7 Best Golf Shoes under $100 In 2024

Do you need golf shoes to make you perform well on the golf course? But the shoes need not be expensive like your other equipment to keep you going strong inside the course. There is modern golf footwear you may buy at the fraction of the price of expensive golf shoes.

We treasure the opportunity of trying and testing seven of the best golf shoes available in the market today. We recommend them to you as your first and best options. But you can test other brands you deem most suitable and affordable to you.

This review will show seven of the best golf shoes under $100 that you may not realize until now! Good luck with your choice, golf lovers!

If you are in a hurry to know the result of our test, we find the Callaway Men Solana SL Golf Shoe as the Best Golf Shoe under $100. Know more about the other products!

But first, we show you our random choices before you know their qualities and features.

Our Top Picks: Best Golf Shoes under $100 

Best overall golf shoes under $100: Callaway Men Solana SL Golf Shoe     

Best golf shoes for women: PUMA Women Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

Best golf shoes for men: FootJoy Men Fj Flex Coastal Golf Shoe  

Best golf shoes for balance & stability: PUMA GOLF Women Ignite NXT Solelace Golf Shoe   

Best spike-less golf shoes: PUMA GOLF Men Ignite NXT Lace Golf Shoe

Best golf shoes for walking: THESTRON Men Golf Walking Sport Sneakers

Best golf shoes with spikes: Adidas Men ZG21 Motion Primegreen Golf Shoes  

7 Best Golf Shoes Under $100

1. THESTRON Men Golf Shoes Mesh Breathable Golf Walking Sport Sneakers 7 Spikes Golf Trainers  

THESTRON Men Golf Shoes Mesh Breathable Golf Walking Sport Sneakers 7 Spikes Golf Trainers  

Some men do want to wear simple but classic-style golf shoes while on the play. These men prefer the THESTRON Walking Spiked Golf Shoes because of their versatility and functionality. You can wear it anywhere inside the golf course without damaging the grass.

The price of THESTRON golf shoes is mid-range. You can choose color combinations, such as black/red, white, gray, black, dark blue, etc. The walking golf sneakers have breathable mesh to keep your feet dry.The Walking Sports Sneakers by THESTRON are sleek enough to keep your feet balanced.

Key Features

  • It has seven spikes on each shoe, unlike other brands.
  • It is a golf trainer with microfiber mesh.
  • Waterproof.
  • The spikes are removable and replaceable.
  • The microfiber mesh suits any weather.
  • I love the dark blue design; I gifted my hubby with it on our anniversary!’
  • Lace closure for secured wear.
  • The price increases as the design get more exceptional.

Who should use this product?

Men more prone to slipping on hilly and wet golf courses should wear a pair of THESTRON golf shoes. Also, if they carry their bag, they should secure their feet by wearing shoes that provide more traction. 

2. PUMA GOLF Men Ignite NXT Lace Golf Shoe

PUMA GOLF Men Ignite NXT Lace Golf Shoe

The PUMA Golf Ignite NXT golf shoe is one of the most prominent brands golfers seek. Men with classic and simple tastes in shoes appreciate the spike-less shoes, but with the traction, you can trust. The NXT Ignite is available in three color combinations men loved the most.

Wearing the NXT is like wearing nothing at all! The shoe allows your toes to flex during swings without the uncomfortable creasing other golf shoes inflict on your feet. 

Key Features

  • The shoe has a Performance Mesh with TPU.
  • The fabric is 100% synthetic for more breathable feet.
  • Lightweight at just 3 pounds.
  • I am glad I can wear these shoes anywhere, no time wasted, indeed!’ Says a wearer.
  • It is spike-less, and you can wear it anytime and anywhere.
  • The performance mesh is waterproof and does not stretch out with time.
  • The shoes fit like a glove out of the box.
  • Minimal color options, but most men prefer the colors available.

Who should use this product?

Men who do not want to wear bulky shoes should try the PUMA Ignite NXT. The footgear provides a slim and sleek look while your feet feel great and lightweight during an intense round of golf. This spike-less shoe is also great for golfers who trust their stance without the aid of spikes.

3. Callaway Men Solana SL Golf Shoe (Best overall

Callaway Men Solana SL Golf Shoe  

Medium-price golf shoes, like the Callaway Men Solana SL, come with a rubber sole. The Solana SL has an Opti-soft EVA midsole other golf shoes do not have. It is a good choice for most guys with enough budgets and prefers spike-less shoes.

You do not have to worry about its spike-less feature because the traction is not compromised. The multi-directional traction lugs keep you balanced during swings. When we tried the shoes, we found that the Solana SL has one of the best combinations of waterproof and more breathable comfort!

Key Features

  • The fabric is pure synthetic for more breathable feet.
  • The microfiber leather upper has an Opti-Dri feature.
  • Waterproof performance mesh.
  • The Opti-Dri feature keeps your feet dry even if you sweat a lot.
  • The spike-less dura-rubber outsole has multiple-direction traction lugs.
  • I guess the 5mm PLUS-foam (cushion) insole makes me feel more comfortable. A buyer notes.
  • Limited dark color combinations are available, like black- lime & gray- blue.

Who should use this product?

The Solana SL by Callaway offers more cushioning on your feet even if you trek along rugged terrain. The shoe is ideal for senior players who want increased underfoot cushioning. Solana lessens the fatigue a senior golfer may feel after an exhausting round.

4. PUMA Women Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe   

PUMA Women Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe 

Puma is a brand that too many people trust. The PUMA Women Laguna Fusion Sport Golf Shoe is one of them. When we put the spike-less Fusion to the test, our tester felt the lightness and stability it provides. The shoe has a feather-like weight that keeps the feet more relaxed.

Although the Fusion is spike-less, its outsole has high abrasion-resistant rubber. The outsole also has well-designed directional lugs. The cushioning is spongy-like because of the soft foam insole and molded heel crash pad. 

Key Features

  • The mixed Fusion Foam on the heel 
  • The shoe is low-profile for better walking.
  • It has Grip Zone Traction. 
  • The fabric is breathable (100% synthetic).
  • I am flat-footed, but I love how this shoe fits my feet!’ a lady golfer says.
  • The rubber-soled shoe provides more comfort & support.
  • Ladies will feel the Fusion Foam mixed on the forefoot and heel for added comfort & support.
  • The lace may come longer in some colors. However, a clip integrates with the lace for better lateral support.

Who should use this product?

The Puma Fusion golf shoes are ideal for petite lady golfers wanting more comfortable movement inside the golf course. The shoe fits like a second skin without compromising stability and comfort.

5. FootJoy Men Fj Flex Coastal Golf Shoe  

FootJoy Men Fj Flex Coastal Golf Shoe

FootJoy golf shoes are becoming more popular these days. If you noticed lately, Footjoy introduced the FootJoy Men Fj Flex Coastal Golf Shoe in February 2021. The Flex Coastal has some of the most modern and stylish features you could ever imagine in golf footwear.

The performance mesh fabric provides extraordinary breathability with the lightness of cotton. The Fj Flex Coastal golf shoe comes true to size with enough space for a more comfortable fit. 

Key Features

  • It has a Versa-Trax outsole for more gripping while swinging.
  • The soft EVA midsole enhances cushioning.
  • Non-traditional design, unlike previous Footjoy shoes.
  • One of the best golf shoes for all-terrain golf footwear.
  • Its Laser Sports Fit has a full rounded toe feature for a more comfortable fit.
  • I love the airy feel of the Flex Coastal golf shoe,’ says a satisfied golfer.
  • The new design resembles a sneaker or a gym shoe.
  • Only three color variations are available.
  • It is not waterproof but may resist rainwater for a short time.

Who should use this product?

During the summer months, active golfers should wear the Footjoy Flex Coastal golf shoes. If you want your feet to have stability and support in all-terrain but dry settings, the Flex Coastal is a must.

6. PUMA GOLF Women Ignite NXT Solelace Golf Shoe    

PUMA GOLF Women Ignite NXT Solelace Golf Shoe

PUMA has taken its golf shoe design to the next level when introducing the Ignite NXT Solelace Golf Shoe. The NXT level becomes PUMA’s innovative designs that give wearers the most comfortable yet, more affordable option in footwear. The Solelace Ignite NXT comes in four color combinations every lady golfer will appreciate.

The Ignite NXT Solelace introduces a new lacing system providing the optimum stability, comfort, and soft feel. The design of Solelace is not traditional and differs from old-style Pumas. So, you can expect a new level of golf next time you play 18 holes.

Key Features

  • It has organic traction with a great ground response.
  • The shoe is spike-less but grips the ground better.
  • The Ignite Foam cushions are like fleece.
  • I love the Solelace concept, especially its organic traction’. A lady golfer quips.
  • I felt the zero “float” during my swings’, a woman player commented.
  • The shoe will provide you with better control of your footwork.
  • The lightweight fabric provides better breathability.
  • Only limited color combinations are available.
  • Not recommendable in heavy rain.

Who should use this product?

The NXT Solelace Ignite golf shoe by Puma is ideal for lady golfers during the summer months. The shoe performs better in a typically dry environment. So, you should wear Solelace if you plan to play for the whole summer months.

7. Adidas Men ZG21 Motion Primegreen Golf Shoes  

Adidas Men ZG21 Motion Primegreen Golf Shoes

The ZG21 golf shoe series is a lineup of the Zero Gravity footwear series newly launched by Adidas: The Adidas Men ZG21 Motion Primegreen Golf Shoe is one of themThe ZG21 connotesa new type of lightweight golf footgear with spiked performance.

The Adidas Motion Primegreen golf shoes have six spikes, which are easy to clean and remove if needed. The lightweight shoes have a lace closure with a synthetic outsole for keeping your feet feeling fresh all day. 

Key Features

  • It has six spikes for better traction.
  • The engineered mesh upper provides better breathability.
  • Waterproof.
  • The ZG21 Motion Primegreen is cheaper than the Motion BOA version.
  • The cleats (spikes) are soft, removable, or replaceable when worn out.
  • You can wear the shoe everywhere, even with spikes, because of the soft cleats’. A buyer reiterates.
  • The light colors get easily dirty in muddy terrain.
  • The shoe has limited color options.
  • The waterproof feature may only last less than two years after multiple washes.

Who should use this product?

The Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen golf shoe is for active men fond of playing on a course with rugged terrain. The shoes are better worn even in a fairway with tall grasses. 

How To Choose Golf Shoes Under $100

How To Choose Golf Shoes Under $100

A hundred dollars is not cheap, especially for golfers who treasure every penny they earned. But at this amount, you can have one of the best golf shoes you can wear while playing your favorite pastime. Here are some factors you should consider before buying a golf shoe.

With spike or no spike?

The golf shoes we tried and tested are some of the best in the market. They are a combination of cleated or spiked [1] and spike-less golf shoes. Each type gives you a choice if you prefer the one over the other. Golf shoes with spikes provide traction when you swing and walk on the course.

Spike-less golf shoes are now becoming more popular these days. It offers versatility on and off-courses. You can wear the shoe from your car directly into the golf course, the clubhouse, and back home. However, the spikes less shoe do not offer much traction on the golf course. 

Is it waterproof or water-resistant?

You may want to play golf even if it is light rain or caught by a downpour. In these cases, you ought to have waterproof shoes. Even when playing early in the morning, the grass may still be wet during this time.

It is not comfortable playing golf while your feet soak in water. But most shoes are not as breathable as water-resistant footgear when they are waterproof. Many golfers prefer to have more than a pair of shoes for summer and winter games. 

Lightweight shoes are usually water-resistant but not waterproof. But they are more comfortable to wear during summer to keep the feet fresh and breathable. 

Picking the correct fit

Choosing a golf shoe that fits right is crucial in your games. Tighter shoes may build up blisters, especially when you play for more than three hours a day. If the shoes are loose, they can slide from your feet and distract your swing. 

Picking the right size of golf shoes is not elaborate, after all. If you know your size, golf shoe brands tell you when their shoes are true to size. Pick the one you think like fits you the most.


Impressively, present-day golf shoes are becoming more innovative. Their modern designs are more stylish and functional. If you prefer both, you can find these shoes at just a fraction of the price of well-known brands.

 You can buy a golf shoe that is not only wearable inside the golf course. You may also wear shoes outside of the green. So, if you are looking for these types of shoes, pick the one that will serve you well. 

Does it fit your budget?

Some of the best golf shoes in the market sell for less than $100, like the products we tested. These shoes will surely fit your budget, especially if you are belt-tightening and targeting to buy other golf equipment.

Laces or no lace system 

Some modern golf shoes come with a Boa fit system, while others have a lace closure. The most common and least expensive are usually the ones with laces. The BOA fastening system is a unique design integrating a guide, dial, and lace configuration. However, golf shoes with a Boa fastening system are more expensive.

The most practical way to wear golf shoes is shoelaces or shoestrings. A simple bow tie knot secures your fit into the shoes. 


1. Do pros wear spike-less golf shoes?

Yes, there are pro golfers who prefer to wear spike-less golf shoes. However, the majority of them like to don golf shoes with spikes. Many professional Tour golfers wear golf shoes with metal spikes (cleats). They do this because they swing the golf clubs [3] faster than ordinary players. 
Some well-known PGA Tour golfers who always wear spike-less golf shoes are Daniel Berger; Louis Oosthuizen, Lee Westwood, Justin Rose, Tyrell Hatton, and Adam Scott. 

2. Do golf shoes make a difference?

Yes, golf shoes make a lot of difference inside the golf course! The shoes allow for stability and balance when you swing and walk around the course for several hours. They protect you from undulating terrain and rough slopes that make your feet ache without cushioning.
Modern golf shoes also have built-in stabilizers on the side of the arches. The stabilizers help your feet avoid sliding or shifting during swings.

3. What makes a good golf shoe?

A great pair of golf shoes is crucial to allow you to play and enjoy your game on the golf course. Golf is a game where your body needs to adapt to the surroundings, especially the ground where you stand. In this regard, an athletic-type golf shoe is one of the most comfortable shoe styles in any outdoor condition.
Athletic golf shoes are flexible, lightweight, and breathable. 

4. Is it better for golf shoes to be tight or loose?

A shoe that is too tight could ruin your day playing golf. The tightness could rub your feet which can cause blisters. Too loose a shoe may lose your stability, especially when swinging the golf club. It is better to pick a shoe where the wide part of your foot has a comfortable fit.

5. What kind of shoes does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger Woods turned pro in 1996. It was the year he signed up with Nike golf shoes to wear the brand’s iconic apparel and shoes.However, when he returned to golf early in 2022 for the Masters, he was seen wearing Footjoy golf shoes. 

6. Can I wear sneakers to golf?

There is no rule regarding wearing shoes and any other footwear when playing a tournament. You can even play barefoot, as the USGA allows this. So yes, you can wear any type of shoe inside the golf course, even sneakers!

7. What are the top brands that sell the best golf shoes?

We considered Callaway, Puma, Adidas, and Footjoy as some of the best brands selling golf shoes today. These brands offer affordable prices without sacrificing quality. 
We also find Skechers golf shoes as one of the contenders with unprecedented qualities. New player THESTRON golf shoes are also one of the best options.


One of the cheapest golf shoes on our list is the THESTRON Men Golf Shoes Mesh. This sneaker-like footwear comes with seven spikes on each shoe, unlike other shoes that come with only six spikes on each shoe. The shoe is waterproof with a simple and classic style, ideal for any weather.

But our overall pick for the best golf shoes under $100 is the Callaway Men Solana SL Golf ShoeWe are impressed with Solana’s Opti-Dri technology in the uppers. 

Its provision against moisture keeps our feet dry, even when playing the whole day. We also felt with comfortability Callaway’s signature Opti-Vent mesh liner. Our feet breathe, indeed! Although the shoe is spike-less, we do not have trouble doing our usual swing speed.

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