What Club Would Most Golfers Likely Hit From 100 Yards?

You might ask yourself, “How can most golfers hit their gap wedge within 100 yards, or what club would they use? The answer might not be as simple as it may seem, especially if you’re a beginner. There are a few factors that matter when deciding about the type of hit. The golfer’s skill level, terrain type, and wind condition all play a decisive role.

Before deciding which hit can be best within 100 yards? Consult a pro golfer.

What Golf Club Should I Use within 100 Yards?

The 9 Iron has a high-density head, making it a versatile option against short iron clubs. You can easily count on them to hit a ball at short distances. In addition, they are very helpful in bringing the ball closest to the flag. These clubs can even help easily in scoring pars or birdies throughout your golf career.

The pitching wedge can be better when hitting a 100-yard from the greens. We have seen that the pitching wedge shots can travel as far as the 9-Iron club if executed properly. However, they might travel in a different at a different direction. This problem usually arises when an amateur golfer does not use the right technique or swing speed with their golf clubs.

When discussing the 7-Iron club, many golfers need more skills and practice using them. They normally whip the ball too high to be short of the green or hit too hard, which lands in the woods instead. These 7-Iron clubs are most suitable for long par 3s, short par 4s, or 135 yards hit.

All you need to do is swing your hands, and the club will handle the rest. For example, when using 7-Iron for 100 yards distance hit, the ball travels at a low surface distance and even bounces before finally hitting the putt. We usually call it a half-swing hit.

All these three golf club types are a perfect choice for a 100 yards or close-distance hit. But, again, several factors still play a vital role in selecting these club types. Therefore, every golfer must keep them in mind before utilizing one.

Pick the Correct Club

Pick right club

You must work properly on your golf course management, as it is critical once you are at the golf course. It includes choosing the precise golf club according to the shot. So, once you stand at the tee box, decide where you intend the ball to land. This strategy can help you greatly to lead the ball in that direction smoothly and easily.

Most golfers ignore this tip and take a hit blindly, sometimes leading to failure. Instead, amateurs try to hit as hard or high as possible to attain a longer distance shot. Unfortunately, this results in a loss as the ball can land in the woods or water. Therefore, you must choose a comfortable golf club, as it can help you hit more accurately.

Wedge Play – Pro Golf Tips

Most golfers are unaware of the importance of an excellently executed Wedge play. However, amateurs must learn about trajectory control and the range of their wedges.

All wedge players can dial up the tricky “tweener” yardages thrown towards them by the course, such as 121, 107, or 84 yards, depending on how far their full wedge can go.

Gap Wedge

Sometimes, golfers try to take a shot with a pitching wedge club that is best suitable for a gap wedge. You may put the ball too far from green if you do not control the swing at a 100-yard distance shot. Golfers even occasionally draw up shots for fear of smashing the ball loosely.

You can smash a more accurate shot if you decide to add a gap wedge to your golf bag. It can allow you to take a full swing of a 90-120 yard shot hit. When used properly, the gap wedge can help land a high-hit ball tight to the pin.

Sand Wedge

It is used for the shots hitting from the sand trap. Most golfers have them at their ease of use; many even use them to deal with bunker shots only.

The sand wedge and 56′ can be the most precious club you carry around when dealing with a 100 yards pin. It will offer the proper and also achieve the proper distance you require. You can get enough spin and loft to drop the ball straight into the landing zone.

Therefore, these 56′ or sand wedges can significantly impact the shot hits between 100 yards. So keeping them in your club bag can make a lot of difference apart from just the bunker shot.

Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge comes in handy when the golf shots are within 125 yards of distance from the green. Instead of using their pitching wedge, amateurs mostly use the 9-Iron. They think the 9-Iron clubs can most likely help them smash the club farther with it. They normally ignore that these clubs can be their best bet to overcome the green trouble.

Another serious problem with most amateur golfers is that they are not equipped with a proper technique. It prevents them from making a considerable difference with their irons regarding counting the yards. When hit properly, both golf shots will cover a similar distance.

Lob Wedge

Using a lob wedge can help to deal with the golf shots when hit from close to the green. These clubs have a maximum loft between 60-64 degrees range. It makes them a great choice for golfers who struggle with swing shots or striking the ball high in the air. The golfers mostly use the lob wedge to hit their shots between 20-40 yards.

For an average golfer, a 60-degree wedge can hit anywhere between 25-35 yards. The wedge can be used from sand traps or even for those shots where you want the ball to stop instantly on the green.

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How Can You Smash The Pitching Wedge?

You’re at a 100 yards distance from green and wondering how I can smash the pitching wedge. Well, this does not require hitting the ball with hard force. Instead, you can smash a smooth swing, and the loft at the club will do the rest of the job for you.

It must make hard contact with the ball to smash a pitching wedge. It will result in firm contact between the club and the ball to create a more effective and powerful smash. Next, you should make sure to follow the golf swing.

If you are a right-handed golfer, you should aim for the high from the left side of your goal. However, those who lack pace or swing when hitting a full shot should try for half-swing shots instead. It can help them greatly in achieving a pitching wedge in a better way.

Master the Shots within 100 Yards

Practicing your short games can help in mastering the 100 yards shots. Try hitting the ball at least 12-15 times with that same club, and keep making notes of the yards you smash each time. After a couple of sessions, you can get to know about the distance you can smash at each golf club hit. You can gain confidence if you keep practicing by hitting shots from various ranges.

You can even try investing in a golf GPS to help keep a note of golf hit yardages. This can help you in becoming more accurate with your practice. You can even practice the pitching wedge at a net practice inside your backyard if you have one with enough space area.

Practice to make it perfect

When you have time, practice as much as possible in hitting golf shots from varying distances, you can also use various golf clubs to find the best suitable club with better results. Try getting the ball hits close to the hole by aiming at the green or pin.

With additional practice, you’ll have better field results. However, keep in mind that there is no concept of a perfect shot. It’s all about trials and mistakes you will make to learn more from them.

Experimenting with Different Clubs

Keep experimenting with different clubs to find the best one for hitting a good 100 yards shot. It will make you experience the use and benefits of every club available in your bag to find the most suitable one.

For that, you need to start practicing with each one available for enough time to observe their pros and cons before moving to the next. Then, to determine which one is the best, see how close you get to the hole with a particular one among all available. You can even use the Trackman technology to determine which offers the best performance.


1. How do you smash a 100-yard golf shot?

There is no special tip for hitting a 100-yard golf shot. Although, everyone will recommend different tips or tricks for hitting that shot. Therefore, the general rule is to keep practicing all types of hits from different ranges or angles by different club types. It will earn you enough experience and help you find the most comfortable club for your choice.

2. Does a heavier club smash the ball farther?

Yes, according to TPT golf, the weight of the club head and the 4 inches of shaft weight attached can make a solid impact by increasing the weight. Keeping all other things constant, the more the club’s weight, the harder it will hit the ball, resulting in a farther distance.

3. How far should you hit a 9-iron?

Most golfers usually hit their 9-Iron at a distance of 120-126 yards. However, those in their 20s will mostly hit at a distance of around 139 yards at max. In contrast, golfers at the age of 60 have close to 110 yards.

4. How to Measure Your Carry Distance in Golf?

You can use this simple formula to calculate the carry distance. First, multiply the speed of the club head by 3.16 and subtract 85.2 yards for the total, and you will have your carry distance per yard or two.


If you are looking for a golf club to hit 100 yards distance, there isn’t one in particular. However, your skill levels, golf swings, and the golf shots you play can help you get the best golf club. It means you must spend enough time in the practice areas and play different shots from different ranges.

It would help if you made yourself comfortable playing half swing and full shots or whatever else it takes to get the ball to the hole. Therefore, there is no shortcut to becoming a pro except for following these tips and tricks with lots of practice.

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