How Many Golf Balls Fit In A 5-Gallon Bucket?

If you’re new to playing golf, you’re probably wondering about the number of golf balls you can transport during play.

Did you know that buckets of golf balls are usually intended for practicing golf? Most golfers commonly carry around sixty to seventy golf balls per day.

While you can carry new or used golf balls inside the bucket, this won’t change the bucket’s holding capacity.

Can you guess the answer to the question, “How many golf balls fit in a 5-gallon bucket?

In truth, no absolute number of golf balls is required for every game. There’s no specific rule on the number of balls a golfer can carry in a bucket and on the course.

Nonetheless, a 5-gallon bucket can, more or less, accommodate 443 full golf balls.

By exploring the post below, resolve how you calculate the number of golf balls you can carry in your bucket.

How Many Golf Balls Can A 5-Gallon Bucket Carry?

How Many Golf Balls Can A 5-Gallon Bucket Carry?

Since golf balls are small, 5 gallon buckets can accommodate more balls since this bucket size is categorized as large.

Hence, it’s possible to carry at least a couple hundred balls but not more than a thousand.

To compute the number of golf balls you can transport in a 5-gallon bucket, determine the golf ball’s dimensions first.

Volume: (4/3)*pi*0.84^3 = 2.483 cu. in.

Radius: 1.68/2 = 0.84 in.

Diameter: 1.68 in.

It’s decisive to compute the volume by using the dimensions of the 5-gallon bucket as your basis.

Height: 13.38 in.

Radius: 11.9/2 = 5.95 in.

Diameter: 11.9 in.

Volume:  pi*height*radius^2 = pi*13.38*(5.95) ^2 = 1488.13 cu. in.

Important Note: You can avoid wasting space by packing the golf balls using the cannonball arrangement.

This method can ensure that no golf balls are transformed, deformed, or cut, hence saving more packing space.

The cannonball packing coefficient generally used is: sqrt (2)/2 = 0.74

Here’s how to calculate:

The number of golf balls: bucket’s volume multiplied by the packing coefficient, then divided by the golf ball’s volume.

Number of golf balls = 1488.13 multiplied by 0.74 and divided by 2.483

Result = 443.5 (round down this number since you cannot split the golf ball into half) = 443 full golf balls

Based on this computation, you can carry 443 golf balls in a 5-gallon bucket.

Important Reminder: The ball’s size and the bucket’s shape can significantly impact how many golf balls a 5-gallon bucket can hold. That said, checking these elements first are a must.

What Is The Size of A Golf Ball?

What Is The Size of A Golf Ball?

A round and white golf ball comes with a weight of 45.93 gm. and a diameter of 42.67 mm.

R&A and the US Golf Association are the ones that finalize the mass, form, and size of the golf ball.

What Is The Volume And Size of 5 Gallon Buckets? How Much Volume Do They Hold?

The volume and size of a 5-gallon bucket can determine how much it can occupy. Checking the size and volume of the 5-gallon bucket is critical to know the number of balls it can contain.

A cylindrical bucket can only store fewer balls; meanwhile, a spherical bucket can accommodate more balls.

The number of golf balls that can fit in a bucket can alter depending on the shape of the bucket.

Please note that there’s no difference in holding capacity regardless if you carry old or new golf balls.

Be sure to check the size of your golf ball and the volume and dimensions of the 5-gallon bucket. Doing so can help you quickly determine the number of balls it can hold.

It’s worth noting that America’s large 5-gallon bucket’s standard volume is 3785.41 ccs.

Important Note: Spherical buckets can accommodate more golf balls than those with cylindrical shapes. This explains why the shape and size of the bucket are more paramount than the volume.

Spherical buckets can make room for the rounded exterior of the golf balls; as a result, it eliminates unoccupied spaces.

Why Is The Size of A Golf Ball So Valuable In A Golf Game?

The ball’s size is essential in golf because it plays a significant role in the golf pitch. In the same way, it can have an impact when putting the golf ball into the hole.

It’s necessary to determine the ball’s diameter as it can impact how it rolls and flies.

As for size, a small ball cannot travel as distant as a larger ball. A tiny ball also tends to spin less, significantly changing ball flight.

In terms of weight, the player needs to use more force if the ball is dense. In line with this, the mass and dimension of the golf ball unveil its speed velocity.

How Many Golf Balls Can A Small Bucket Contain?

A small bucket can accommodate fewer golf balls than a medium and large bucket can carry. At most, it can only hold 30 to 50 balls.

How Many Golf Balls Can A Medium Bucket Contain?

A medium-sized bucket comes with an inner dimension of 18927 cm3. Therefore, it can contain nearly 50 to 80 balls during golf play.

How Many Golf Balls Can A Large Bucket Contain?

A large bucket is vast enough to accommodate and transport between 80 and 160 balls during golf play.


1. How many golf balls can fit in a one-gallon bucket?

In the field of golf, a one-gallon bucket is categorized as minor. Therefore, you can’t expect it to accommodate as many balls as you want.

At most, a one-gallon bucket is capable of holding 70 golf balls only.

2. How many golf balls can fit in a three-gallon bucket?

A 3-gallon bucket is categorized as medium size, which means it’s not too small or too big. You can transport 205 golf balls using a 3-gallon bucket during golf play.

3. How many golf balls can you get out of a gallon bucket?

By filling the bucket following the cannonball arrangement, you can get 70-100 golf balls out of a gallon bucket.

4. How many golf balls can you fit into a standard bucket?

Aren’t you the type of player who prefers carrying as many golf balls as possible? Then, a standard bucket size might be the ideal option for you.

The standard bucket is classified as the average size, making it capable of accommodating roughly 40 golf balls.

It’s perfect for golfers who prefer transporting fewer golf balls during golf performances.

5. How many golf balls are in a large bucket driving range?

You can generally expect 115 golf balls using a large-sized container at the driving range.

6. How many golf balls fit in a 32- gallon bucket?

If you’re wondering about the right bucket size that can accommodate thousands of golf balls, a 32-gallon size is ideal.
This bucket size is big enough to hold 2,200 golf balls. The bigger the bucket size is, the more golf balls you can freely transport to make your golf practice enjoyable.

7. How many golf balls can a golfer carry?

Chiefly, no golf rule says you should carry a particular number of golf balls during golf play.
Therefore, we can safely say that you can freely carry as many golf balls as you like during the game.
Still and all, we strongly recommend learning the pros and cons of carrying too many golf balls when playing golf.

8. How many golf balls can a school bus contain?

As previously mentioned, it’s vital to determine the ball’s dimension before computing the number of golf balls.
The next step after determining the golf ball’s dimension is determining the school bus’ dimensions to compute its volume.
Moreover, following the cannonball packing arrangement is critical to avoid wasting packing space.
With all these factors defined, you can begin computing the number of balls a school bus can accommodate.
To be precise, a school bus can hold 496,783 golf balls, containing almost half a million balls.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, golf balls are the principal components of the golf game. As mentioned, you can transport around 443 golf balls in a 5-gallon bucket.

Nevertheless, the bucket’s shape and the ball’s size can primarily affect this number. If you use a spherical bucket and have tiny balls, then you’re likelier to fit more balls inside.

One thing is sure; the number of balls that can fit in a 5-gallon bucket largely depends on several factors.

Remember, it’s fundamental to position the balls using the cannonball arrangement to save more packing space.

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