Oversize Golf Grips Pros and Cons – The Most Useful Advantages

Do you know what is the most crucial aspect of the game of golf? If you’re thinking grip, then you’ve hit the nail right on the head. How you hold your precious golf club affects almost every single thing that occurs during your swing movement. No doubt, the grip is more important than stance, posture, and alignment. That said, what are the oversize golf grips pros and cons?

Let me make this very clear before I dive deeper into the topic at hand. That golf fundamentals like grip are open to more than just one way of doing it right. Likewise, there are plenty of ways for doing it wrong as well.

That said, let’s talk about the benefits of using an oversize grip in golf.

Oversize Golf Grips Pros and Cons – Advantages of Using An Oversize Grip In Golf


Did you know that the greater part of players uses standard grips on golf clubs? Even so, there are many who prefer playing with grips that are larger than the regular size.

These oversize grips, by the way, are no recent innovations in golf. They have existed for a good many years. However, it’s the more present-day ones that are larger in size. In comparison to the older grips.

As for the USGA rules regarding grip size, they allow a diameter of 1.75 inches. That means twice the size of normal grips. Most golfers don’t care for such oversize grips. But then there are a few that benefit a great deal…

#1 Oversize Golf Grip Is Good for Arthritis

Why use oversize golf grips in the first place? These are extremely useful for golfers struggling with joint pain or arthritis. Even those with a weak grip prefer playing with the oversized version.

Let talk about the golf grip size effect here. A smaller diameter demands a greater amount of strength. For holding the club more securely during the swing movement. In that case, an oversize grip doesn’t require you to squeeze your club too hard. Therefore, providing pain relief if you have arthritis. This explains why the best golf grips for seniors are the oversized ones.

Also, the larger the grip, the higher the shock absorption. And that equals to minimal stress in case you have a weak grip or hands.

#2 Oversize Golf Grip Feels More Relaxed


It’s not only senior or arthritic golfers that struggle with pressure on the grip. With a smaller grip, you’re bound to hold the club very tightly. So much so that the forearm muscles tend to tense up quite a bit. And then you have nothing but your tight muscles to blame in case you fail to generate a relaxed, smooth putting stroke.

If you can relate to any of this, then turn your attention to the oversize golf grip. I won’t deny that most professional golfers don’t use oversize grips. But that doesn’t mean these large grips are no good. Especially when it comes to helping amateur players minimize grip pressure at the time of their full golf swing.

#3 Oversize Golf Grip Creates Straighter Shots

Are shot shape and trajectory directly related to the grip? YES! And here’s how…

Your grip size, when too small, is more prone to hooking the golf ball. If you cannot hold the standard grip properly. Then your chances of consistently hitting golf balls that either hook or slice are very likely. Simply because your golf club is positioned incorrectly. Or it’s moving during impact.

So, at such times, what helps the most to correct the error is using an oversize grip. No doubt, it gets rid of the problem. Merely by allowing you to enjoy a firmer, more secure grip on your golf club.

Moreover, oversize golf grips contribute drastically when it comes to straightening out your hits.

#4 Oversize Golf Grip Gives You Better Club Control

How you grip your club and how tight that grip determines the success of your every shot in golf. No two ways about that. So if you’re comfortable using an oversize or larger grip. Then you’re more likely to hit the golf ball squarely during impact.

An improvement in the grip also paves the way for extra distance and power on your shot.

Oversize Golf Grips Pros and Cons – Disadvantages of Using An Oversize Grip In Golf

Now it’s time for you to come face to face with the potential drawbacks of using an oversize grip. Luckily, there are only two. Meaning the pros outnumber the cons.

  • Oversize golf grips hinder the way you hold as well as release the golf club.
  • Oversize golf grips create directional problems.

Allow me to elaborate.

An oversize grip in golf can be either an asset or a hindrance. It all depends on the fit of the grip. One that’s larger than it should be creates a death grip. Meaning you feel like you’ve got to hold on to the club for your dear life. Or you could run the chances of your golf club flying down that fairway.

Also, it’s highly likely for all the additional girth of the grip to keep you and your hands form releasing the club. And that inevitably paves the way for a slice. Along the same lines, if you don’t release the club at the right time, you might be forcing the clubface closed. Therefore, a hook is unavoidable at such times.

Another very useful piece of information here is that putter grips seem like a better choice. Simply because they have huge variances already integrated into them.

A normal size grip, oftentimes, doesn’t fit. Because the ring finger tends to dig into the thumb pad. So the solution is making sure the grip offers a gap of 1/8 inches between the thumb pad and your ring finger. If you ask me, these are the ideal oversize golf grips for irons.

But keep in mind that oversize golf grips work for some players. While they don’t for the others. That’s only natural. So there’s nothing wrong about them if they don’t fit you. Or work in your favor.

Oversize Golf Grips Pros and Cons – Frequently Asked Questions


How Often to Change Golf Grips?

It is highly advisable to use grips that don’t look or feel worn out. That said, changing your grip once every 40 golf rounds is necessary. That should take around a year maybe. Or once per year is also a good option.

Do Professional Golfers Use Oversize Golf Grips?

If you think the answer is either a YES or NO. Then let me tell you that it’s not as straightforward as that. However, it’s not uncommon to see professionals not using oversize grips. And that’s mainly because they employ layers of tape that are placed strategically.

But you should also know that the tape strategy is the best way to replicate the most beneficial aspects of an oversize golf grip. Thus, minimizing its worse aspects. Such as the reduced feel.

Average golfers, on the other hand, don’t get or wish to use this kind of an option. Only those with a handicap very low go for it. And golfers who don’t mind testing or experimenting a little.


So that’s the deal with oversize grips. They’re very useful for players who struggle with grip pressure. Thus, being the perfect choice for those dealing with arthritic or joint pain. Oversize golf grips also help a great deal when it comes to correcting swing flaws.

As for the drawbacks, the larger size keeps you from holding and releasing the club. If it doesn’t fit properly. That means you’re welcoming slices and hooks into your game. An oversize grip, at such times, can also give rise to directional problems.

Nonetheless, the benefits outweigh the setbacks. So just make sure the golf grip fits you, minus any complaints. No matter its size!


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