How To Polish Golf Clubs ?

Are you troubled because your golf clubs look discolored, grimy, and worn out? Golf clubs naturally look shabby after a long day of chipping, putting, and swinging.

We understand how embarrassing it could be to bring an unkempt club during golf play, affecting your overall performance. 

It matters to learn how to polish golf clubs correctly to preserve their appearance and prevent game obstruction.

Keeping the golf club’s face clean helps prevent messing with the spin on your ball. In the same way, a well-kept golf club won’t affect the ball striking process, intensifying your golf experience.

Curious to know what materials are necessary to furbish your clubs? Do you need some guides on how to clean and maintain them correctly?

Consider reading more about the valuable and exciting golf club polishing guides below!

How To Polish Golf Clubs?

How To Polish Golf Clubs?

There are some valuable materials for you to prepare before starting the cleaning and polishing process.

In addition to this, wearing safety gear is vital to protect yourself from unfortunate incidents.

Let’s explore the materials necessary to start furbishing golf clubs and the steps to follow to accomplish the task.

Materials Needed To Clean And Polish Golf Clubs

The cleaning and polishing process requires wearing safety gear, such as ear and eye protection and gloves. Remember that these safety gears are vital when using power tools.

Similarly, you need to prepare the following materials before cleaning your golf clubs:

  • Bucket
  • Cordless drill/Dremel
  • Chrome or steel polish (Metal Polishing)
  • A metal clamp or a vise
  • Soft sponge
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Clean rug

Steps To Follow When Polishing Golf Clubs

1. Mix mild cleaning agent/soap with warm water.

Use a bucket when cleaning the clubs, as it can give sufficient space during the cleaning process. Fill the bucket with warm water, immerse the club’s head, and ensure the water doesn’t reach the ferrule.

2. Soak the golf club for 5 to 10 minutes.

You need to immerse slightly grimy clubs for merely five minutes. Nevertheless, if your golf club is seriously stained, we recommend soaking it in warm water for ten minutes.

3. Remove and gently scrub the clubheads.

Remove and gently scrub the clubheads.

Once you have immersed the clubhead in warm water, remove it carefully and scrub the face using a soft brush.

We recommend using a thick, soft-bristled brush to keep the clubhead’s face from getting damaged.

If the club is grimy and has severe dirt buildup, brush it thoroughly and patiently until it becomes spotless. Removing the dirt buildup is essential to save your club from rust formation.

4. Wash the golf club using cold water.

Carefully wash your golf club, ensuring the ferrule doesn’t get drenched. Otherwise, you’ll need to wipe it until it completely dries up.

Dry the golf club with a soft cloth when you finish the rinsing part.

5. Apply chrome/steel polish.

Apply the chrome/steel polish using a small rug to polish the club and gently rub it.   Consider adding a slight pressure while creating tiny swirls.

When you finish polishing, allow it to dry for a few minutes. Afterward, rub it one more using a neat and soft rug. You may notice the difference in shine.

6. Keep the bag in a secure spot.

Having a storage place for your clubs is advantageous. However, you may secure the clubs to its bag if you don’t have one.

Make sure you cover it with cellophane or cloth and store it in an excellent, dry spot.

How Can I Polish Golf Clubs Following The Traditional Cleaning Method?

How Can I Polish Golf Clubs Following The Traditional Cleaning Method?
  • Step 1: Check your golf club’s finish. Afterward, dip a small rug in the steel or chrome polish.
  • Step 2: Gently apply the steel or chrome polishing on your golf club in swirls. Continue doing so until you have entirely covered the polished area with a thin layer of polish.
  • Step 3: Allow the polish you applied on the club to dry. After that, gently wipe it using a dry and clean rug.

How To Polish Golf Clubs With Dremel?

Use safety gear when using the Dremel tool to furbish your golf clubs. Wear an apron to protect your clothes and safety goggles for eye protection.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Step 1: Carefully clamp your golf club in a secure position; you may use a vise if you a clamp is unavailable.
  • Step 2: Switch the Dremel on. Start working on the club’s face using the edges of the buffing material to deal with the grooves. This process will eliminate oxidation stains, thoroughly cleaning the club face’s surface.
  • Step 3: Use the buffing compound to the sleeker cotton wheel and work over the entire golf club face. You’ll notice a glossier surface compared to the previous step.
  • Step 4: Afterward, utilize a sleeker white cotton wheel and apply the buffing compound to furbish the golf club face. You’ll achieve a shinier result, giving your club a brand new appearance.
  • Step 5: Also, consider using this process to furbish the other metallic surface of your club. Carefully operating the Dremel tool is critical, avoiding applying too much pressure.

NOTE: A Dremel tool helps you clean your golf club more effortlessly as necessary. It makes cleaning the spikes with a unique brush, ensuring a sleek pivot.

This tool operates with 4 AA batteries, which are ready for use and work powerfully for an extended time.

Quick Tips For Cleaning Golf Clubs

Quick Tips For Cleaning Golf Clubs
  • Tip 1: Make sure to focus on the grooves of your irons. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean the iron heads thoroughly.
  • Tip 2: Keep a thick yet soft-bristled toothbrush handy that allows you to take tiny swirling motions while cleaning. This brush works ideally for cleaning the rear of the clubhead and managing the filthy crevices on your clubs.
  • Tip 3: Please note that a neat grip is an excellent way to eliminate germs.

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1. Should I polish my golf clubs?

Yes. Polishing golf clubs doesn’t only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your club but also safeguards it against moisture and dust.

Furthermore, it helps keep the club’s face tidy, ensuring better ball strikes since it’s free of dirt obstructions.

Keeping your golf club clean and well-furbished can remarkably improve your golf experience.

2. How do I make my golf clubs shiny again?

By following the methods above, applying chrome/steel polish, or using the Dremel tool, you can get your club shiny again.

How do I make my golf clubs shiny again?

3. How can I polish golf irons?

Apply a metal polishing on a rug to furbish the golf iron and thoroughly rub it without excessive pressure. Please wait a few minutes to let it dry, then repeat the process.

Doing so will give your iron a glossier effect.

4. How can I clean and restore golf clubs?

  • Make it a habit to clean your golf clubs regularly.
  • Regularly cleaning your golf clubs keeps them looking neat all the time and prevents rust formation.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance make it unnecessary to deal with severe dirt buildup, eliminating the time-consuming cleaning and polishing process.
  • Pay attention to the golf club’s grooves.
  • The grooves on your club’s face accumulate moisture, dust, and grass. Therefore, if you neglect these parts, it could result in inaccurate ball spins and shots.

Likewise, you wouldn’t be happy with the unpleasant smell that’s likely to develop.

5. Can I furbish scratches on golf clubs?

Please note that deep scratches are nearly hopeless to remove. Nonetheless, utilizing the Dremel tool and buffing compound helps polish the minor scratches on the metallic parts of your club.

6. How can I make my golf clubs look new?

How can I make my golf clubs look new?

Regularly cleaning your golf club can help preserve its elegant appearance and natural gloss. It also helps improve your game experience, freeing you from any distractions. Therefore, avoid letting the dirt sit on your golf club for an extended period.

Not cleaning your golf club properly and regularly can trigger severe dirt buildup that’s challenging to remove. Unfortunately, this habit may also promote rust formation, impairing the longevity and performance of your club.

Invest in high-quality Dremel tools, safety gears, cleaning agents, and buffing compounds to help you keep your club looking new.

Additionally, you may follow the traditional polishing methods or use the cleaning tools available to make the process a breeze.


Ultimately, cleaning and polishing golf clubs nowadays doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. With many tools available and easy-to-follow steps, getting your golf clubs shiny and looking new again is no longer impossible.

It’s undeniable that a neat and well-polished golf club significantly helps boost your confidence whenever you play. Best of all, it works wonders in helping you perform better.

Therefore, you should highly consider regular golf club cleaning and maintenance in your routine. Remember, a dirty golf club doesn’t only ruin your confidence; it can obstruct your golf play.

Hopefully, our guides about “how to polish golf clubs” can help you accomplish the job well.

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