6 Best Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediates – 2022 Guide

Have you ever wondered why men & women who are starting in golf should have the best golf clubs in the beginning? Beginners do not know the proper equipment they should use. Intermediate players, on the other hand, surely need improvement!

We took some time using and testing some of the outstanding golf clubs the industry offer nowadays. What we found out will give you more ideas of the best golf clubs for beginners to intermediates.

However, you have all the freedom to choose the best one for you.

Our Top Picks: Best Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediates

Best overall: Strata Men Complete Golf Club Set

Best value for money for beginners & intermediates: Precise M5 Men Complete Golf Clubs Package Set    

Best beginner golf clubs: WILSON Men Complete Golf Club Package Sets – Ultra, Ultra Plus, and Deep Red Tour

Best golf set for intermediates: RBZ Speedlite Complete 13-Piece Set by TaylorMade

Best for women beginners and intermediates: Callaway Women Strata Tour Complete Golf Set   

Best for game improvement: WILSON Men Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Package Set

6 Best Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediates – Top Reviews of 2022

1. Strata Men Complete Golf Club Set

Beginner golfers, especially men, will appreciate first owning the Strata Men Complete Golf Club Set by CallawayIt is one of the most recognizable club sets at an affordable price. The set includes a driver, 3-wood, the 4 & 5 hybrids, 6 to 9 irons, PW & SW, a putter, a stand bag, and four head covers.

Key Features

  • The 3-wood is very forgiving.
  • The putter has precise face milling for better accuracy.
  • I love the stand bag! It makes walking so much easier! a satisfied beginner said.
  • The irons & wedges deliver a high launch angle for range.
  • The full titanium driver has a sizeable sweet spot.
  • A man from the U. K. said he ordered a set for him. What arrives is a female golf club set!

What are the inclusions? 

You can seldom buy a complete set with hybrids. TheStrata Complete Golf Club Set includes the 4 & 5 Hybrids: which are better alternatives for long irons. Beginners and intermediate players can play with more confidence.

Who should use this product? 

Beginners should own this complete set. It is the best time you should not spend more while learning. It is more affordable than other branded golf club sets. 

2. WILSON Men Complete Golf Club Package Sets – Ultra, Ultra Plus, Deep Red Tour

The WILSON Complete Golf Club Package Sets are not only for beginner and intermediate players: the clubs suit any golfer. The golf clubs have a super game improvement design perfect for beginners and more advantageous for transitioning players.

Key Features

  • The titanium matrix driver has a 460cc volume.
  • The irons are cavity-back.
  • I am glad left-hand sets are available. I am left-handed!’ commented a buyer.
  • The irons’ have large sweet spots that improve your performance on off-center hits.
  • Its putter has a soft paddle grip, improving aim and distance.
  • There is no SW.

What are the inclusions? 

The WILSON Ultra plus comes with ten clubs. The set includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6 to 9 irons, a pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a putter. The package also has three head covers and a stand bag.

Who should use this product? 

Intermediate golfers wanting to upgrade or level up should use the WILSON Men Complete Golf Club Package Sets. The set will also enhance its performance because its technology is at par with known brands.

3. WILSON Men Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Package Set – Men and Senior 

Neophyte golfers will find the essential golf clubs in WILSON Men Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Package Set. The cost of this complete set of clubs may not be pocket-friendly for starters, but the contents are too important to ignore.

Key Features

  • The stainless steel irons have deep perimeter weight.
  • It has an SW with a wide sole with superior control.
  • The set has a durable but lightweight carry bag with several pockets.
  • I love the adjustable shoulder straps! a buyer exclaims.
  • The weighted putter has a soft alignment grip.
  • The set is not suited for men under 5’ 5” in height.

What are the inclusions? 

The WILSON Profile SGI (super game improvement) has a sand wedge with low weighting and a wide sole for improved shots and better control. The set includes a driver (460cc), a hybrid, a fairway wood, 6 to 9 irons, PW & SW, and a putter.

Who should use this product?  

Beginners, seniors, and intermediate players benefit the most from using this club set to maximize their performance in the fairway. The SGI irons of WILSON Profile help beginners get the ball into the air and land farther.

4. Precise M5 Men Complete Golf Clubs Package Set  

One of the most affordable golf club sets is the Precise M5 Men Package Set. It is not only a 13 or a 14-piece set but the more economical and functional 15-piece clubs with accessories. The irons (5 to 9 irons) are cavity-back with more forgiving features, perfect for beginners and intermediates.

Key Features

  • The putter has a better aiming mechanism.
  • The shafts are an inch longer than standards.
  • The set includes a titanium driver (460cc), S. S. Fairway, S. S. Hybrid, S. S. 5-PW irons, a putter, and a stand bag.
  • I am 6’ 5”: the shafts are just enough for me. A tall guy wrote.
  • The oversized club heads provide maximum forgiveness.
  • The clubs are too long for average-height men, but they can customize the shaft lengths.

What are the inclusions? 

Aside from the titanium driver, #3 fairway wood, 21-hybrid (equal to a 3-iron), and 5 to 9 irons, the Precise M5 also includes a PW stainless iron.

Who should use this product? 

Tall men aspiring to become tour professionals someday may consider the Precise M5 golf club set as their first equipment. The set is suitable for guys 6’ to 6’ 6” in height. The pocket-friendly price of this club set is more affordable to beginners and intermediate golfers.

5. Callaway Women Strata Tour Complete Golf Set  

Women starting to play golf will have one of the best training equipment at their disposal; If they own a Callaway Strata Tour Golf Set. The 16-piece golf club set comes in a right-hand orientation and weighs just 16 pounds.

Key Features

  • The driver (460cc) has a titanium head with a graphite shaft.
  • The shafts are graphite, perfect for beginners.
  • For starters, getting range off the tee is quick learning.
  • It has everything you need for all-around performance, attested a pleased buyer.
  • It is more economical buying a complete set from a respected brand than buying individually’, said a customer.
  • The settings do not have an offset hosel.
  • It is one of the priciest golf club sets on our lists. But it is a Callaway brand.

What are the inclusions? 

The complete set of Women Strata Tour includes a driver, 3-Wood, 4 & 5 hybrids, 6 to 9 irons, PW & SW, and a putter. It also has a stand bag and four head covers. The putter is mallet-like instead of a blade type. 

Who should use this product? 

Lady beginner and intermediate players should use this complete golf club set if they can afford it. Even advanced golfers will have precision control from the irons. The 6 to 9 irons have the ideal lofts that novice and intermediate women golfers should have.

6. RBZ Speedlite Complete 13-Piece Set by TaylorMade

The RBZ Speedlite golf club set is a TaylorMade brand tailor-made for game improvement plays. Beginners and intermediate players could enjoy the senior and regular flexes with surprisingly more forgiving irons. We can surmise that the RBZ is one of the best golf sets for intermediates.

Key Features

  • The set has rescue woods (#4 & #5) for superior turf interplay.
  • The irons have cavity-back designs with low CG.
  • The putter has numerous alignment emblems.
  • The fairway woods have the CG low in the club head for maximum launch.
  • The wedges (PW & SW) have high-volume grooves for better spin & control.
  • It upped my game two-fold since I used the RBZ Speedlite!’ a user comments.
  • It has no free head covers.
  • The high price range may intimidate beginners.

What are the inclusions? 

The RBZ 13-piece set include a titanium driver (460cc); #3 & #5 fairway woods, #4 & #5 rescue woods, 6 to 9 irons, PW & SW, a putter, and a stand bag. The driver has a loft of 10.5 degrees with the SpeedPocket technology. It is a feature that aids the face flex in promoting ball speed.

Who should use this product?

Beginners and intermediates should use the Speedlite Golf Set if they want a better launch angle using all woods. They can also improve their plays because all the irons have lots of forgiveness, which they need in many instances. Even the driver helps you in upping your swing speed. 

What To Look Out For In A Set of Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediates?

1. Budget

We think that this is the first thing you should consider when starting the game: your budget. Although passionate beginners seldom quit, a dirt cheap starter set (a complete set) may not be recommendable.

A more satisfactory first-level golf club set may cost you within the $200-$400 price range. The cost may rise to $1000 as the number and quality of clubs increase.

2. Size

Size does matter for beginner and intermediate players: You can use the standard sizes recommended by experts for irons, woods, wedges, and putters. Here are the sizes of golf clubs recommended by the USGA.

3. Balanced Set Composition

In any golf game or tournament, you are allowed to carry up to 14 clubs. So, you will be more plausible in carrying the clubs specific to your needs. For example, if you bring too many long irons, there will be no room for putters or wedges.

Here are our recommended types of golf clubs that you could carry in your bag:

  • A driver
  • 3-wood
  • 5-wood
  • 4-hybrid (or the 21-hybrid)
  • 5-iron or 5- hybrid
  • 6 to 9 irons
  • A PW
  • An LW
  • An AW
  • An SW
  • A putter.

4. Gapping Distance

Adequate gapping among your golf clubs assures you will not be stuck when picking the appropriate club for a shot. A typically acceptable gapping for beginner and amateur players is to aim around 10-20 yards, spread between all clubs.

5. Loft

The loft also has something to do with good gapping. The golf club loft has a big impact on distance and launches angle. Beginner and intermediate players should cling to lower lofted long irons, drivers, and fairway woods to up their performance.

6. Shaft

First and foremost, pick the club-appropriate shaft length according to your height. The club shaft is like a loft: that could dictate your swing speed. Beginners and intermediates should use lighter and more flexible shafts. It is because of their low swing speed.

7. Forgiveness

Beginner and intermediate players should look for clubs with a large sweet spot for better forgiveness: The more forgiveness a club has, the better it is for off-center or miss-hits.

8. Distance

The clubs that affect distance are the fairway woods, mid and long iron, hybrids, and drivers. But in maximizing the distance, you need to have hastened ball speed. To achieve this, you need better consistency. Pick a more forgiving club to enhance ball momentum that will increase your yardage, even on off-center hits.

9. The heaviness of the Golf Clubs

Golf club weight also has something to do with your distance. The general-principle states that: the greater the weight, the longer distance you will have. This rule of thumb is more likely true most of the time.

The ideal driver head weight for beginners and intermediate players is 200 grams. For golf irons: the most decent head weight should be between 270 and 293 grams. Weight between 203 and 205 grams is better for fairway woods, while you can choose around 340-350 grams for your putter.

How To Choose Good Golf Clubs For Beginners To Intermediate

Beginner and intermediate golfers should look for the following to end up with good golf clubs:

  • A combination of feel
  • Golf clubs with lots of forgiveness
  • Better workability

However, not all clubs will suit this category for any player. But more brands appeal to beginner and intermediate players.


1. What is a good set of golf clubs for intermediate?

The TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Complete set is one of the most recommendable golf club sets for intermediates. The set offers clubs with lots of forgiveness and versatility that conform to the needs of intermediate players.

2. What are the best irons for an intermediate golfer?

We highly recommend the WILSON Profile SGI 6 to 9 irons. Intermediate golfers will have better equipment when they use the super game improvement irons of WILSON Profile.

3. What are the best golf clubs for beginners?

Beginners could ask their golfing friends doing well on the course what golf clubs they used as a starter set. You can experiment in an individual club to find the right sticks for you.

We recommend the WILSON Men Complete Golf Club Ultra Package Sets as one of the best starter sets for beginners.

4. How much should a beginner spend on golf clubs?

Nowadays, technology matters when it comes to golf equipment. It is more advisable that beginners spend anywhere from $350 to $1,000 on a set of golf clubs. The more you spend, the better the technology you will get that can transform you into a great golfer.

5. How much do you expect a set of intermediate golf clubs cost?

We could give you a rough estimate on how much a good intermediate golf club set may cost: It may go between $200 and $400. On this amount, you could get one or two wedges, three kinds of wood (including hybrids), four to six irons, and a putter. Most expensive sets (above $400) may have a pitching wedge or a sand wedge (or both) and other high-quality clubs.

A complete golf club set comes with a stand or a carry bag with three to four head covers.

6. What is the easiest golf club to hit?

One of the easiest golf clubs to hit is the 7-iron. The 6- and 8-iron come next. They are considered mid-iron golf clubs, which deliver high launch angles.

7. Who is considered an intermediate golfer?

Intermediate golfers (male or female) usually break 100 effortlessly. They can even break 90 regularly. Moreover, intermediate players score 95-115 on 18-holes and maintain a handicap index of 35 or better.


Deciding to buy a golf club set boils down to your budget; veteran golfers will tell you to consider buying a complete set than purchasing an individual club. It will save you a lot but will not deprive you of developing your skills.

One of the cheapest sets is the Precise M5 Complete Golf Clubs SetWe highly recommend this package for budget-conscious beginners and intermediates. Every club is engineered for ease of use, and comfortable for beginners. Each club has a construction to enhance the experience of intermediate players.

Our overall pick is the Callaway Strata Men Complete Club Set as the best golf club for beginners to intermediates. The model comes in three options (12-piece, 14-piece, and 16-piece) so you can choose the best one for you.

The Strata adopts some of the best technology to give novice and leveling-up golfers a better chance of improving their games.

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