How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball: Complete Guide On How To Do It

In putting a backspin on a golf ball, you ought to have the correct lofted club. Hit the golf ball with enough paces before your club comes into contact with the turf. The club head’s contact with the ball enhances backspin. Hitting the ball hard with precise speed adds backspin to your stroke.

Do you think putting a backspin on the golf ball is too simple? Think again!

We have a guide on how to put a backspin on a golf ball. Read on, golf lovers!

How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball

Hitting the golf ball harder, with the right speed, is one of the best ways to enhance its backspin. Using a lofty club will also create high-trajectory shots that deliver more backspin when the ball is hit harder.

What is Backspin? 

What is Backspin

Backspin is a shot where the golf ball spins reversely (backward) while airborne. The technique shot is also called an underspin or a slice. Putting more backspin on the golf ball lets it glides high into the air and goes farther. The ball has the best chance of getting close to the hole.

Why Are Golfers Working Hard to Perfect It?

Backspin helps the ball stop before rolling off the green. The backspin technique is beneficial when hitting the golf ball into the green while the hole is close to or behind a sand trap.

Back spinning allows you to touch down the ball past the hole. The golf ball will then spin backward, carrying it toward the direction of the cup.

Factors That Impact Golf Ball Backspin

There are three things to consider when you want to generate a backspin on golf balls. Here they are in order of their necessity:

Speed (or momentum) of the club head

The speed element in creating backspin concerns the club head momentum it imparts with the ball after impact. The faster your club travels, the more spin to the ball, enhancing the effect when landing in the green.

Spin loft (or compression)

The spin loft may arise when a steep attack angle is combined with the club head angle. You can generate a backspin on the ball when hitting hard on it and not smoothly from the surface of the green. 

Ensure you hit the ball before the club head makes contact with the soil, and create a divot, if necessary. A golf ball with a compression ratio of 90 provides the best way of getting a backspin.

Friction (or resistance)

The grooves on the club head provide the needed friction and good contact with better control. The quick smash-up between the golf ball and the club face produces friction, which releases spin.

How To Create Backspin With A Wedge

You need not be a professional golfer to master the art of back spinning. Take note of the following strategies to help you upgrade your skill in putting a backspin with a wedge.

Use Appropriate Equipment

Using the correct tools, like a wedge with a clean groove, will increase your chance of putting a backspin on the ball. You can also utilize a high-spin golf ball with a wound core construction. It will most likely offer you a better backspin.

Make a Hard Contact

Once you have the correct equipment at your disposal, the next thing to do is practice more solid contact with the ball. More importantly, you hit the ball hard at the center of the club face. But, hit the ball first (on its low side) before hitting the ground.

Increase the Clubhead Speed 

It is logical that the harder you hit a ball, the better chance of it gaining speed. But increasing your speed should come with precision. It means you should aim for control when hitting the ball to increase your chance of obtaining the needed spin.

How To Create More Backspin?

How To Create More Backspin

Angle of Attack

You can attain spin when you have a steep attack angle. Maintain a shallow attack angle yet preserve the loft if you want the ball spinning, but stop when hitting the green.


Clean (wiped off dirt, mud, etc.), dry, and sharper grooves help in imparting backspin. The tracks also aid in the ball stop then rolling forward when landing on the putting green.

Face Angle

During a swing, you should have a square face at impact to create backspin. If your club face is closed or open, the ball will spin sideways, which will not spin backward. 


Prefer a golf club with a high loft if you want to attain more backspin. For example, if you like to use irons, a 9-iron has more loft than 4-irons. It is more practical to use the 9-iron if you need to increase the backspin.


The tall grass surrounding your ball will be difficult for you to make a solid shot. It is more logical hitting the ball around short grass to attain the best spin.

Swing Speed

As we told you, the faster speed at hitting the ball, the more spin it can make. Furthermore, a fast swing speed during impact provides more zip-backs when landing on the green.

How to Put A Backspin On A Golf Ball When Chipping?

During a chip shot, you can do a backspin by playing the golf ball closer to your back foot with a slightly open club face. Put your weight on your front foot. To make a shot, get the golf club back slow but steep, and swing to the ball with a short finish.

How To Put A Backspin On A Golf Ball By Rick Shiels?

Rick Shiels talks about equipment, course conditions, and technique in achieving effective backspin on a golf ball. He also reiterates creating a backspin to get the ball to stop on the green so you can work better on your distance control.

Here’s a video from Rick Shiels on how to put backspin on a golf ball the easy way: 

Drills to Increase Backspin

Tee Drill

Place a half-inch tee fronting your ball on a driving range. Push it wholly to the ground while the top is still visible. Take another tee and do the same, but not in front of the ball.

Swing on the first tee and try breaking it with your golf club. Ensure that you produce a divot starting at the same spot, where the next tee is. 

Impact Bag Drill

For this drill, you will use an impact bag, like the SKLZ Smash Bag Golf Swing Trainer. Use this bag as your target instead of a golf ball. You can strike the bag with your club at your usual swing speed and stance.

Be wary of the club face angle every time you swing. Continue this drill until you become used to hitting the bag with a square face.

Weighted Club Drill

Utilizing a weighted club will help you build muscles for swinging the club faster. One of the best examples of this golf club is the Total Golf Trainer Arm. 

How Can I Practice Putting Backspin on My Shot From Home? 

Using Short Clubs

While at home, you can use a short iron or a wedge to help you get the backspin you need. Many beginners have difficulties attaining height when using long irons.

Practice Hitting Down

Position the golf ball near the back of your foot instead of your center stance. This posture has the force to hit down the ball for greater backspin.

Hit into the Wind

You may take the opportunity of hitting the wind if the surrounding permits it. This may allow the golf ball to go higher airborne and create more backspin. 

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1. How do I get more backspin on my golf shot?

Your posture counts a lot, aside from using the perfect equipment and skill, as we told you. Also, more practice can keep you at pace with the technique.

2. How do pro golfers get so much backspin?

Pro players spin the golf ball easily because they can compress it to the ground with a plummeting blow. They can also swing at high speed.

3. How do I get more backspin on my irons?

Practice with one or two clubs (a 5-iron instead of a 7-iron) and swing as easy as you do. It will help you control distance and ball flight.

4. How to put backspin on a golf ball PGA 2k21? 

In putting backspin in the 2k21 edition, set it up before your swing. You have to press L1 on the PlayStation or LB on the Xbox.

5. How Hard Is It Putting Backspin On A Ball?

The technique takes time to bring to perfection. Practicing a lot will slowly take away the difficulty of learning.

6. What Are The Benefits of Topspin & Backspin?

Learning a topspin shot will assist you in adding distance and rolling on the ball. The backspin on a golf ball helps golfers put control of the ball around the green.

7. Can You Put Backspin on a shot with A Chipper?

Yes, you can! But pick a club with a high loft. 

8. Does a putter generate a backspin?

No. It should not be. The putt is the only golf shot that does not generate backspin.


Now you know how to put a backspin on a golf ball: you now have an idea if you can do the technique once you resume your game. But as we always say, more practice will give you chances to control your ball perfectly and right on target! 

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