Swing Speed Distance Calculator – How to Find Golf Swing Speed? (Most Useful Tips)

Your golfing technique matters a great deal. No doubt about that at least as long as hitting the golf ball farther is concerned. This explains why more and more players are giving undue attention to a customized fit. Getting a personalized fit for your driver maximizes your driving distance. Thus, improving your overall golf swing speed.

In this article, I’m going to discuss everything possible you need to know about the golf swing speed calculator. Did you know that you can gain extra distance through swing speed training? Most golfers don’t understand the importance of swing speed training. Even some professional and tour players.

So allow me to elaborate on that subject. Along with how to calculate your golf swing speed. In short, let’s discuss the topic of swing speed in a more generalized manner. Just keep in mind, along the way, that your average swing speed plays a huge role. Because the higher your swing speed, the farther the golf ball travels.

Golf Swing Speed Distance Calculator – How to Find Your Swing Speed?


It’s a simple and straightforward fact. Swing speeds in golf are calculated, for the most part, with the help of computerized technology. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get the job done on your own. So what is the golf swing speed distance formula? One that’s based on the distance or stretch the golf ball travels.

For every mile per hour (mph) of your club speed, golf balls travel around 2.3 yards. So how about you use this particular measurement to calculate your golf swing speed?

For the task at hand, turn to that driving range. Go ahead and drive as many as 10 balls. Now note down the distance, in yards, that each golf ball travels before coming in contact with the ground of course. Meaning doesn’t measure the rolling distance of the ball.

You can ask your friend or partner to tag along. So he/she can spot your golf balls. That gives you the luxury to focus just on your driving.

Eliminate the extremes. In simple words, don’t include your shortest and longest drives. What this does is keep unfavorable factors from interfering with your usual distance. Undesirable factors like wind.

Then you find your particular average. And add all the other drive distances. Next, divide that total by 8. This way, you get the average yardage of your drive distance. Then divide this average yardage number by 2.3. Why 2.3? Because the number represents the average speed of a golf club head in the mph unit.

So let’s say your average yardage of drive distance is 195. That means 195 divide by 2.3 is equal to 84.7 miles per hour. And that, roughly, is your average swing speed.


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What Is the Average Swing Speed of An Amateur Golfer?


Let’s start with male amateur golfers. More often than not, the handicap here falls in the range of 14-15. For example, it was 15.3 in 2003 and 14.3 in 2012. And the average golf clubhead speed for a handicap of 14-15 is around 93.4 miles per hour. Therefore, yielding a total distance, on an average, of 214 yards for each drive.

So what is the average driving efficiency of a male amateur golfer? Based on the numbers above, I’d say 2.29 yards. That is for every mile per hour of the speed of the clubhead.

What about average women golfers? In that case, there are 167-yard drives. And 78 miles per hour is the average swing speed. But some female golfers fall in the category of high-to-mid 40s as well.

This is a very important revelation for a beginner wanting to know all about the golf swing speed distance calculator.


What Is the Average Swing Speed of Tour Player?


Now let’s move on to Tour golfers. Toward the end of the last PGA Tour i.e. 2018-2019, the average swing speed was 114 miles per hour. Tour players hit around 294 yards per drive. This gives them a driving efficiency of about 2.58 yards for every drive.

Needless to say, these numbers are way better than the 14 to 15 handicap players I’ve talked about in the previous section. They come in at about 2.29 yards per drive. Logically speaking, Tour golfer numbers make sense simply because of one and one reason only. Because professional players tend to hit golf balls more consistently. Especially around that sweet spot.

When you hit the golf ball consistently, it helps in gaining more distance. No doubt, consistently solid strikes give you more length out of the clubhead speed. Therefore, improving your particular driving efficiency.

If any average golfer has the same driving efficiency of 2.58 yards for every mile per hour. Same as an average Tour player. Then he/she too can achieve 240 yards per drive instead of just 214 yards per drive. Meaning an average amateur golfer has the ability to boost 25 yards. Simply by hitting more consistent shots.

Is It Possible to Increase Your Average Swing Speed?


Just like you improve your golfing technique. And just like you get a customized fit for golf clubs. Just like that, you can boost your golf swing speed through swing speed training. No matter your age!

Let’s take Bobby Wilson as a good example here. He, even when 53 years old, can swing higher than 12 miles per hour. Certainly faster in comparison to the PGA Tour golfer Bubba Watson. Who’s well known for his long-hitting shots!

Also, keep in mind that being fit doesn’t automatically increase your swing speed. Fewer fit players can also swing faster than their “more fit” fellow golfers. Agreed that maybe the former possesses a superior golf swing technique. Along with the best golfing gear. Even so, what matters more is being fast. Definitely more than being fit; that’s the takeaway point.

Final Say

So you can breathe a sigh of relief now. Because you know that you can boost your average swing speed. You’ve reached the end of the article – Golf Swing Speed Distance Calculator. You now know how to find your average golf swing speed. And that’s a great accomplishment, isn’t it?

The next step is to unleash all that power within you. And to play consistently. Go for long drives. And don’t forget to undertake swing speed training programs. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are at golf. The training certainly goes a long way when it comes to increasing your average golf swing speed.


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