Can You Rent Golf Clubs? Everything You Need to Know

Did you forget your golf clubs while on a holiday far from home? Or do you simply want to hone your swing in a driving range, but no clubs at hand? Renting golf clubs might be a good option.

But can you rent golf clubs on golf courses? Yes, you can. But not all golf courses lease their clubs. Also, there are online shops offering club rentals at varying costs.

Can You Rent Golf Clubs?

Since I play golf, it takes me about a year to know that renting is more economical when playing far from home. Renting is inexpensive when traveling by air. We rent clubs on the golf course we are supposed to play.

But if we plan to play without traveling too far from home, we prefer carrying golf clubs in a car.

We used to play frequently at a local golf course near our home. But as we learn to master the game, invitations to play elsewhere became the norm. Vacation days are also much fun with a round of golf: Carrying a lot of baggage, especially during a flight, sometimes becomes uncomfortable and costly.

Here are some of the instances you might consider renting golf clubs.

1. Leasing Golf Clubs before Buying

Newbies should initially try golf clubs and then lease them before purchasing a brand-new set. The initial cost of renting clubs might be intimidating, especially if you play too often. But it is a smart move to find the most fitting clubs coinciding with your skill.

A beginner may spend around $400-$500 buying a brand-new mid-range price golf club set. It is more practical for them to rent golf clubs while learning the game. Neophytes still have not decided to pursue the game long term better rent golf equipment first and then decide if they want to buy them later.

Rental periods for golf clubs usually last one week (others are daily): It is enough time to know if they fit your skill when playing daily or at least twice a week.

2. Renting Golf Clubs When Travelling

You always seek the most comfortable conditions every time you travel to play. It is either for yourself or the protection of expensive golf clubs while in transit.

But if you are unaware, airlines worldwide do not allow a single golf club as hand-carry luggage. Governments and airlines policy require golf clubs as checked luggage. The authorities consider clubs as weapons.

Flying with golf clubs in tow might give you more considerations to rent them instead. One hassle of traveling with golf clubs is the possibility of charging you with excess luggage. It may cost you at least $50-$60 for extra baggage (with a travel bag).

Also, bringing your expensive golf clubs in flight; put them at more risk of damage. They may break during transit, especially if the flight needs a stop-over and your luggage requires transferring to another plane.

Why Do Golf Courses Rent Out Clubs?

Many golf courses lease their golf clubs frequently to travelers unable to bring their equipment or leave them at home. These travelers are often recreational players, while others come from faraway places needing airplane flights.

But golf courses rent out golf clubs because not anyone can afford to buy them. Renting golf clubs allows anyone interested in golf to play without buying them. Also, it is a promotion to up their income. Attentive players will pay playing fees and other services the golf course offers.

How to Rent Golf clubs? 

How to Rent Golf clubs

Here are a couple of ways to rent golf clubs.

1. Rent Clubs from the Course 

If you are unaware that you can rent clubs at a golf course, it is probably because some golf courses do not advertise it. Many, if not all courses offer club rentals; however: it is not at all times that they have the clubs you need. Also, other courses require membership before you can rent golf clubs.

Some golf courses in California (such as the Strawberry Farm Public Golf Course) offer golf club rental at any time without reservation: Rental fees on this kind of golf course range from $65-$70 for a set of golf clubs (14 clubs at the most). 

If you want a more organized playing schedule: contact the golf course ahead of time. You can make an appointment about club rental fees, types of clubs, date and time of the game, etc. 

2. Use a Rental Club Service

The rental club service is an alternative to on-course renting, checking, and shipping. This service (like Clubs to Hire) is available all over the United States through online transactions. 

Your golf clubs of choice will be delivered and picked up wherever you are: whether in your chosen hotel, a resort or even right at the golf course you want to play. Using this service, you may be charged a weekly rental fee between $80 and $110.

This service saves you from the hassles of transporting your clubs or renting on-site. The latter may not provide you with the proper clubs. In Europe, similar services like, charge renters from 9€ to 17€ a day for your chosen set of clubs.

One of the most popular golf club rental services in Asia is The company charges as little as $20 per day for a set of golf clubs. The golf clubs are delivered to your chosen golf course, hotel, or resort, waiting for you on arrival.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Golf Clubs?


The cost varies wherever you are in the world or if you want online service or on-course renting. But the average golf club rental runs between $50 and $55 per set for an 18-hole game. 

The cost may be up to $75 for a high-profile golf course or premium golf club brand. But you can get big discounts if you rent the golf clubs for several days.

Can You Rent Golf Clubs At A Driving Range?

Yes, many driving ranges have golf club rentals. The rental service adds revenue to golf courses, especially during the lean season. 

Aside from paying driving range fees for its use, you can also rent golf clubs as part of the service. It may cost you between $5 and $10 for two irons and a driver. 

How Do Your Golf Clubs Get Shipped to You? 

One of the most popular shipping platforms for golf clubs in the United States is FedEx. The express cargo mover ships packages anywhere in the world. It even picks up your package at home when it is ready for shipment.

You can also ask their shipping pro to help you in packing and protect the clubs. Go to any convenient FedEx office location near you. FedEx, though, charged exorbitant fees for shipping golf clubs ($100 upwards for a 2-day each way domestic shipping).

One of the cheapest golf club shipping companies is Ship Sticks. The ground shipping cost you only $74, while its 3-day express shipping cost about $90.

Few Notable Companies That You Can Rent Golf Clubs 

Some big names in online golf club renting in the mainland United States are,, and Clubs to Hire. In Hawaii, one of the most popular online golf club rental shops is It even has a physical store in Waikiki, Hawaii. 

Can You Rent Golf Clubs in The UK? 

 Yes, the UK hosts several onlinegolf club rental shops. Clubs to Hire also operates within the kingdom in partnership with The company offers £40 to £80 per set per week, which equates to just more than £5 per day. You can surely save a lot of pounds if you play daily.

Other companies offering golf club rental services in the UK are and, among others.


1. Does PGA Superstore rent out golf clubs? 

Yes, the majority of PGA Tour Superstores lease golf clubs. All of their stores have satisfying selections of golf club sets. 

2. Can You Rent Golf Clubs at a Course if you are not a Member?

Many golf courses (if not all) across the US rent out golf clubs to non-members. However, members are priorities when it comes to limited equipment stocks, especially during peak seasons. You should call the golf course in advance to know if it allows club rentals.

3. Are Clubs You Rent Any Good?

The rental price of the clubs may contemplate quality. But our many experiences of renting golf clubs, we find most of them of good quality.

4. Do You Need Your Own Golf Clubs for a Lesson?

It is not necessarily the case every time. In many golf lessons{ the pros provide you with the golf clubs you need. But if you already have golf clubs, you might consider using yours, where you are more comfortable.

5. Can you borrow a club while in a tournament?

The USGA Rules of Golf restrict opponents from sharing golf clubs during a match. Other equipment (such as tees, balls, and gloves) is allowed borrowing from another player as long as the player agrees.

6. Can you ask a golfer what club they used?

In a competition, you cannot ask a golfer what golf club they used in a shot. But in friendly or casual play, this rule is unheard of.

7. Can two people share golf clubs?

Partners can share golf clubs, provided the total number of clubs between you and your partner does not exceed 14. 


Like golf shaft rental, club rental (in a set) is also a thriving business worldwide. 

In renting golf clubs, there are several factors to consider. But price-wise and on a single-day use, renting clubs from online services are more economical than shipping them or renting from high-end courses or resorts. 

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