8 Best Golf Balls for 95-100mph Swing Speed in 2024

Are you hitting the ball between 95 and 100mph? Golf balls complete a single round of golf. But, like a golf club, you must choose the appropriate ball for your game style.

Do you also know that you should use a golf ball according to your skill, such as your swing speed?

We tested some of the best golf balls for 95-100mph swing speed. However, not all balls have the same qualities. You can try at least three balls during your game and find the best one that suits your skill. 

If you are in a hurry to know the result of our test, we find the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls as the best golf ball for 95-100mph swing speed. Know more about the other products!

Our Top Picks: Best Golf Ball for 95-100mph Swing Speed

Best overall: Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls    

Best value for money: Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK    

Best for dry, wet, and windy weather: Callaway 2021 ERC Triple Track Golf Balls 12B PK

Best for better players: Callaway 2021 Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls    

Best premium brand: Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls   

Best around the green: TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls   

Best for beginners and amateurs: Bridgestone Golf 2021 e12 Contact Golf Balls    

Best for a low spin: Titleist AVX Golf Balls 2020    

8 Best Golf Balls for 95-100mph Swing Speed

1. Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK   

Callaway 2021 Supersoft Golf Balls 12B PK

Players with a good feel around the green can have a great ball like the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball 12B PK. This ball is ideal for golfers with a swing speed of around 95 to 100mph. It is also one of the cheapest Callaway golf balls (the white-covered one).

When we tested this golf ball, we noticed that it offers one of its best shots on par 3. It also adds rolls once the ball hits the ground. Beginners and amateurs can try this ball.

Key Features:

  • The ball is a two-piece construction.
  • Its Hybrid Cover has an unconventional PARALOID Impact Modifier.
  • The design features HEX Aerodynamics.
  • The HEX Aerodynamics minimizes drag with high flight for longer distances.
  • ‘I never thought that a golf ball this cheap could give me distance!’ a golfer exclaimed.
  • The Supersoft provides impressive ball control and feel.
  • Golfers within 100mph swing speed may lose control of the ball.
  • The other colors, like green, orange, pink, red, and yellow, are priced higher.

Who should use this product?

Golfers with a swing speed range of 95-100mph and a limited budget should consider using the Callaway Supersoft 12B PK balls. The cheaper-by-the-dozen golf ball (white cover) has some of Callaway’s innovative designs for better spin and ball control. 

2. TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls    

TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls 

Average-speed swing male golfers wanting mid-high spin in every shot consider using the TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls. The premium brand features a large reactive core as the heart of its design. The core efficiently stores and releases power upon impact, providing ball speed.

Golfers who know how to compress the ball properly benefit the most from this golf ball because of its optimum spin. The TP5 describes as the ultimate Tour High Dimple Pattern, has advanced aerodynamics to increase ball speed. 

Key Features:

  • The ball has 322 dimples.
  • It has 5-piece material construction.
  • The cover is soft cast urethane. 
  • The TP5 has one the most stopping powers inside 100 yards.
  • The soft cover provides a high compression rate for spin control and precision.
  • The new material HFM provides a sizeable rebound effect.
  • ‘I think the TP5 has identical features to Titleist Pro V1’ says a male golfer.
  • The core has a spring-like effect, increasing ball speed and distance.
  • One of the priciest golf balls on our list.

Who should use this product?

Male players wanting to fine-tune their spin and increased distance should rely on TP5 golf balls. The improved design of this golf ball lets you increase greenside spin with favorable control and precision.

3. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls    

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls   

The Titleist Pro V1 is the most sought-after golf ball by PGA Tour pros: The innovative technology of Pro V1 makes the ball popular with professional players. The 3-piece golf ball has a 2.0 ZG Process solid core responsible for increasing distance with the right swing speed.

Many professional players surely know how to utilize the best in Pro V1: Its high-flex casing layer increases speed while lowering long game spin. The V1 is also the golf ball to use in any weather.  

Key Features:

  • The Pro V1 has a 3-piece construction.
  • The golf ball has a soft feel.
  • It provides consistent and more penetrating ball flight. 
  • The ball has improved drop-and-stop short-game control.
  • The ball is ideal for golfers with a 97mph swing speed.
  • ‘I like the Pro V1 more than the Pro V1x. It has a softer feel,” says a golfer.
  • “The different number on each ball is not confusing at all!’ Exclaims a pro.
  • Not recommendable for beginner and amateur players.
  • The ball takes a slightly higher swing speed to compress if a senior will use it.

Who should use this product?

The Pro V1 is ideal for seniors needing low spin and long distances from the tee. The Pro V1 also has a spin technology that helps a ball stop on the greens. Also, the Pro V1 is suitable for golfers with a low handicap.

4. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls    

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls    

Many experienced golfers say the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls have similarities with Pro V1But does this ball keep up with your skill? The ball comes in three colors: white, lime, and red. When we tested the Vice Pro Plus, it delivered enough spin around the green.

Vice Pro provides more distance, especially for players with 95 to 100mph club speed. What we admire most about Vice Pro golf balls is it feels good off the club face. The feeling is springy when you hit the ball. 

Key Features:

  • It provides a low-ball flight trajectory.
  • The ball has 4-piece construction.
  • The cover is cast urethane.
  • I prefer the white color over other colors. I can see it even in the sand’. Says an experienced golfer.
  • The ball needs less effort to compress.
  • Golfers needing less spin on the green prefer the Vice Pro Plus.
  • It has 336 dimples and is highly durable.
  • I felt the ball is less forgiving’, says an intermediate golfer.

Who should use this product?

The Vice Pro golf balls can optimize your distance if you have the needed club speed. Players wanting less spin but more control of the ball should use the Vice Pro Plus golf balls. The cast urethane cover is soft, but you can do backspin more often on this ball.

5. Bridgestone Golf 2021 e12 Contact Golf Balls   

Bridgestone Golf 2021 e12 Contact Golf Balls 

Golfers see large dimples on golf balls contribute much to reducing slice and hook. These players prefer the Bridgestone e12 Golf Balls. The balls are also cheaper than other brands in the same category. The e12 Contact provides a straight golf flight from the tee.

The ball is also ideal for players wanting more spin on full shots. The 3-piece golf ball has a soft core with an active acceleration mantle and contacts force dimple cover. The layers make the ball straighter and spin more off the tee.

Key Features:

  • The ball provides large surface contact (38% more) than other golf balls.
  • Added dimples allow more friction for better spin.
  • The gradational core of e12 is outstanding.
  • I often hit the ball off-center; too glad I am using the e12!’ A beginner confesses.
  • The e12 offers longer flights and straighter ones.
  • The ball features an innovative Contact Force Dimple for optimum aerodynamics.
  • The ball is not as soft as beginner golf balls, but it is more reliable in improving club speed.

Who should use this product?

Beginners hitting the ball between 95 and 100mph or want to attain the feat should use the e12 Golf Balls. It is ideal to use the Bridgestone e12 to maintain your swing speed yet with the possibility of improvement.

6. Callaway 2021 ERC Triple Track Golf Balls 12B PK    

Callaway 2021 ERC Triple Track Golf Balls 12B PK 

The Callaway ERC Triple Track golf ball is one of the longest balls with a soft feel. The design of this ball creates more control on the flight in the green. The ERC Soft makes your swing smooth without the annoying sound but with high launch and low spin.

Many golfers see this golf ball as a better alternative for greenside control in any weather. 

Key Features:

  • The hybrid cover is PARALOID (an impact modifier from Dow).
  • It is a 3-piece golf ball with a High Energy Core.
  • It features Triple Track Technology for progressive alignment.
  • This ball makes me play in dry or wet courses.’ Says a satisfied user.
  • The softcore with a stiff mantle is ideal for long-range shots.
  • My ball moves faster when utilizing an ERC Soft during a game. A veteran golfer says.
  • Not recommendable for amateurs and beginners.

Who should use this product?

Experienced golfers wanting to play in either dry or wet golf courses should consider using the ERC soft golf balls. The ball is durable in weather and more resilient in greenside control.

7. Titleist AVX Golf Balls 2020     

Titleist AVX Golf Balls 2020   

The AVX Golf Ball 2020 is one of Titleist’s ball models with a low spinning feature. Golfers with a swing speed of 95-100mph can consider the AVX if they want a low spin inside the green. 

The AVX is the latest from the Titleist golf ball lineup with impressive distance off the tee. Many players, including us, are excited about its added rolls once the ball lands.

Key Features:

  • It has 3-piece construction with a durable urethane cover.
  • The multi-layer material has a High Flex casing.
  • It has 348 dimples with a spherical polyhedron design. 
  • A frequent golfer said, ‘I admire the low spin of AVX and its rolls’.
  • The cast urethane elastomer cover is durable and soft.
  • It has a large core formulation than other Titleist balls.
  • The cost varies widely depending on color.

Who should use this product?

The AVX golf ball by Titleist is for players looking to level up their games with advanced technology. The ball delivers low flight and low iron spin for a long range. Its soft feel and impressive greenside spin and control make you more confident inside the course.

8. Callaway 2021 Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls   

Callaway 2021 Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls

The Callaway Chrome Soft X LS is the golf ball you may want if you prefer low-spinning ones. The X LS is one of the leading golf balls for mid to low-handicap players. The pack comes with 12 pieces of balls in three colors.

The X LS is known for its high-speed core, which is bigger than other 4-piece golf balls. The center is soft, but the mantle system is firm and durable. The solid outer mantle works together with the softcore to generate fast ball speeds off the club face.

Key Features:

  • The X LS has a 4-piece construction.
  • The thin urethane cover enhances the feel and spin control.
  • The Chrome X LS lasts longer than any other golf ball.
  • The low drag provides more distance because of the excellent aero design.
  • I never thought the X LS is more forgiving. I should use this ball earlier’, a golfer sighs.
  • The ball has a slightly lower iron spin.

Who should use this product?

Low and mid-handicap golfers should use Chrome Soft X LS golf balls from Callaway. The 4-piece golf ball has a high wedge greenside spin: it will help you land the ball with added rolls. 

Best Golf Balls For 95-100 mph Swing Speed – Buying Guide

Here are some factors you can consider when buying golf balls suitable for a swing range between 95 and 100mph.

1. Compression

The ratio in determining the capability of the golf ball to squeeze (or compress) is the compression rating [1]. The quantification usually ranges from 30 to 120. A low compression rating means the ball needs less swing speed to compress the ball. 

A high compression rating, on the other hand, requires higher club head speed in squeezing the ball. Compressing the ball allows it to rebound, leading to added distance. So, you can consider your swing speed in choosing the ball compression rating you need.

  * Will a low-compression golf ball go further?

Golf balls with low compression ratings may go further depending on your swing speed. As a rule of thumb, slow swingers using a low-compression ball adds height and straighten their shots. As a result, it may give you the extra distance.

2. Cover


The outer layer of a golf ball has something to do with its performance. You can choose a ball with either a urethane or Surlyn (including ionomer as its variation) cover. Surlyn-covered balls have less spin, fly further, and are cheaper.

Urethane-covered golf balls spin more with adequate control and have a superior feel. It also offers fine-tuned spin and control for short irons.

3. Dimples

Present-day golf balls have between 300 and 400 dimples: The dimples minimize the drag but increase ball flight providing more distance. Dimples may vary in shape (hexagonal or spherical) and numbers.

The dimple count on a golf ball affects its performance. More dimples mean more drag. It may lead to a low trajectory.

4. Colors

White golf balls are customary in tournaments and leisure games. Nowadays, several ball colors are available because some golfers prefer using other tones. Some colors available are green, orange, yellow, and red. Pick the one you think has the highest visibility to your sight.

5. Price

High-priced golf balls may offer better qualities. But not all golf balls are created equal, so goes the undying saying.

Expensive golf balls usually have more layers of materials than cheaper ones. It is understandable. Premium brands offer complex configurations with better energy transfer, feel, and control. But it all boils up to one thing: buy the one that suits your present skill and budget.

Do Softer Golf Balls Go Further? 

Do Softer Golf Balls Go Further? 

It is known in the golfing world that soft low-compression balls travel further using the driver and irons. Using your wedges, softer and firmer balls will go further. But remember that everything is dependent on your swing speed.

Does Water Affect Golf Balls?

Yes, water has an impact on golf ball performance. Balls submerged in water may get saturated within six hours. The core may suffer damage when the ball soaks in water for more than 24 hours. 

Water affects the quality of the ball. Once it gets waterlogged, it will not fly the same as when it is out of the box. Dry the ball every time it gets wet or soaked in water.

Do Golf Balls Deteriorate Over Time?

Yes, they do. Like any other materials, golf balls will suffer tear and wear over time. Even golf balls in storage may deteriorate due to changing temperatures and weather. However, properly maintained and stored golf balls may last up to ten years. 

Do Warm Golf Balls Go Further? 

Yes, warm weather enhances the performance of the ball’s rubber core. Warm golf balls get more velocity with adequate spin upon impact.

Does Rain Affect Golf Ball Distance?

Yes, it does. Rain makes the surrounding air thicker and gives more resistance to the ball. When this happens, the ball travels less.

How Much Wind Affects A Golf Ball?

Wind approaching the 10mph velocity will already affect ball flight. In some studies, a 10-mph breeze moves the ball a club worth of distance to where the wind blows.


1. What golf ball should I use with a 95 mph swing speed?

The Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball is one of the best golf balls for golfers having 95mph swing speeds. The 3-piece Pro V1 makes it ideal for players who want to spin the ball more and launch higher. 
The Pro V1 might be more costly than other brands, but it will make you perform better in the course.

2. Which golf ball is best for a 100mph swing speed?

Count on Callaway 2021 Chrome Soft X LS Golf Balls if you have a swing speed of 100mph.

3. How far should a golf ball go with a 100mph swing speed?

A 100mph swing speed can take your ball as far as 270 yards. This distance potential for a 100mph swing speed is attainable for the average golfer using the ideal golf ball and club.

4. How far should a 95 mph swing go?

The average distance 95mph swingers can go is about 214 yards.

5. Does My Swing Speed Matter When Choosing A Golf Ball?

Yes, it does. You must pick a golf ball matching your swing speed. Low-speed golfers compress the ball less than those who swing faster. Golfers who swing their club head at low speed deliver less distance.

6. Is A Low Spin Golf Ball Better For a 95-100mph Swing Speed?

Low-spin golf balls are better for 95-100mph swing speed if you are a mid or low-handicap player. 

7. Should 85 to 90 mph swing speeds use hard or softballs?

It is better to utilize a golf ball between hard and soft if your speed falls within the 85-90mph range. 


The cheapest golf ball on our list is the Bridgestone Golf 2021 e12 Contact Golf Ball. But it does not mean that the e12 is inferior: The balls provide you with the needed spin around the green. The e12 Contact Golf Ball is also better for beginners and amateurs.

But our top pick for the best golf ball for 95-100mph swing speed is non-other than the Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsTitleist impresses us with their Pro V1 golf balls because of their better spin around the green. 

We also admire the balls’ longer and straighter flight with the driver and every other golf club in our bag. The flat long-game spin and penetrating trajectory of the ball give us more distance. We perform better with this ball, indeed! 

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