How To Travel With Golf Clubs?

R&A and Sports Marketing Survey shows there are 66.6 million golf players worldwide. So, what makes golf the best sport in the world? Well, most people choose this sport because it offers them and their families an excellent package. Apart from that, one can get high earnings too. So, what matters the most in the golf game is its Golf Club. The better and smooth the grip, the higher the chances of winning the game. Since these golf players have to travel too, choosing the most convenient golf club will help. A lighter golf club with a soft, lightweight travel bag will work best while traveling.

The below study aims to guide you on “How to travel with Golf Clubs”? What trips can you use while carrying them for more convenience?

Can I Take My Golf Clubs On A Plane?

Can I Take My Golf Clubs On A Plane

To answer it straight, yes, you can. The airplanes can easily carry your Golf Clubs or their bags like any other luggage bag. Most airlines allow you to bring them at no cost. But that may not always be the case. For example, some airlines may charge you unless their weight is below 50 pounds, considering their carry-on luggage. That is the standard maximum weight limit allowed by all airlines. And for most Golf Bags, that is the most weight limit threshold they mostly have.

An essential factor is that the airlines do not allow carrying a single golf club inside the plane. The governments mainly do not allow that to happen. They claim it may be a weapon for you or become one for anyone else. Therefore, keep this weight limit allowance in your mind before you bring them along on airplanes.

How Much Does It Cost To Fly With Golf Clubs?

Well, there cannot be any exact amount to answer that. The cost or fee varies from airline to airline and the weight of your Golf bag. A golf Bag usually has 12-14 sticks, with other small accessories. This all together can easily weigh more than 50 pounds. As most airlines generally charge in this case of weight limit exceeding. Therefore, you will be liable to pay for the Golf Bags to carry them along.

To answer how much it costs precisely, they usually cost a lot. A rough survey shows that, generally, most airlines charge between 50$-150$ in total. Therefore you may consider the option of ground shipping them can be an excellent alternative option. But all that you need to plan to avoid bee charged this high at the airport. So, this may even help in saving your total travel cost as well.

How To Travel With Golf Clubs?

How To Travel With Golf Clubs

There are a lot of factors that can help you in traveling with Golf Clubs. Traveling by air, sea, or land can be an essential matter of discussion while traveling with these bags.

Continue reading below to familiarize yourself with some general things to consider while traveling.

Make Sure You Need Them

This has to be your top thought before traveling whether there is a need for them. Well, if you aim to try out some new exotic golf course. Then, in that case, you must bring them along with a driver and a putter. Otherwise, most courses, resorts, or golf academies offer them for free or on a rental basis.

Be Aware Of The Airline’s Policies And Fees

Every airline has different policies or fixed fee structures for carrying a golf bag. Therefore, you must check them in detail before getting on board with a bag. Although, you may not find this specific golf baggage detail on the airline’s website or dedicated webpage. However, you may always discuss it with their representative online or through customer care before proceeding further.

Get ID Tags For Your Club

Sadly when baggage gets lost, it is mostly the airline’s mistake and responsibility to claim it. However, this issue sometimes becomes a severe argument, and most passengers eventually lose it. Therefore to avoid it altogether, it’s best to get them individual ID tags. That way, if baggage is misplaced or transported to the wrong flight, the airline can quickly recover through the details.

Use A Hard-Shell Case And Pack Them Tight

The golf bags usually have two types of shell cases, the soft and the hard. The soft shells are primarily light-weighted and easy to carry. They don’t get punctured or torn easily; however, the clubs inside are still at risk due to bumps. The Hard-shells on the other hand can flatten down under pressure.

Tips For Traveling With Your Golf Clubs

Tips For Traveling With Your Golf Clubs

Avoid Layovers If You Can

As mentioned before, airlines are the ones to blame for your lost baggage. This happens when you frequently change flights between your final destinations. Either it’s a genuine needful reason or just a layover; try to avoid it either way. It will reduce your chances of luggage being stolen or misplaced by the airlines.

Consider Using a Tracking Device

Apart from just putting an ID tag with your full details on it, you can even put a tracking device on your Golf Luggage. This can help you to locate it much faster and wherever they are unless they are not on a baggage claim. These trackers even help in case of stolen, misplaced, or wrongly picked up by someone.

Leave the Important Swag At Home

While traveling, regardless of any reason, it’s best to leave your Swag at home. However, sometimes you may bring your valuable items or even a Gold Club baggage in Swag. You should be aware of this fact in case you lose it. You may get to buy a new one, but things that have sentimental value are not replaceable.

Shipping Is an Option

Shipping your Golf Clubs instead of carrying them along every time can be an excellent option. If fact, we recommend that in case you are not planning any layovers or stops in between your flight. Even though shipping may seem risky, that can be helpful in a direct flight.

Thoughtfully Pack Your Golf Travel Bag

You should be fully prepared before flying with these Golf Club bags. Buying one and carrying a nice-looking golf bag might be the easiest thing to do. But first, you must read the safety and instruction manuals thoroughly. This can help you become more expert in packing them more precisely and in a manageable way.

Book a Nonstop Flight

Booking a nonstop flight can be best when traveling with your Gold Bag. This way, you will have no stops or layovers in between. In addition, the airlines will efficiently manage the baggage without switching between flights.

Get a Durable Travel Bag

A durable travel bag can help you reach your destination safely with golf bags. As mentioned before, use a hard-shell bag as the first option. These bags are strong and can keep your baggage safer and more secure. However, they are heavy and may put pressure on the sticks inside. This may further cause the sticks to break, but that rarely happens.


1. How Do You Pack Golf Clubs, So They Don’t Break?

The best way to pack your clubs is by detaching their heads. This will minimize their chances of breaking or bending, especially while traveling. It is very easy to detach them, so you can easily do that. Once removed, place them in a towel or safe cloth before putting them into the bag.

2. How Much Does A Set Of Golf Clubs Weigh?

Many studies claim that a professional golf club weighs around 0.73 pounds. Collectively the whole golf bag set weighs around 30 pounds or 13.6 kilos. This total weight is for the full 14 full clubs tucked inside an average-sized bag.

3. How Much Does To Take Golf Clubs On Ryanair?

Ryanair checks sports equipment, including golf clubs, in addition to your other baggage. The charge for booking them online is around 30 euros or the same amount in dollars.

4. Can You Board A Plane With A Golf Club?

No, all airlines do not allow carrying a golf club on an airplane. It’s because anyone can use these golf clubs as a harmful weapon and can disrupt the flight procedure. So, no airline allows carrying them due to the safety concerns of other passengers.

5. How Much Does It Cost To Check Golf Clubs On A Plane?

This varies from airline to airline; therefore, no one can quote the exact amount. However, generally, it usually amounts to between 50$ and 150$, which again depends on the total bags and weight.

6. Do Golf Bags Fly Free?

Most airlines treat your golf club as any other checked luggage. However, if it exceeds the total amount of 50 pounds weight limit, some airlines may charge you extra. It would be best to keep them properly tucked and well stored.

7. Do You Need A Special Bag To Fly With Golf Clubs?

There is no need for any special bag for golf clubs while traveling by air. But for that, you must keep them well packed, so they are safe. Moreover, the clubs should not look harmful to other passengers or their luggage for the airline to take necessary action.


The purpose of the above study was to inform you of the tips and tricks of traveling with golf clubs by air. Every airline has standard procedures that are mainly identical but vary in some way. Therefore, before traveling with golf clubs, you must discuss it with them. We hope the above study must have helped if you were planning to travel with a golf club.

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