The 3 Most Useful Tips for Putting From the Rough

If there’s any aspect of golf that’s both difficult yet important. Then, no doubt, that aspect is putting. More often than not, bad putting leads to terrible scores once you complete your round of golf. As if putting wasn’t hard enough already, putting from the rough is even more challenging.

When your golf ball rolls into that rough from your previous shot. Nothing but dread awaits, right? That’s because the grass of the rough is usually tall and thick. And this makes the already difficult task of putting even more complicated. Getting the putter or club through that terrain is no cakewalk. That too without compromising the shot.

So how to tackle a situation like this on the golf course? Sometimes even avid golfers don’t understand the correct way to putt from the rough. So the concern is even more problematic for beginners and occasional players. In that case, I urge you to keep reading…

Putting From the Rough – The Most Useful and Effective Tips


Needless to say, putting is difficult. Even professional golfers struggle with the task of putting. Even though difficult, it’s an important aspect of every game of golf. The thing about a putt is that it can either make or break your golfing scores. And this putting that is so challenging is usually when you have to putt from the rough.

So how about turning to some expert advice on matters of putting from the rough…

#1 Using Your Driver Instead Of Your Putter


How about ditching your traditional putter for a driver? But why would you use a driver instead of a putter for the task of putting? Simply because the driver is built with a larger size clubhead. And this larger head works better when it comes to getting through high, thick grass.

The larger driver clubhead fights through the rough’s high and thick grass more easily. So you can putt your golf ball with more accuracy and power. And once you get comfortable with using a large golf club like the driver for short shots. Your chances of success are bound to increase.

Let me assure you that many golfers do this. Putt from the rough using a driver instead of the putter. It brings about additional success.

But don’t forget that using a driver for short shots like these demands a lot of persistence and practice. After all, drivers are created for hitting the golf ball with accuracy and power. So achieving accurate shots with minimal power isn’t easy. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible either.

#2 Chip Shot Approach/Technique


Here’s another very useful tip for putting from the rough. You should play and even approach the situation like a chip shot. But with your putter. Meaning lower the left shoulder, or the right one in case you’re left-handed. Then position most of your body weight on the left foot. Or the right foot in case you’re left-handed.

After that, stoke down, then follow through. Stoking down and following through has to be done well. As this ensures minimal golf ball loft and enough power. To get the golf ball closer to that cup.

Now I know that it seems a bit strange to approach your chip shot using a putter. But if you manage to ace it. The strategy certainly contributes to getting the ball closer to your target.

Putters aren’t shaped like traditional golf clubs, right? So it’s only logical to adjust your technique and swing. For achieving the same outcome but using a different golf club.

With an approach like this, you’re more likely to hit the golf ball with enough power. At the same time, sufficiently low to the turf to prevent overshooting the target.

#3 Change Your Grip to Cross-Hand Putting Grip


This is by far the best method of all. When it comes to learning how to putt from the rough. Simply use the cross-hand putting grip. Let me explain below.

Place the right hand at the top region of your grip. Left hand in case you’re left-handed. Make sure your thumb is resting above the top of that grip. With the left hand (or the right one in case you’re left-handed) directly below it. The right thumb should be positioned inside the left palm. With both your hands together.

This particular putting grip keeps the wrists straight. Therefore, paving the way for slicing through that rough. And also gently lifting the golf ball out of the rough. Combine this gripping method with the chip shot technique. Both help a great deal when you want to learn how to putt from the rough.

Agreed that changing the grip is not an easy thing to do. But it’s the most effective tip any expert has to offer. It’s the best way for approaching your golf ball stuck in the rough.

The cross-hand putting grip effortlessly keeps from exerting a lot of power. While also hitting the golf ball hard enough. For getting it out of that rough into a better playing condition.

Tips to Control Putting Speed


Sometimes even the strategy of your putting speed matters. So here’s how you can achieve the right putting speed. Either hit it firm or die it in. The former is the way Tiger Woods chooses to putt. But let me give you an idea of both ways…

  • There’s the Trickle Approach that allows your putt to die in. Thus, the chances of the golf ball entering the hole from any side are pretty high. This includes the front and sides, with fewer lip-outs.
  • The second method is the Hit It Firm Approach. Much preferred by Tiger Woods. For this, you try your best for eliminating the break. And making the majority of your short putts straight, as straight as you possibly can.


So now you understand how to tackle your putts from the rough. I have discussed the 3 most effective tips. Just make sure you practice enough. And soon you’ll be putting like a pro. Remember that putting is never easy, particularly when you have to putt from the rough. So don’t beat yourself up for it.

After all, the rough does consist of tall, thick grass. And getting your putter through terrain like this demands to tweak your club, technique, and grip.

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