10 Best Irons For 10-Handicap In 2024

As you progress your skills in golf, you might look for iron clubs that may improve your handicap to a single digit. A 10-handicap golfer needs no specialized clubs to hone their craft, but there are irons more suitable for your handicap.

We tested some of the leading brands of irons to verify their suitability and features and if they befit players with 10-handicap.

Our tests gave more credence to TaylorMade 2021 P790 Iron Set as the best iron for 10-handicap golfers. But you can make your test or try out with other irons you believe may fit your current golf level.

If you are unaware of your handicap, read this article.

Our Top Picks: Best Irons for 10-Handicap

Best overall Irons for 10-handicap: TaylorMade 2021 P790 Iron Set   

Best budget irons: WILSON D9 Men Golf Iron Set    

Best Irons for 15-handicap: TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Iron Set Men   

Best Irons for 12-handicap: Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set    

Best Irons for 10-handicap senior: Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX OS Individual Iron  

Best Irons for 8-handicap: Cobra Golf 2021 Men RadSpeed Iron Set     

Best Irons for 7-handicap: Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Individual Iron    

Best Irons for low handicap: Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set  

Best Irons for low to mid handicap: Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 5-DW Men Right Hand Irons 

Best for 10-handicap women: Callaway Big Bertha REVA Women Iron Set      

10 Best Irons for 10-Handicap- Reviews 2024

1. TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Iron Set Men    

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Iron Set Men    

For men seeking a more convenient iron for their respective skills, the SIM 2 Max Iron Set is a clever choice. The irons interact well with golfers having a 10-handicap. More experienced skills need forgiving irons with enhanced feel, turf interaction, feedback, and further distance.

The SIM 2 Max produces impressive distance for mid- and high-handicappers. The club retains your ball speed, even during miss-hits. 

Key Features

  • The heads are titanium with Cap Back Design.
  • The irons have wide soles with lower CG.
  • It carries the Fast Forgiving Face tech for better performance on demand. 
  • The patented Thru-Slot Speed Pocket maximizes face flexibility.
  • The low CG increases forgiveness for low-face miss-hits.
  • I never imagine that the SIM 2 Max lessen my handicap from 15 to 10!” A veteran golfer muses.
  • The head should fit with the correct shaft (when it needs replacement) to serve you better.

Who should use this product?

Male high-handicap golfers may consider the TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Iron set if they want more efficient game-improvement irons. The SIM 2 MAX moderate offset and thick head enhance higher launch and trajectory.

2. Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set    

Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Iron Set   

Golfers struggling with iron shots may rely on the Callaway Mavrik Iron set. These irons provide you with your needed distance without compromising forgiveness. It can also deliver more consistent strikes in long or short games.

Key Features:

  • The Mavrik Series is the first AI-designed club.
  • Its 360 Face Cup technology enhances ball speed.
  • The precise tungsten-infused weights locate the accurate CG.
  • These irons are durable; I have had them for a long time!” A satisfied golfer said.
  • The irons provide adequate spin with the ideal height.
  • I can customize the shafts of the club set. I’m impressed!
  • The club gives further distance for mid-handicap golfers.
  • It is not ideal for beginners.

Who should use this product?

Mid-handicappers have the best tool in Callaway’s 2020 Mavrik Iron set if they want more forgiveness and enhanced distance. The iron club heads are big and thick which delivers improved forgiveness. The initial cost might be a burden, but the benefits are more enticing.

3. Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX OS Individual Iron     

Callaway Golf Rogue ST MAX OS Individual Iron

If you want an individual iron instead of a set, the Callaway Rogue ST MAX OS Individual Iron is one-of-a-kind.The ST Max OSis a distance club that increases the yardage if a 10-handicapper wants it. The iron has a large face with a mute sound when hit. 

The Max OS is perfect for players who tend to miss to the right. It is also a relief for golfers needing help getting the ball airborne effortlessly. The iron uses the #450 steel in an AI-design Flash Face Cup.

Key Features

  • The individual iron comes in left and right-hand orientations.
  • The Max OS (oversized) gives a lot of forgiveness.
  • It is a perfect iron for a draw bias.
  • Someone tells me that the Rogue ST MAX is the longest Callaway iron.
  • Choose among 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-iron, a PW, or an SW with the same prices.
  • I bought a 4-iron of Rogue. It has a great balance, swing, control, and distance on my club.” A satisfied buyer said.
  • The club head might be too heavy for seniors.
  • The cub head does not make a sound when hit.

Who should use this product?

Mid and high-handicap golfers (especially seniors) fit the Rogue ST Max OS. Many 10-handicap players may seek help getting the ball up in the air with consistency. The Rogue ST MAX OS iron provides mid-to-high launch on demand.

4. Cobra Golf 2021 Men RadSpeed Iron Set    

Cobra Golf 2021 Men RadSpeed Iron Set 

One of the more affordable premium iron sets ideal for male golfers is the Cobra Men RadSpeed. The clubs are one of the best game improvement irons suitable for amateurs wanting to become a low-handicapper someday. The iron set has progressive head and groove shapes perfect for a transitioning golfer.

Key Features:

  • The RadSpeed design is via 3D printing for precision.
  • The intricate lattice structure saves weight for lower CG.
  • The head provides the ideal speed balance and forgiveness.
  • I can afford this iron set containing 7-piece clubs. I love it!” A newbie said.
  • The low CG delivers high MOI for high launch with high ball speed.
  • It is perfect for a 10-handicapper or even an 8-handicapper!” A pro said.
  • The high loft with low spin does not suit any player type.

Who should use this product?

Mid-handicappers wanting more results on the course using a club set may expect upshots from the RadSpeed Iron set. It is one of those club sets that maintain better forgiveness across the face. 

5. Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Individual Iron     

Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Individual Iron     

Do you want a piece of one of the most respected irons in golf? You have a choice in the Callaway Golf 2021 Apex Individual Iron. The Apex iron is not budget-friendly for starters, but it can help them perform better on the golf course. 

Key Features:

  • The 2021 Apex is a game-improvement iron in the Apex Series.
  • It has a full-forged body club head with a tungsten energy core.
  • The moderate offset is ideal for mid-to-low handicaps.
  • It has a slight draw bias, also suitable for high-handicaps.
  • I feel the Apex excellently, while it sounds more convincing for my shots!” A veteran exclaims.
  • The forgiveness is superb! I always shoot off-centers, but this iron corrects me!” An amateur said.
  • The spin rate is somewhat low.
  • Its cavity is too deep.

Who should use this product?

The Apex individual iron by Callaway may cost you more than ordinary irons. But if you are a mid-handicapper, it is a clever choice. Low-handicap golfers might also serve them with accurate shots 

6. Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 5-DW Men Right Hand Irons    

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 5-DW Men Right Hand Irons

Golfers want hybrid-style irons to find them from the Cleveland Launcher XL Halo 5-DW Iron set. Yes, it is a 7-piece iron set including 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9-iron, a pitching wedge (PW), and a Dual Wedge (DW). A 10-handicapper may find it more ideal for their stature, but other golf skills fit the XL Halo features.

Key Features:

  • The HiBore Crown Step design lowers CG.
  • It has a Rail to V-Shaped Sole feature for better shots of hazards.
  • The 7-iron has a big head for high MOI.
  • The low CG creates high-launching shots in any game.
  • It has an AI-design mainframe with variable face technology.
  • Many mid-handicappers prefer the Launcher XL Halo for its forgiveness.
  • I have difficulty controlling the 7-iron. A senior sighs.

Who should use this product?

Aside from being ideal for low to mid-handicap golfers, the Launcher XL Halo is also beneficial for beginners wanting to learn the game quickly. Although the initial cost may not be affordable for newbies, you can always consider investing in a more durable iron set.

7. Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set

Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set

Low handicappers wanting to improve more on their games may consider using the Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max OS Iron Set. The oversized (OS) iron set comes in either left or right-hand orientation. These clubs may look like game-improvement irons, but they have enough offset, potentially more adaptable for further distance.

Key Features:

  • It carries the High Strength 450 A.I. Flash Face Cup design.
  • The Rogue ST Max OS is Callaway’s fastest irons.
  • The irons have thick toplines for better forgiveness.
  • The club heads are thick with strong lofts.
  • I am a low-handicap player, but I prefer using these game-improvement irons.”
  • The large club heads and wide soles make the irons more forgiving.
  • I ordered 7-PW and AW. I received the package today, but missing PW and AW.

Who should use this product?

The Rogue ST Max OS Iron set is considered game improvement irons. Low handicappers may find them useful in advancing to a better skill. Many pros on Tour pull out game improvement irons. They may need a bit of forgiveness from time to time.

8. TaylorMade 2021 P790 Iron Set (Best Overall)    

 TaylorMade 2021 P790 Iron Set 

Our tests proved TaylorMade P790 iron set gives you further distance and lots of forgiveness even if the head is thinner than other brands. Although you may find the package costlier, it contains nine types of iron clubs.

Key Features:

  • The P790 Irons have a classic design with forged construction.
  • It carries the SpeedFoam design optimizing ball launch.
  • The thin-wall head is 8620 carbon steel for lower CG.
  • The set includes 3 to 9- irons, a pitching wedge (PW), and an approach wedge (AW).
  • Compared to the 2019 P790, the 2021 version gives me 1 to 2mph added speed. I’m impressed!”
  • It has tungsten-infused weights that increase MOI for anti-twisting.
  • I think I cannot afford this iron set. A beginner lamented.

Who should use this product?

High and mid-handicappers may have difficulty adjusting to the high-tech features of the 2021 P790; the irons can give them better performance in the long run. The initial price might be more intimidating to budget-conscious golfers, but the investment is worth every penny.

9. WILSON D9 Men Golf Iron Set (Cheap Price)   

WILSON D9 Men Golf Iron Set 

Golfers seeking irons with high launch, but soft green approaches, should look for the WILSON D9 Golf Iron Set. The D9 irons make low-handicappers and intermediate golfers play their games with confidence. It is a golf iron set that could improve skills without sacrificing 

Key Features:

  • The Power Holes design maximizes face flex, improving speeds. 
  • It provides a high launch resulting from an enhanced angle of launch (AoL).
  • The set is game-improvement irons with optimal forgiveness.
  • The irons have expanded sweet spots: you cannot miss crucial shots.
  • ‘I am not a fan of Wilson clubs, but after I tried the D9 irons, I switched immediately! ‘ A pro quipped.
  • The Wilson D9 iron is a promising equipment upgrade.
  • The iron is not advisable in windy conditions because of the high launch.

Who should use this product?

Mid- and high-handicappers, and even beginners, will benefit from the high launch and optimal forgiveness of Wilson D9 irons. The cost is affordable for many beginners and amateurs pursuing a promising career in golf.

10. Callaway Big Bertha REVA Women Iron Set

Callaway Big Bertha REVA Women Iron Set

Are you a lady golfer with a 10-handicap? Well, we recommend the Callaway Big Bertha REVA Iron Set for you. While undergoing tests on the REVA irons, we received reports of many lady golfers switching on these irons. 

The Big Bertha REVA is a lady-specific club ideal for golfers with slow to moderate swing speeds of any age.

Key Features:

  • The irons have wide soles enhancing offset.
  • The weight and feel suit lady golfers.
  • The Flash Face Cup design maintains ball speed with consistency.
  • ‘My confidence increases while using the REVA irons!’ A newbie lady golfer muses.
  • The REVA has deep CG delivering remarkable precision.
  • Women golfers of any skill can get the ball airborne with less effort.
  • The REVA is also ideal for senior lady golfers, but they might have difficulty adjusting to its high-tech features.

Who should use this product?

Beginners and high-handicap women golfers find an ally on the Big Bertha REVA irons. The lady-friendly irons deliver non-vibrating shots because the patented urethane microspheres absorb hand-aching vibrations.

Best Irons For 10-Handicap – Buying Guide

1. Style of Iron: Muscle-Back vs. Cavity-Back Irons

Cavity-back irons classify as player distance irons, super game-improvement irons, and game-improvement irons. These irons are more suitable for beginners, average players, and mid-to-high-handicaps. 

The muscle-back irons, on the other side of the spectrum, are called blade irons because of their thin club heads. These irons are ideal for low-handicap and most pro players.

2. Material of Shaft

Two-shaft materials are currently dominant in the golf industry nowadays. Here are their comparisons.

 * Graphite

Graphite shafts are lighter but more expensive than steel shafts. Many beginners, seniors, ladies, amateurs, and high-handicap golfers prefer graphite shafts because they are easier to hit. However, they are less durable because this material flexes more.

 * Steel

The steel shafts offer a more solid feel with lesser flex. Pros, mid-handicappers, and more experienced golfers prefer this kind of shaft because they swing clubs faster. Steel is also more durable and may last for years.

3. Choose the Correct Club Head 

Choose the Correct Club Head

A 10-handicap is considered a mid-handicap (plays off 10 to 12) in golf. If your golf skill falls into this category, we advise you to buy a game-improvement iron set or individual iron. It will equip you better in getting more forgiveness, workability, feel, and the club’s turf interaction

4. Off-set Clubs

Beginners and less experienced golfers need a sizeable amount of offset on their clubs to avoid slices and hit fairway iron shots. But for golfers with 10 handicaps, a bit of offset is what they want. 

They only need a slight club offset: it can already give them more forgiveness and assistance in launching the ball.

5. Leading Edge

Leading Edge

The leading edge of a club is where the club face and the sole intersect. It is the part of the club that touches the ground first before the ball. A 10-handicap golfer and more experienced golfers utilize the leading edge to lob the ball effortlessly. 

6. Consider Your Ability and Handicap

A 10-handicap golfer may prefer to use the player distance irons instead of super game-improvement irons (SGI). Their skills allow them to skip super game-improvement irons. They do not need too much forgiveness like the SGI offers. Many game-improvement irons do not have bulky heads.

7. Consider How Many Irons You Will Need

There is no rule in golf specifying the types of clubs you should carry. The clear mandate is 14 clubs maximum. However, most 10-handicappers carry 6, 7, 8, and 9-irons, a PW, and an SW. You have the freedom to vary your irons, depending on your skill.

8. Consider the Price


The prices of golf irons vary depending on brands, materials, and numbers. You can buy irons individually or in sets. If you are a starting golfer or still improving your skills, you can choose an iron set that fit your present skill. It will cost you less to buy irons in bulk. 

But if you are already an experienced golfer, an individual iron might be the best decision as you upgrade your skill.

10. Custom Fit Is a Must

Like custom-fitting a putter, customizing your iron might be inevitable in many cases. The needed custom-fit bout may include correcting the shaft length, flex, lie-angle, etc.

How We Test Golf Irons

How We Test Golf Irons

In testing irons, we used brand-new irons from manufacturers or local golf shops willing to lend their hands. The activity requires three to eight tests per session per tester. We asked testers to take three to four swings for every club before proceeding to the next club.


1. What iron should a 10-handicapper play?

We suggest the 4- and 5-irons be your priority irons in combination with other irons fitting your skill. You can skip the 3-iron because it may be too hard to hit if you are a mid-handicapper.

2. Should a 10-handicap use game improvement irons?

Yes, a 10-handicap golfer may opt to use game improvement irons because such are designed for mid-handicappers. Golfers in this skill range (10-12 handicaps) may need help from game-improvement irons for enhancing forgiveness and ball speed.

3. What are the best golf irons for a 12-handicap golfer?

We recommend the Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik as one of the best golf irons for 12-handicap. The Mavrik enhances the ball with the Face Cup technology that flexes and releases upon impact.

4. How to Choose the Best mid-Handicap Irons?

Look for irons with lots of forgiveness and feel. Game improvement irons have these features. For lady golfers, the Callaway Big Bertha REVA Iron is one of the best examples.

5. What irons should a 20-handicap play?

Cavity-back irons with thick soles and large heads and top lines are better for 20-handicap golfers. Also, sizeable offset and forgiveness count a lot.

6. What are the best irons for a 9-handicap?

One of the best irons for 9-handicap golfers is the Cobra 2021 RadSpeed Iron. The RadSpeed’s Tuned Rad Weighting adds stability furthering distance with enhanced forgiveness.

7. What irons are the most forgiving for mid-handicaps?

Some of the most forgiving game-improvement irons for mid-handicap include TaylorMade P790 Irons and Callaway Big Bertha REVA Irons.

8. What does a 10-handicap shoot?

A 10-handicap shoots between 80 and 84 on par 72 courses: They are considered more experienced players.


Mid-handicap golfers can have an ally in WILSON D9 Golf Iron Set in improving their skills. The set is one of the cheapest game improvement iron packages, but the features are similar to premium brands.

Our top pick for the best irons for a 10-handicap is the TaylorMade 2021 P790 Iron SetIt costs more than other iron sets, but mid-handicap golfers should not sacrifice the skills they earned through hard work.

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