How to Make Golf Bag Tubes (Step-By-Step Guide) ?

Golf has modern golf bags that come with preinstalled portioned tubes. These tubes help in storing the golf clubs in a more organized way. These tubes also help in protecting the golf shafts of wedges, irons, and other clubs while carrying them along. You can either buy them or have them preinstalled. Continue reading to learn how to make golf bag tubes in the below step-by-step guide.

How to Make Golf Bag Tubes (Step-By-Step) ?

Step 1: A Plywood Portion with a Golf Bag of Your Liking

The first step is to gather a piece of plywood and a golf bag you like. Then, you can try out different types of wood to see which is most suitable. First, however, make sure the wood should be same on all the dividers. This way, the wood won’t snap out when you use it.

Step 2: Attaching Plywood at Each End of The Bag

Once you have selected the ideal piece of wood, now it is time to make the golf bag tubes. First, put each end of the wood together in a circle shape. For your convenience, we recommend clamping them together. You can do so by drilling a hole in each plywood piece. However, ensure all the holes are lined up perfectly in a balanced line to avoid damage.

Step 3. Using a Marker for Marking Club Outlines

You can now put this newly made tube sample over a putter or club. This way, you will be able to notice the outline of the tubes. So, with the help of a marker, put a noticeable mark around the plywood with the golf club inside. It can now work as a template for you to cut an opening of the clubs.

Step 4: Cutting the Golf Club Opening

Now with the help of a saw, cut a golf club opening. However, leave enough space for the golf club parts to fit inside easily. You should sand down the circle edges if you need to even them in the round.

Step 5: Drilling a Hole at Each End of the Wood

The last step is to drill through each end of the wood piece to thread zip ties or ropes. It will keep everything in hold together strongly. You can even use duct tape to give extra sturdiness.

Golf Bag Tube Benefits

Using golf bag tubes has its benefits. Some of them are listed below:

1. They Make Carrying Golf Clubs Comfortable and Easy

A golf bag club can make carrying your golf clubs easier and more comfortable throughout the golf course, instead of carrying the golf bag stand or having them strapped around your shoulders. It is challenging and tiring to carry them around in long-distance traveling. Therefore, the golf bag tubes make it easier to drag them along.

2. A Secure and Safer Way

It can be a safe way to carry your golf clubs around in a golf bag tube. A golf bag tube will prevent the golf clubs from falling when traveling or walking wearing them. They provide a snug fit to the golf club covers, making it difficult to fall off the bag. If you use straps, it will keep all the parts intact inside.

3. Damage Prevention for the Clubs

Carrying your putters or golf clubs in the tubes will also prevent them from hitting each other. It will further prevent them from taking more damage by hitting walls too. Therefore, the golf bag tubes will keep them all firm together without hitting each other.

4. Affordable

Most importantly, this idea is very affordable for protecting your gold equipment. It’s easy to craft golf bag tubes. The wood piece and other equipment are easily available in hardware stores.

5. Customizable

When crafting anything that you desire, the best part is you can customize it according to your taste. Similarly, you can use any material you think best suits your occasional need. Therefore, the customizing option can make it more attractive and easy to carry around.

6. Sturdy

When crafting your golf bag tube, you will be sure of its sturdiness. It will make you confident in traveling through steep or hilly terrains. In addition, you would know that what you have created is solid enough to withstand any condition.

7. Increases the Visibility of Your Golf Clubs

Storing the golf clubs in a nice and clean order in the tubes will make it easier to locate them. You can quickly find them from anywhere as the clubs would stand long. It will increase their visibility; their heads will be more visible for easy picking. Golf bag tubes will prevent your clubs from missing by keeping track of them.

8. Prevents Golf Bag Wear and Tear

When you take out or put back the gold club shafts frequently, it damages the inside material of the bag. Therefore, using the golf bag tubes will keep the clubs from damaging the inside material by preventing rips and tears.

What Materials Would You Need to Make a Golf Bag Tube?

You will need the following common materials to make a golf bag tube. All these materials are easily available at any local hardware store:

  • A PVC pipe (Length should be according to the size of the golf bag)
  • PVC Cement and primer
  • Hacksaw
  • A piece of vinyl or cloth
  • A sewing machine
  • A foam padding piece

Best Way for Storing Tubes in Golf Bags?

Best Way for Storing Tubes in Golf Bags

Storing the tubes in an organized way is crucial as it helps to keep golf clubs safe. When storing the tubes in the golf bag, you should know which golf clubs you are crafting the tubes for. Next, how would you store the golf clubs, and in which way? It can help you to make a better sketch in your mind about how to install them properly for maximum benefit.

Tips to Make the Tubes Last Longer

Follow the below tips to make the golf bag tubes last longer:

1. Cover the Cubs Before Putting them Inside

Using a golf bag tube would mean putting your clubs out in the open. Therefore, keep them covered every time you take them out. Especially when you are out in public or when around people, the moisture can make them rusty.

2. The Material Used Should Be of Good Quality

When making golf bag tubes for graphite shafts, use durable materials. This way, the end product will be more durable and can last longer than usual. However, you may need to change them after a while. But, with good quality materials used, it would last longer.

3. Avoid Overstuffing the Tube

Avoid overstuffing the tube, as this will make the inside golf clubs collide. This frequent collision can cause damage. The golf irons can end up outside the tube due to overstuffing. Make sure to store them well for the best possible usage.

4. Store the Tubes Properly

Store the tubes in a safe place when they are not in use. Ensure to store them in a dry place to keep away from moisture. Finally, you can store them at your home to make them easily available each time when required.

How Can You Add Divider to Golf Bag?

How Can You Add Divider to Golf Bag
  • Take a scissor, golf bag tubes, a ruler, and tape.
  • Cut the tube’s length to its size after measuring it.
  • Put them together in a line and secure them tightly with the tape.
  • Now place dividers and make sure they fit in snuggly.
  • Use more tape to secure them with the bag.
  • Label each divider section with its desired use, and you are ready.


1. What are Golf Tubes?

Golf club tubes are long wooden or PVC material made of pipe holes similar to shafts. They help store your golf clubs or equipment more safely and securely. Moreover, they even keep them organized and make stored equipment easily accessible.

2. What Material is Best for Golf Tubes?

If you want to use it for cart bags, leather can be the best material. However, nylon can be your best bet if you want cheaper and more durable stand bags. For a waterproof and best-looking tube option, canvas material can be an excellent choice.

3. How Many Tubes There Should Be in a Golf Bag?

On average, 5-7 tubes should be enough to carry all the necessary golf equipment. However, you may add or lessen the amount as required.

4. How Many Tubes Can A Divider Fit In?

It depends upon the size of the golf bag, amount of clubs it can hold, and the compartments inside.

5. Can We Use PVC Material As A Divider In Golf Bags?

PVC material is usually difficult to use in golf bags. As a result, people face issues in using PVC. However, it can be possible to use it depending on its thickness.

6. Can You Add Dividers To the Golf Bag?

Yes, it is easy to add dividers to the golf bag. Although, most modern bags nowadays have built-in dividers. But you can still add them to your old golf bags.

7. What Does the Tube on the Side of the Golf Bag Used for?

The golf bag tube helps keep the golf clubs separate from each other. They are installed to make the partition in the bag for easy storing and protection of clubs.

8. How Can You Keep Tubes in a Golf Bag?

Keep the tubes well-organized in the golf bag according to your needs. For example, estimate how you would place each club in the bag, and the tubes should also be placed inside accordingly.

9. How Many Dividers Does a Golf Bag Have?

It varies from one bag to another and on the player’s needs. Typically, there should be a 14-way divider that can store the clubs well.


Making golf bag tubes is an easy step that is handy for many players. It will be a plus point if you have a modern golf bag with built-in tubes and a divider for organized club storage. Otherwise, it is easy to craft one yourself.

With the help of the above information, we hope you will now be able to craft tubes in your golf club bag. However, make sure to be patient enough in case anything goes wrong. You can always try back a wronged step anytime you want.

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