Cost To Re-grip Golf Clubs: Step-by-Step Guide to Re-gripping A Golf Club

Over time, the grips on your golf clubs may loose and wear and become cracked. At this time, you need to re-grip the clubs. Re-gripping golf clubs’ cost varies. If you are an experienced golfer, you can do the re-gripping as DIY. If not, you can hire a professional golf club fitter. 

Nowadays, the cost to re-grip golf clubs varies from $35 to $190. The amount depends on who will do it and the type of grips you want. But how does the cost varies? We will explain more about this later.

How Much Does It Cost To Re-grip Golf Clubs?

How Much Does It Cost To Re-grip Golf Clubs

The cost to re-grip golf clubs will depend on to whom the repair will fall: if you want to DIY (do-it-yourself), the starting cost will be $35. You have to buy grips and a re-gripping kit. The re-gripping kit includes glue, tape, etc. 

Our estimate of $190 (more or less) includes re-gripping your 13 golf clubs (from the driver to wedges) and hiring a professional fitter. That is if you decide to hire one. The amount varies from your selection of grips (cheap or expensive grips) and the labor cost for a custom fitter. 

Some estimates go between $40 and $200 for the full set. But is re-gripping your clubs worth it? Find out later!

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Why Re-gripping Golf Clubs Necessary?

Over time, your golf club grips may suffer the harsh effect of wear & tear. When the grips are worn out you will have difficulty making shots because your hands will slip through the shaft. 

Also, re-gripping clubs help in aligning your hold to the club. Some grips have a contour showing you the spot to hold the club properly. Another reason re-gripping clubs is necessary is it boosts confidence knowing you have clubs that could serve you well. 

When Is Re-gripping Golf Clubs Needed?

It is time to make re-gripping when your palm slips through the old grips even when wearing a glove. Many grips start to feel too hard when they become old. This hardness will make your game miserable. To avoid these shenanigans during important plays; it is time to upgrade your grips;

How Often Should You Re-grip Your Golf Clubs?

The answer lies in how often you play and if you take good care of your clubs when they are in storage. But the strictest maintenance may not save your clubs from the effects of tear & wear. Weather conditions on the golf course, like rain, heat, or snow, are some catalysts in wearing out the grips.

However, many golfers abide by the standard of replacing or re-gripping their grips after every 40 rounds of play. But the rule of thumb suggests re-grip your clubs once a year. 

How to Re-grip Golf Clubs

How to Re-grip Golf Clubs

Here is what you will need and do if you decide to re-grip your golf club DIY.

What you need:

  • Solvent or adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided grip tape (2.5 inches in width)
  • New grips
  • Utility knife 
  • Small basin

If you like golf grip replacement kit (complete with tools), check out the HAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips (13-piece bundle)

Here is what you have to do:

Step 1: Removing old grip

Using your utility knife, remove the old grip, including the adhesive. You can start by making a clean cut on the old grip tape from the bottom up. Once you cut, peel off the old grip.

Step 2: Removing old grip tape

Once the old grip peels off, you can make another round of slits to cut the old grip tape. If you think the cut is enough to peel off the tape, start stripping it and remove the adhesive.

Step 3: Applying new grip tape

Once all the old grip tape and adhesive are removed and cleaned, it is time to install a new double-sided tape. 

Grab your tape and cut it with the same length as your new grip. Put the cut tape into the shaft with an overhang (about an inch). Ensure that the tape is fully attached to the stick: without bubbles or wrinkles.

Step 4: Bunching of new grip tape

After ensuring the tape covers the shaft, peel off its liner. It exposes the other sticky side of the band. Bunch up the overhanging tape to cover the hole on the shaft. It will protect the interior of the shaft from water, dirt, and oil.

Step 5: Applying solvent

Get your new grip. Pour solvent (about two teaspoons) inside the new grip while covering the hole on the other end with your finger. Shake the grip with both holes covered by your fingers to spread the solvent inside the new grip.

Step 6: Re-using excess solvent

Get your small basin, put the shaft with tape, and pour the excess solvent all over the tape. The basin will catch the remaining solvent.

Step 7: Sliding new grip in place

After the shaft with double-sided tape is lubricated with the excess solvent, you can slide the new grip on it. Apply a little bit of pressure in putting the new grip. Do it immediately before the solvent dries.  

Here is a video if you want step-by-step visuals on re-gripping golf clubs:  

How Long After Re-gripping Golf Clubs Can I Play?

We suggest you wait at least 24 hours before you use your clubs after re-gripping: Let the grips dry. However, if you have a crucial game within 12 hours, you can use a hair dryer to dry the grips quickly.

Where Should I go to Re-grip My Clubs? 

If you do not want DIY re-gripping your clubs, you can take them to a golf shop. We are sure they have re-gripping services. We advise you to go for a professional fitter if you are a beginner. The price might be higher than the DIY style, but the quality is assured.

A pro fitter has all the knowledge and expertise of re-gripping your clubs the way you want them to be. Besides, an expert club fitter knows the proper way of re-fitting clubs. 

Many amateur and beginner players have unique patterns on their grips, showing how they grip the golf club. A pro fitter will see these patterns and install the new grips like your old grips.

What Are the Best Golf Grips?

Aside from the HAMPKEY Traction-X Golf Grips, the other best golf grip (price and quality-wise) is Lamkin Crossline Standard Grip. Although the Lamkin grip comes individually, it is still affordable. 

Other best options are the SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip and the Golf Pride MCC PLUS4. The latter is a 13-piece golf grip bundle. The Golf Pride package has no double sided-tape or solvent: but we highly recommend this brand if you want to re-grip your clubs by DIY.

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1. Is it hard to re-grip golf clubs?

If you are going to do it yourself for the first time, re-gripping clubs might be difficult. But the job is a straightforward process. Once you become more familiar with the procedure, re-gripping golf clubs may take you just minutes.

2. Is it worth re-gripping your golf clubs?

Yes, it is. The sweat, oils, dirt, and other debris on your hands break down the rubber. The wearing out can also happen while the clubs are in storage over time. Tattered grips will not provide you the matching traction and firmness as freshly-installed grips.

3. Are irons worth Re-gripping?

If you like the irons and hit them very well, re-gripping them is worth it. Even if it is a cheaper set of irons, once they are re-gripped, the functions are the same as fresh grips.

4. Can I Re-grip My Own Golf Clubs?

Yes, you can. But for every action, the first time seems more difficult. But once you become more adept and master the art of re-gripping golf clubs, everything becomes peanuts!

5. How long does it take to Re-grip golf clubs?

Taking your clubs to a golf shop for re-gripping, you will have your clubs back in a day or two. Although a single club may take about 10 to 15 minutes of re-gripping, the shop has to attend to other customers.


Investing in new grips every year is a good ideaThe material ofgrips age and wear as time goes by. Natural elements such as heat, ozone, dirt, and oil from your hands contribute to the aging of grips. These elements cause the degradation of the grips over time. But as we golfers knew the rule of thumb: re-grip at least once a year, no matter what.

Re-gripping a golf club may take just a matter of minutes. You can also do it in the comfort of your home using household items. Our estimated cost to re-grip golf clubs is between $35 and $190; whether you do it yourself or hire a pro golf fitter (respectively). It is the current industry standard.

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