag within two years, go for a cheaper one. But for long-term use, it is more practical to buy one with the highest quality. However, all of our featured golf bags are affordable, yet they have some of the best qualities.

7. Durability

Golf bags undergo extreme abuse when you organize them at home and around the golf course. You should understand that golf is a long-term hobby; you should have a durable golf bag. Some of the best materials for golf bags are nylon, leather, or canvass.

8. Stability

Pick a golf bag that is compatible with your push cart. The bag should stand on the pushcart with stability. The golf bag you choose must be sturdy and stocky and should not tip off when placed in a push cart.

9. Storage and Sections

Storage and Sections

Seasoned golfers should opt for a golf bag that can carry 14 clubs. So, pick the one with 14 dividers. Although beginners need not bring all 14 clubs, they can still consider buying a bag with more or less 14 slots for future use.

How To Choose the Right Golf Bag For Push Carts

How To Choose the Right Golf Bag For Push Carts
  • Prefer a golf bag with front-facing pockets.
  • More dividers and pockets, the better.
  • Choose a golf bag that is compatible with your push cart.

Pick the one thatcorresponds to your budget.

Types of Golf Bags Explained

Types of Golf Bags Explained

1. Cart bags

Cart bags or trolley bags have a specific design suitable for a push cart or golf buggy. The bag has a non-slip base to keep the bag from skidding off the pushcart. This bag is lighter and smaller than a tour bag.

2. Stand bags

Stand bags are usually lightweight (less than 5 pounds), just like cart bags. However, the stand has two retractable legs to keep it standing upright. The stand bag is common among golfers who like to carry their bags and walk while playing the game.

3. Tour bags

Tour bags (or staff bags) are the biggest golf bags. You can put all kinds of valuables using this bag. However, tour bags are heavy (at least 10 pounds) and more expensive than the other golf bags. The bag is usually carried by a caddy or through a golf cart.

4. Pencil bags

The pencil bag is the smallest and sleekest golf bag on the market. It is a small version of the stand bag. Although small, the bag can hold 14 golf clubs. The bag is usually carried on shoulders.


1. What kind of golf bag goes on a push cart?

The stand bag and the cart bag can fit into a pushcart.

2. What type of bag is best for a push cart?

Our tests convinced us that cart bags fit better in a push cart than any other type of golf bag. The stand bag comes second on our priority list. Many golfers also attest to the cart bag’s functionality because it has more storage pockets than stand bags.

3. Can you use a cart bag with a push cart?

Yes, you can! Cart bags are designed for use with a pushcart.

4. Do you need a cart bag for a push cart?

Yes, you need a push cart for a cart bag, especially when you are carrying a complete set of clubs, personal stuff, and other accessories.

5. Is a cart golf bag a must when using a push cart? 

Yes, it is a must. However, you can utilize a stand bag or a cart bag if you want to use a push cart. But like we said earlier, the cart bag is more appropriate in a push cart.

6. Can I Carry My Golf Cart Bag?

Yes, you can. If you have no health issues, you can carry your cart bag. However, it is better to use a push cart if you are not comfortable carrying it.

7. Can Using A Cart Make Me Play Better?

If you are more relaxed in the game, you tend to get better: One way of making yourself more at ease is by preserving energy. You can do more shots and focus on the game. 

One best way to achieve this is to invest in a push cart (or a trolley) and a cart bag. Once you have this equipment, you will not have difficulties carrying your golf clubs on your back.

8. Do I need a bag that has 14-club compartments?

Rules state that you can carry 14 golf clubs in your bag during competitions. However, it is not mandatory to have 14-club slots on your bag. But having 14-club dividers will keep your clubs on separate slots and avoid scratching each other.

9. How do you secure a golf bag on a push cart?

Here is how you secure a golf bag into a pushcart.

  • Put the bag on the push cart and bring the strap around
  • Insert the strap under the buckle
  • Lastly, press the buckle closed.

10. Do stand bags work on push carts?

Yes, they do. Stand bags have designs for use on push carts.


One of the cheapest golf bags on our lists is the Izzo Ultra Lite Cart BagIts simple design is perfect for beginner and amateur players wanting a more inspiring start in golf. The Izzo Cart Bag is lightweight and compact, has 14-way dividers, and fits perfectly on a push cart.

But for us, the best golf bag for a push cart is the Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Golf Cart Bag. The cart bag has impressive features, like plenty of pockets, lightweight, and other awe-inspiring traits.

One of Maverick’s best features is the 14-way full-length dividers. It will keep your clubs separated from top to bottom. 

Finding the best golf bag for a push cart boils down to your needs and budget. That is how simple it is!

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