How To Measure Putter Length (Step By Step Guide)

You surely want to own the perfect putter for your height. But do you know that you can measure your putter length for a perfect fit?

To measure your putter length, you can use a 48-inch ruler. You can put one end of the ruler at the tip of the club while the other end is at the grip. 

But the measurement should be precise using the proper procedure and correct tools: The accurate sizing will fit the putter perfectly to your height. We will discuss below the details with the right equipment.

How To Measure Putter Length

You may want a precise measurement of your putter to provide stroke consistency, efficient speed control, and superior posture at address. Below are the detailed steps on how to measure the precise length of your putter.

How To Measure Putter Length

Steps to measure your putter’s length

A putter unlike drivers or irons has a shaft that does not attach to the club head directly. Here are the correct steps in measuring the putter length concerning your grip.

  • Step 1: Make your usual putting stance holding a putter upright. Ensure that the club head center lies horizontally (flat) to the ground. Your posture should be more relaxed and where you are comfortable.
  • Step 2: When you are posing in a more comfortable putting stance: Grab your straight-edge ruler. Place the ruler parallel to the shaft. The opposite tip of the ruler (across your grip) should lie at the center of the club head.
  • Step 3: Ensure that the ruler rests on the putter shaft while your top grip also lies closer to the measuring stick. Make sure that the top-grip lines up perfectly with the ruler.
  • Step 4: At this time, the putter shaft and the ruler should lie parallel. Also, both ends of the stick and the putter should be touching the flat ground.

Look at the number on the ruler where your top grip holds. The number corresponds to your putter’s length.

Putter Length Based On Height

The average putter length ranges from 33 to 35 inches based on height. A golfer’s height is the main factor in determining the length of a putter. It is more logical that the taller a golfer is, the longer the putter they need.

Putter Length Fitting Explained

Fitting the putter length requires modification of the club’s noteworthy features. Re-fitting may include the customization of the lie angle, head style, toe hang, grip, offset, and loft angle.

Provisions You Need for Measuring the Putter Length 

Many golfers will attempt to measure their putter using a measuring tape or a yardstick. The result might be uncertain. We recommend that you use a straight edge or an aluminum ruler. A straight edge with a 48-inch length is better for accurate measurement. 

A sample of a 48-inch straight edge ruler (aluminum) is the Johnson Level & Tool J48EM 48” Straight Edge. You may do the measurement on a level or flat surface (like your living room or bedroom). 

What Is The Standard Length of A Golf Putter?

Golf putters have no maximum length restrictions, unlike woods and irons. The average size (length) of golf putters usually ranges between 33 and 35 inches. 

What Length of Putter Length Do You Need?

Average height golfers may utilize a 33 or 35-inch putter.

Correct Way to Measure the Length of a Putter

These are the different ways to measure the length of a putter correctly if the hosel or shaft has distinct positions.

1. Heel-shafted putters

  • Step 1: Measure the length of this type of putter, the way you measure an iron or a wood. In doing so, place a ruler (48-inch straight edge) while in an address position with the putter. The sole of the club must be touching the ground.
  • Step 2: The tip of the ruler should touch the surface while parallel to the putter’s heel. Once the ruler is on top of the shaft; read the number corresponding to your grip cap. This reading will be the correct length of the putter.

2. Center-shafted (non-offset) Putters

Non-offset putters will have a reference point via the shaft’s axis and not its heel when measuring the length. The correct measurement will be the point where the ground and the edge of the putter’s grip cap intersect.

3. Offset putters

The measuring process of an offset putter is similar to an iron. Let the ruler touches the ground at a point anywhere except the heel of the club head. Read the measurement corresponding to your grip.

Do Putter Lengths Matter? Why?

Yes, it does! The length of the putter determines the outcome of your putting stroke. It affects the lie angle during your address at the ball.  

When Length (Putter) Is Too Long

Too long a putter makes your lie angle too steep for your height. In this case, your shot might lean towards the left of the target.

When Length Is Too Short

It is the reverse effect when you use a putter too short for you: the putt will target your right side.

Putter Length by Height (Fitting Chart)

For a quick selection of putter length, consult the putter length fitting chart below if you already know your height.

Golfer Height (feet-inches/cm)Putter’s Length
4-10/ 147 and below31 inches
5-2 to 5-4/ 152 to 15732 inches
5-5 to 5-8/ 165 to 17333 inches
5-10 to 5-11/ 178 to 18034 inches
6-0 to 6-2/ 182 to 18835 inches
6-2 to 6-4/ 188 to 19335.50 inches
6-4/ 193 and above36 inches

Belly Putters

Belly putter shafts come between 38 and 47 inches long. Here is the table for a more recommendable putter length corresponding to your height.

Recommended Belly Putter Length (inches)Your Height (feet-inches)
405-8 or shorter
415-9 to 6-1
446-2 and taller

Long Putters

Long putters have longer shafts than belly putters. Their lengths range from 45 to 53 inches. The table below provides a more accurate putter length coinciding with a golfer’s height. (Table 3) 

Putter Shaft Length (inches)Golfer’s Height (feet-inches)
455-6 and below
475-7 to 5-8
485-8 to 5-9
495-9 to 5-11
505-10 to 5-11
515-11 to 6-0
526-0 to 6-1
546-2 and above

How to Know If You Have The Correct Length of The Putter


Stand upright with the putter you intend to use (or a similar one). Then, drop a golf ball from your eye directly towards a ball on the ground. 

The balls should hit each other. If they do, you have the correct length of a putter. If they do collide, but you are bending, you have a putter too short. However, if the balls hit each other but your hands are not on the grip, you have too long a putter.


The putter length you may consider should make you more comfortable on the usual stroke you always do. Before you cut or purchase a new putter club, gain lots of confidence, it may make you a great putter.

Golfer Height

The player’s height is the best manifestation of the correct length of a putter. The chart we provided is a starting point in search of the precise length of a putter for you.


1. What is the proper putter length for my height?

If you are utilizing a traditional putter, you may consult the putter length by height chart above. If you are an average height (5’9”) male, buy a putter 33-34 inches long.

2. Is a 35-inch putter too long?

If you stand below 6 feet tall with disproportionately shorter arms, a 35-inch putter is too long for you.

3. What is the standard putter length?

Traditional putters have a standard length of 33-35 inches

4. Is a putter length extension possible? 

You can extend the length of your putter through re-gripping or customization.

5. Can you cut down a belly putter to standard length?

Yes, you can cut a belly putter to a standard length (33-35 inches). However, it may feel heavier.

6. How does Odyssey measure putter length? 

Odyssey suggests using a flexible measuring tape rather than an aluminum ruler when measuring the length of a putter.

7. What Should I buy: a 34-inch or 35-inch putter?

If your height is between 5’9” and 5’11”, you may use a 34-inch putter.

8. Do Lanky (Tall) Players Can Use A Short Putter?

Yes, they can. Many tall players are utilizing short putters (33 inches or shorter). It has something to do with their stances during the address. Some tall golfers prefer bending more when making a putt.

9. How Tall Should You Be to Use a 34-inch Putter?

As we said, if your height is between 5’9” and 5’11”, the 34-inch putter is for you.

10. How long is Tiger Woods’s putter?

Tiger Woods uses a 34-inch putter in tournaments. He stands 6 feet tall.


Now you know the correct way how to measure putter length: it will be easy to determine the perfect putter length for you. Next time, you should not use a flexible measuring tape to calculate your putter length. It is inconsistent and will not give you the proper reading.

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