Why Are Scotty Cameron Putters So Expensive? Can You Guess?

Do you wonder why Scotty Cameron putters have a steep price? It is known in the golfing world that Tiger Woods had utilized a Scotty putter as a backup golf club. But are these putters really worth the price?

One of the main reasons why Scotty Cameron putters are so expensive is because of their top-of-the-line material. Yes, there are some primo materials in the Scotty Cameron putters. But there are more reasons why Scotty Cameron putters are so expensive! And you ought to know them. 

Keep on reading and find out!

Why Are Scotty Cameron Putters So Expensive? 

Below are some of the reasons why Scotty Cameron (or SC) putters are so pricey:

1. It has a distinctive and state-of-the-art design

Scotty Cameron Company, which gave us one of the greatest putters, has been making putters for more than 30 years. These putters have revolutionary designs and are more distinctive, even from other premium brands. Moreover, SC putters come with a unique design not even one of the leading brands could match.

2. Consistent design is guaranteed

Once you buy a putter by Scotty Cameron, you might wonder how persistent the quality is. Yes, every piece of the putter has a uniform outline. 

The quality and design are consistent in every aspect of the golf putter. Moreover, each collector’s item Cameron putter comes with a 2-year warranty covering material and flaws in craftsmanship.

3. Its quality is assured by an unlimited warranty with service repair

The Scotty Cameron putter has a lifetime quality warranty for most models. You are assured that if your unit has defects, the company is obliged to replace it: with a new one, of course, and no questions asked.

4. The Scotty Cameron Company is committed to environmental sustainability

Unlike other golf equipment brands, the Scotty Cameron Company sustains and promotes the use of natural materials. The company uses innate substances, especially those which contain plastics and rubber amalgams. Their packaging is also recyclable materials. 

5. The SC putters are designed by the creator himself.

Most of the Scotty putters are handmade. The design is by the founder and owner of the company, Don ‘Scotty’ T. Cameron. Scotty, the founder, always prefers that every putter his company makes has his confirmation. 

6. The quality of the craftsmanship is exceptional

Unlike other putters assembled from different parts, a Scotty putter is created from a single piece of superior metal. It is the Scotty Cameron way of sculpturing a putter from a high-quality but sole type of alloy.

This manufacturing procedure is incomparable in other golf club heads, which are milled in several segments and assembled individually. The Scotty putters go a separate way. Once milled, it is the only time accessory is added up. The process makes the putters have excellent quality with a more connected feel. 

7. The putters deliver outstanding performance

Many pro golfers use the Scotty Cameron putters to maintain or improve their performances. But these putters have a reputation for delivering better putting performance for any player’s skill. 

8. The product is designed and made in the USA

The Scotty Cameron Company is proud to announce that its products are 100% made in the USA. This is one of the reasons why the SC putters cost dearly than other brands. Some putters from premium brands have the parts imported from another country and assembled in the US.

Everybody knows that labor and material costs are more expensive in America. Scotty Cameron putters tend to increase their prices to compensate for the expenses. However, it makes the putter more sustainable and reliable in maintaining its quality.

9. The SC putters carry a more captivating design

The unique design and appearance of Scotty Putters separate the brand from the rest. Many women spouses of male golfers find the attractive design more appealing. Hence, they reward their golfer husbands with a gift worth remembering.

What Is So Exceptional About Scotty Putters?

Utilizing a putter is highly dependable on personal preferences. Other golfers may not be fond of using a Scotty putter. But what is so extra special about this putter that many golfers admire? Well, aside from being popular with many pro golfers, this putter makes them more confident when doing a putt.

The single material and distinctive design of Scotty putters make them so exceptional. The high-quality material is not drawn into pieces but rather created from a single chunk to give a better feel. 

Can a Cameron Putter Improve Your Game?

We cannot speak for many golfers that find Scotty putters more popular with professional players. But here is the truth: Scotty putters may not help some golfers to improve their game, especially intermediate and less experienced players.

Some differences between a Cameron putter and the traditional one are the material and tailor-fitting. Pro players may find the putter more confident to use. But if you prefer to keep your putting level as it is, the Scotty putter is not for you.

What To Look For in A Putter

What To Look For in A Putter

Here are the best features in a putter that you should look for:

1. Putter Alignment

The putter alignment can change your game. Ensure your line of feet aims parallel left of the pin (right-handed golfers). Many putters have an alignment aid for aligning your shot to the target. 

2. Putter Head Design

Putters usually have two head designs: the mallet and the blade. The mallet type is for golfers that often hit the ball with an arc-style shot. The blade style is for players striking the ball with a squared club head.

3. Putter Faces

Modern putters have two face designs: the insert and milled styles. The milled type allows golfers to feel and hear the impact of the face with the ball. The insert-style face delivers a soft feel and sound.

4. Putter Length

The putter length depends on your height and body posture. Pick a proper length of a putter according to your build. 

5. Putter Weight

Choose a putter with a standard weight proportionate to its length. This way, you can swing it with stability and coordination with your body.

6. Balance Point

A golfer with an arc stroke should prefer the toe-balanced putter. A golfer with squared and straight shots should consider the face-balanced putter.

7. Putting Stroke

Choose a putter that matches your stroke and stance. The features of an ideal putter discussed above are present in most Scotty Cameron putters.


1. Is A Scotty Cameron Putter Worth The Money?

Pros and non-professional golfers are split on this issue. Scotty putters are famous worldwide, but some do not want to spend a lot just by riding on its popularity. Many professional players utilized the Scotty Cameron putters on their paths to several victories. 
The Camron putter is not recommendable for beginners and less experienced players with a tight budget. But those who can afford may do so. The durable material and unique design of the Scotty putter may serve them longer.

2. Are Scotty Cameron Putters Forgiving?

The mallet-style Scotty Cameron putter is more forgiving, like the TITLEIST Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putter. The blade type is less forgiving.

3. Does Tiger Woods use a Scotty Cameron putter?

Yes, he does. Tiger Woods used a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter. It was known as the ‘Red Dot’. Woods utilized the ‘Red Dot’ putter to win 14 of his majors out of 15. The Newport 2 ‘Red Dot’ was a backup putter for Tiger in the 1998 and 2005 seasons.

4. Is Scotty Cameron owned by Titleist?

Scotty Cameron Company became a partner of the Acushnet Company in 1994. Acushnet currently owns several popular golf brands. 
The golf products under Acushnet are Titleist, Pro V1, Pro V1x, FootJoy, Vokey Design, KJUS, and Pinnacle brand names. Acushnet was acquired by Fila in 2011 by a group of investors for $1.1 billion. In turn, Fila became the parent company of Acushnet.

5. What is the most expensive putter in golf?

A Scotty Cameron putter may cost around $400 upwards. The most expensive golf putter was sold in September 2022 at the Golden Age Spring Auction for $393,000. It was the Tiger wood-signed Scotty Cameron ‘Red Dot’ Newport 2. The putter was a backup stick used by Tiger Woods in the 1998 season. 


It seems that there are too many reasons why Scotty Cameron Putters are so expensive. Many pros say it is because they offer the latest in visual and performance golf technology.  

Alsoas we have found out: golfers are willing to pay insane amounts for the latest and greatest technology, and Scotty Cameron is supplying that market. The putters have premium materials. They feel super good and are the most customizable putter in the industry.

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