How To Make EZ GO Electric Golf Cart Faster?

No doubt EZGO Electric golf cart is one of the best golf carts available. The cart has a maximum speed of 18-20 mph, which is great. However, to some people, it still feels slow, and they look for a further increment. Therefore, they keep searching for ways to increase their cart speed. It might not be that simple as it requires a few steps you must follow to succeed. However, a few general tips may help you to some extent in increasing the overall speed. You can try providing enough power output from the battery, regular maintenance, checking the tire pressure, and carrying less weight.

The article below will familiarize you with a few more tips than those mentioned above. Following these steps can help add more speed to your EZGO electric cart.

How To Make EZ GO Electric Golf Cart Faster?

How To Make EZ GO Electric Golf Cart Faster?

Follow the guidelines below to add a little more speed to your cart. You need to follow them regularly to maintain that speed level.

1. Extra Torque Means More Speed

Most people usually think of ‘Torque’ and ‘Speed’ as the same, which is wrong. Do not confuse yourself, as they both refer to separate things. Torque is the current power that the motor receives from the battery. Therefore, the higher the current level, the more torque motor will receive.

It would help if you increased the RPM of your EZGO golf cart to increase the speed. You can reach the top-end speed by following the below two steps.

  • Install a motor that has a higher RPM to leave the voltage aside.
  • Provide your current motor with more voltage if you want to retain it.

An important factor you need to keep in mind is voltage and ampere. As the laws say, when one goes up, the other goes down, or vice versa. Therefore, you cannot just upgrade one part of your cart and expect a speed increase. Instead, you must upgrade each part for consistency and a long-run speed increase. Otherwise, the results might not be as effective as you may expect.

2. Upgrade Your Golf Cart Motor

Upgrading the Golf Cart motor can be an excellent way to increase the ‘Torque. This is because the Wound DC Torque Motors in golf carts are usually made of large field coils. A larger field coil in your motor will result in the generation of a larger magnetic field. As a result, the armature would be held more securely, leading to greater ‘Torque.’

Generally, installing an upgraded Torque motor will get you increased power. However, you may end up losing a little speed, on the other hand. Similarly, installing a Speed Motor will surely make you lose ‘Torque’ but gains some ‘Speed’ in return.

3. Improve Golf Cart’s High-Speed Controller / Solenoid Contactor Relay

When upgrading the electric golf cart motor for a speed increase, you must consider upgrading two more main components. These components are vital to your EZGO electric gold carts upgrade system.

The electronic speed controller for the golf cart and solenoid Contractor relay. Both these parts are in the middle of the battery bank and motor. Like we said before, either you upgrade all or nothing; therefore, don’t miss them out. If you don’t upgrade both these parts with your motor, you will get stuck in between. That’s probably the last thing you want to do with your golf cart.

Therefore, we recommend upgrading all these three components to the right ampere levels. When upgraded to appropriate levels, the Motor, Electronic Speed Controller, and Selenoid Relay will result in top-end speed.

4. Add Better Golf Cart Tires

Another easiest and most economical way to upgrade your EZGO electric golf cart is to upgrade the tires. It can work for both Gas and Electric Golf Carts. Therefore, install tires with a larger diameter to reach top-end speed. Upgrading the tires can add 2-4 mph top-end speed to your cart. However, since all components need upgrading, most people do not focus on changing tires. Therefore do not ignore this, as it may look like just a small upgrade, but it’s crucial.

Whether a new golf car or a used one, both require this upgrade for a speed increase. The best part is this upgrade is not even costly. Most golf tires come at economical prices. Upgrading tires is the most economical upgrade in this whole upgrading process. No matter which golf cart you drive, either a Gas or Electric. Changing tires is very easy; any regular folk can easily do it.

5. Use A Higher Powered Golf Cart Battery

Increase the battery voltage for more golf cart power and speed. This upgrade will work like a surefire, and it’s carefree and takes no time. Just check how much current voltage your battery is offering. The Golf Cart owner’s manual book may easily find this information. If not, check the battery for this information or the Motor indicator. Most of these Golf Carts are designed in a way that they easily work with different battery types. Therefore, you will not be facing any compatibility issues.

Installing a new batter can increase your golf cart’s motor output resulting in an automatic increase in speed. Therefore, purchasing a new batter can dramatically increase the speed of your golf cart. Keep your batteries clean of buildup or corrosion. This will help maintain the battery’s health and avoid buildup for safe and better usage.

6. Keep Your Cart Light / Keep It Clean

Another thing that could make a serious difference is keeping your cart clutter free and clean. Even though many cart owners keep their carts nice and tidy, the underside is still unclean. Therefore, always check the underside for Mud, stones, rocks, pebbles, or caked-on particles.

It would help if you considered keeping the cart free of all unnecessary items. Getting rid of it before leaving for long or short trips would be best. This can help increase the speed as an excessive burden can make it difficult to attain max speed.

7. Reprogram the Speed Controller

Reprogramming the speed controller can make a great impact on the speed golf cart’s speed increase. Therefore, keep checking the condition of the speed controller to know how well it is performing. You can check it by starting the golf cart. If it makes a discrete sound at the first start attempt, this indicates it is working fine. Otherwise, they need reprogramming to work correctly.

8. Running Your Car without Excessive Loads

Well, it’s quite obvious that running a golf cart with an excessive load will run slower. This is because it will require a higher force or burden the motor excessively. If the motor cannot bear that load, it will not create enough power to run faster. Therefore, it is important to clear your cart first with excessive load. You can do it by checking the storage compartments first. Then, if unnecessary stuff or golf-related equipment needs clearing, this can help a lot. Clear maximum space to make your cart feel light-weighted so it can run a bit faster.

What Is An Electric Golf Cart?

What Is An Electric Golf Cart?

A Golf cart is a small-sized vehicle designed to carry 2-4 people at a time. Their primary use is mostly at golf courses. However, they serve the purpose of traveling from one end to another. These carts can also help in small neighborhoods for short trips. They have a small electric Motor and other power source components installed to work.

Why Does Your EZ GO Golf Cart Runs Slower Than Normal?

There could be a lot of reasons why your EZGO golf cart runs slower. It can be due to a fault in the speed sensor, low battery levels, or low water levels in the battery. Another factor could be not getting enough power output from the battery. This is mainly due to low battery health, which results from no maintenance.

How to Make a Yamaha Electric Golf Cart Faster?

There are a few ways to make Yamaha Golf Cart run faster. These steps do not require any investment and are without upgrades. Keeping a check and balance on all these can help you to some extent. You can consider the below options;

  • Keep it tidy and clean
  • Frequently check battery condition
  • Keep Refilling the battery water
  • The gas pedal and linkage inspection
  • Tires overall health with monitoring

How to Make a 36-Volt Golf Cart Faster?

You can increase the Motor voltage from 36-voltage to 42-voltage to increase the speed of your golf cart. This increment in the voltage supply will give the motor more power. Therefore, with the help of this increment, you can reach up to a total of 20mph, as it will increase the total RPM per minute.


1. How Fast Does An EZGO Golf Cart Go?

The EZGO drives at a speed limit of 18-20 mph as a max speed. However, you can increase this limit if you follow the steps mentioned above and regularly take good care of the cart’s maintenance.

2. How to Remove The Speed Limiter On An Electric Golf Cart?

You can remove the speed limiter by locating it inside your golf cart. Just get access to its control panel and let loose the spring from inside, and it will remove its connection with the speed limiter. This will detach it from the golf cart and can help in increasing the speed.

3. How Do I Unlock Freedom Mode On EZ Go?

Just shift the reverse and forward buttons from neutral to reverse position quickly five times straight. This trick will shift the EZGO into freedom mode as the computer will beep four times to confirm the same.

4. Can U Make An Electric Golf Cart Faster?

Yes, you can, as there are many ways to do it. However, replacing it with a new battery with a higher output volume can increase the golf cart’s speed. You can greatly increase your golf cart speed by following the steps mentioned above.


Mostly, vehicles have a speed limit set by the manufacturers by default. However, this speed level depends upon the types and quality of components installed. Therefore, to increase their efficiency, you must keep upgrading them from time to time. You may increase their output results by keeping them under regular maintenance. Rather than spending big bucks, try the low-cost tips and tricks first; you may move towards the big moves.

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