7 Types of Golf Shots That Are the Most Common

You don’t want to be clueless about the types of golf shots you take. Because, most likely, you will lose confidence and lose your round if you do. In this article, we’re talking about all the essential types of golf shots you must learn.

Getting to know the names of these golf shots isn’t going to make you a pro. But knowing them will give you the break you need while playing a round.

So if this sounds tempting to you, let’s look at the types of golf shots that every golfer must know…

Essential Types of Golf Shots You Should Know


Most golf shots are divided into these categories. A long game and a short game. Long game golf shots refer to shots outside of a hundred yards. If you’re good at long game shots, you focus on distance and accuracy.

On the flip side, a short game golf shot refers to shots inside 100 yards. This is when you will require control and precision in your game. Lots of golfers use wedges to master their short game round.

1. Drive


The very basic golf shot is the drive. The long term for this is hitting a “driver off the tee.” Under the category of a Long Game shot. It is characterized by you hitting from the teeing ground. So when you begin your round, the first shot you take on a hole, that’s your drive.

Helpful tips for improving driving distance, for beginners and pros, can improve this golf shot.

2. Pitch


Pitch is a Short Game shot. This is when you make full use of a high-lofted club to aim for a steep and high shot. However, when the ball lands, it lands softly on the ground. To make it so, you use a pitching wedge if you’re a beginner. By the time you reach pro-level performance, using a pitching wedge is optional.

3. Stock Shot

Most golfers need this golf shot in their arsenal. A stock shot ensures you still have a chance. It enhances swing and takes control of a sticky situation.

So what does a stick situation mean? It’s when you think your golf scores could be better. And when you’re not playing at your best capabilities. Everybody has that. And in times like it, a stock shot is of big help!

A stock shot is when you hit toward the left side of the golf course. Tee the golf ball one-fourth inches lower and take the ball a little back from your stance. Here is where you’ll be able to hit a low, flighted face angle without messing it up.

4. Bunker Shots


A bunker shot is a shot game golf shot. As the name suggests, this is the shot you take when you’re stuck on the sand. So in order to get out of it, you have to execute a greenside bunker shot. Every golfer has to deal with this kind of shot. It’s not negotiable. So here’s how to do it.

With the help of a high-lofted golf club, you can generate a good bounce to get you off the sand bunker. So the ball shots straight up and curves and falls right on the green.

This might look easy but a bunker shot is actually one of the trickiest to execute. During impact, the club hits the sand which hits the ball. And it’s actually the sand that lifts and pushes the ball up.

Fairway bunker shots are taken when the ball is a fair distance away from the greens. While in a greenside bunker shot, since the ball is closer, a sand wedge is essential. You may not need to use a sand wedge when aiming for a fairway bunker shot. It’s important to keep that in mind.

5. Pitch and Run

A pitch and run shot is a distance-driven golf shot. The ball is up in the air for a shorter range. Only so that once it hits the green, it rolls farther along toward the hole. So you gain a good distance in a pitch and run.

The ideal time to play this shot is when it’s windy. And it helps when there’s less friction on the green. That means when the ground is relatively solid. Soft greens will restrict this kind of distance even if you’re a pro at this kind of a golf shot.

6. Knockdown


This is a strategic shot taken by most golfers when they want to quicken things up. A knockdown is when you restrict the ball flight but still gain distance. In simpler terms, it’s when you hit the ball low but hit it farther.

If there’s a low-hanging tree in your way, this shot is most likely to save your back. But lots of golfers also take this kind of shot during extremely windy conditions. Since the ball is closer to the ground, it’s less likely to slow down because of the strong winds.

This brings me to yet another most important type of golf shot…

7. Blind Shot


A blind shot is the opposite of a knockdown. It’s when you hit higher without setting a target in mind. So, as the name suggests, it’s a blind shot. You can aim for the ball to go over a tree. If you can see the target from over a tree, it’s best to take a blind shot right away.

A good tip to improve your blind shots is to place a stick (vertically) in the ground. This will give help you navigate where your golf ball is headed. And how you can adjust your stance and swing to reach the visible target.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to improve your golf game and lower your score. It’s because of golf shots like these that you’ll be able to. To practice your golf shots beforehand and not when you’re in a driving range is very important. And how to make the most of your skills as a golfer.

Even if you hit a hundred golf balls and call that “practice.” That, too, is a total waste of time. Don’t expect to gain any mastery over your swing, speed, and distance out of it. What you need, however, is to master various golf techniques.

The perfect way to boost your practice sessions is by learning new types of golf shots. It’s the only way to reach your ideal potential. And get more consistent at golf which is such a challenging sport for so many newcomers. These incredibly easy and simple golf shots will show you the way!


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