How to Clean Golf Gloves the Right Way – Most Useful Instructions

You will never come across a pair of golf gloves that never get dirty. Golf gloves are soft and lightweight to wear. So the leather is prone is getting damp with sweat and dusty with use. So to reverse the general wear and tear of gloves, cleaning them is necessary.

If you think that just by swinging the club, the gloves are hardly ever going to get dirty. Then you’re in for a treat because that is not always so. Even if you store the gloves in the trunk of your car for most of the week, you will need to keep them clean.

This article talks about the simplest way to do so. This method will breakdown dirt impurities easily. It eliminates odor, dampness, and discoloration too. All you need to do is wash the gloves to prolong its shelf life. So let’s get started.

How to Clean Golf Gloves the Right Way

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How do you clean your gloves?

You can stay rest assured that your golf gloves will become clean after this. All you need is some water, detergent or mild soap, and a bucket. And some area where you can dry your gloves over a sink or right to a fan.

Just follow these steps and be amazed at the results!

Step One

If there is any noticeable debris or dust on the gloves, dust them off. You can do this simply with a dry cloth or a tiny brush.

Step Two

Fill a bucket with water (either cold or lukewarm). Add 1-2 tablespoons of mild detergent. The kind of detergent you use for washing your delicates. In case you don’t have detergent, you can use liquid soap.

Lots of people also use fabric softener is the leather is too stiff or worn out. But only use one tablespoon of fabric softener as it is a strong chemical.

Step Three

Soak your dirty golf gloves in the bucket for up to 30 minutes.

Step Four

After soaking, gently scrub and wipe the gloves from inside the bucket itself. So do not use any plastic brush. Since the gloves have been soaking in detergent water. The impurities will come off easily without too much force.

Step Five

To dry the gloves properly, squeeze out of the water and hang them to dry. Do not throw the gloves in a dryer as that will deteriorate its quality. You can hang dry golf gloves in front of a fan or near an open window.

Golf gloves take about 12 to 24 hours to dry completely. Do not wear slightly damp gloves as that will further ruin the color and quality. Damp golf gloves attract even more dust and odor. So make sure the gloves are completely dry before you use them.

How to Clean Golf Gloves After Use

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If you don’t have the time to follow the above-mentioned steps. There is a way to keep the gloves clean after every use. So that you don’t have to soak the gloves altogether. Follow these steps regularly whenever you take them out to use them.

Turn your gloves inside out. Use a slightly damp towel soaked in detergent water. Wipe down the inside of the gloves to remove debris, grass, and sand. Make sure the damp is not dripping wet.

Once the inside is clean, turn it back again. And wipe the outside part with the same towel. If one side of the towel is dirty from cleaning inside. You can fold the towel in half and use the clean side.

This should clean both the inside and outside of the gloves thoroughly. If the gloves have become a bit wet from wiping, allow them to air dry for 60 minutes or so. Then you can place it back in your bag or whenever you store the gloves.

Do You Need New Golf Gloves?

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Leather golf gloves are trickier to clean. Sometimes, you can clean them at all because they look and feel too worn out. In such a case, replacing the leather is the only way to go.

Leather gloves absorb all of your hand’s perspiration. So with time and moisture, they tend to become too stiff and smelly. No amount of mild soap or scrubbing will make them better again.

One important sign of complete deterioration (beyond repair!) are holes in the fabric. If you see small holes in your leather gloves, get rid of them right away. This means the leather is cracking due to moisture and sun exposure.

You don’t want a stiff golf glove ruining your game. Especially if you have sweaty hands or are playing golf for a long time.

Wearing and removing gloves also determine its quality. If you don’t know how to put on a glove and how to take it off. There is a chance that it will lose its shape sooner.

Make sure you wear your glove by placing each finger one-by-one. Do not put the glove on altogether by aimlessly wriggling your fingers in. Gently stretch your fingers inside the glove to understand its fit.

And while taking the gloves off, unfasten the hook first. Take each finger out leaving your thumb for last. You can gently pull the ends of the glove fingers to loosen the grip. Then slowly slide your hands out without overstretching the fabric.

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