Callaway Supersoft Vs Superhot (A Detailed Comparison)

Next to Titleist, Callaway is the second biggest seller and producer of golf balls in North America. From the brand’s upmarket Chrome-Soft to its budget-friendly Warbird and every single thing between them, Callaway makes a top-level golf ball selection.

Currently, Callaway has two mid-level golf balls with exceptional qualities and the subject of importance for many golfers: the Callaway Superhot and Supersoft golf balls

Maybe it is about time to compare the Callaway Superhot vs. Supersoft.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball 

Many beginners probably know the Callaway Supersoft golf balls. It is one of the softest balls with superb flight and a carry distance on long shots. The ball features game improvement status with 2-piece construction, which beginners and amateurs seek. It is rated 38 (compression rating) on the chart with less spin. Here are other features of the Callaway Supersoft golf ball.

Features & Benefits

Low compression interior (or core)

The Supersoft performs at par with other advanced golf balls in the industry. The 2-piece construction ball has a core with a low compression rating (38) than other softballs. The low-compression interior produces less side spin on long shots but enhances a straight flight with better accuracy.  

Trionomer exterior (or cover)

The Supersoft has a trionomer (a variant of ionomer polymer) cover that is soft but provides a firm feel on the ball. When the trionomer blends with a low-compression interior, the result is a soft feel with an increase in stopping power along the green.

Low drag hex aerodynamics

The aerodynamic design of Supersoft is such that its lower spin decreases the drag on off the tee and iron strikes. This feature improves your angle of launch and distance.

Price & Color

The Supersoft balls come in several colors, but conventional white is the most common. Mostly, they come in a dozen in a pack. The other colors available are matte red, matte pink, and matte green. A box of Supersoft with a dozen balls starts at $29.97. However, the price may vary at any time.

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball 

  • The Supersoft golf balls are better for beginners and amateurs.
  • It is suitable for low-swing speed players.
  • The ball provides a better distance from the tee.
  • Cheaper than Pro V1 balls.
  • It is less expensive compared to Superhot.
  • The ball has a lower spin rate.
  • Not suitable for fast swingers.

Callaway Superhot Golf Ball

The Superhot is a 3-piece ball construction with more innovations than the Supersoft. Here are other features of the Callaway Superhot golf ball. 

Features & Benefits

High flight hex aerodynamics

The Superhot ball has a higher hex aerodynamic design compared to Supersoft. The characteristic lessens the drag upon impact, enhancing the distance resulting from a higher ball flight.

It has a high-energy core

The Superhot core has a high-energy construction that enhances distance off the tee. The 3-piece ball is more suitable for players with high swing speed and those wanting fast ball speed. It comes with slightly high compression than the Supersoft, giving you more control and spin.

It has a trionomer cover

The Superhot balls also have a soft ionomer (trionomer or surlyn) cover like the Supersoft. It helps you land the ball smoothly around the fairway. 

Price & Color

Currently, a 15- piece superhot golf ball sells at a starting price of $39.99, depending on the color. Other colors available are white and matte-yellow. However, the price may vary at any time.

Callaway Superhot Golf Ball

  • It provides more control and feeling.
  • The ball is a high-level performer.
  • The Superhot is more weather-resistant than Supersoft.
  • The Superhot is less forgiving than Supersoft.

One-on-One Features: The Callaway Superhot Vs. Supersoft

One-on-One Features: The Callaway Superhot Vs. Supersoft

1. Construction

The two golf balls have a similarity in construction. However, they differ in compression rating. The Supersoft has a compression rating of 38, while it is 55 for Superhot. The Superhot construction allows for a little bit of spin with firmness, while the Supersoft offers a superior feel in the greens.

2. Performance


Both balls may provide you distance, as long as you have the swing speed. But the Supersoft adds a slight distance compared to Superhot. The surlyn cover of Superhot provides the firmness you need to attain further range.


Either ball provides better ball flights with a sharp angle of launch than other golf balls. But the Supersoft delivers enough backspin and angle of launch if you swing slow. Otherwise, the ball may launch higher with excessive backspin if you are a high-speed swinger.

3. Spin

The Superhot offers little spin than the Supersoft.It is more evident on drives off the tee. Using your irons, the Supersoft is better in controlling spin on long clubs. 

Long game

The low spin rate of Supersoft is suitable for golfers frequently striking a slice or a hook. But the more effective workability of Superhot makes it more reliable for experienced golfers on long games.

Short game

The two balls are better on the putting green.But the high spin of Supersoft shows its superiority around the green. 

4. Feel

Long game

Many golfers prefer the better feel of Supersoft in long games. The firmness of Superhot is too discerning at contact, while the Supersoft has a feathery feel that many players want.

Short game 

The soft feel of Supersoft is what many golfers believe is a better alternative in a short game. It makes them control the distance, get feedback, and improve green interplays. 

5. Driving

The Supersoft performs better from the tee if a golfer has a low swing speed (less than 90mph). But for those who have high swing speed, the Superhot is a better performer using the driver.

6. Putting

The Supersoft’s soft feel offers you more benefits in putting. However, we may say that putting is one of the weaknesses of Superhot.

7. Cost

The Supersoft is cheaper than the Superhot. However, the cost difference is not too big.

Callaway Superhot Vs. Supersoft: Which Is Better?

Callaway Superhot Vs. Supersoft: Which Is Better?

There is no specific answer to this question. Both golf balls will serve you well, but it boils to your skill and needs. If you are looking for an affordable option, Supersoft is more likely your choice. But if you want to hit the green with workability and better spin, go for the Superhot.

Who Should Use The Callaway Supersoft?

Low-swing speed golfers who want more forgiveness should use the Supersoft.

Who Should Use The Callaway Superhot?

The Superhot golf ball is more appropriate for golfers with a swing speed of 80mph and above.


Here are some alternatives for Supersoft and Superhot golf balls:

  • Callaway Supersoft Magma- Suitable for high handicappers.
  • Callaway Chrome Soft X- For low handicap players.
  • Callaway Chrome Soft- For mid-handicappers.

Final Thoughts on Callaway Superhot vs. Supersoft

Callaway Superhot vs. Supersoft

The Supersoft has a 2-piece construction while the Superhot has a 3-piece. Both balls suit mid- and high-handicap golfers and work nicely with a mid-handicap wedge. The Supersoft offers less spin with soft but straighter shots. 

The Superhot, on the other hand, delivers the same distance as the Supersoft but with the spin and workability, most experienced players are looking for.


1. Is Callaway Superhot a softball?

The Superhot has a 3-piece dual-core construction with a very soft mantle and soft trionomer blend surlyn cover. Yes, it is a softball with a higher compression rating than the Supersoft. 

2. What is the compression of a Callaway Superhot?

The Callaway Superhot has a compression rating of 55.

3. Do Low Compression Golf Balls Go Further? 

Low compression balls go the same distance or further for players having swing speeds at less than 100 mph.

4. How long is The Callaway Supersoft Good for? 

When used more frequently, the Supersoft may last up to seven rounds of 18-hole games.

5. How Long Is Callaway Supersoft? 

The Callaway Supersoft performs well on intermediate shots as it does from the tee. Its ball flight is higher than many mid-speed golfers are used to. Shots with the Supersoft usually drop abruptly and stop quickly.

6. Is a Callaway Superhot golf ball good for a beginner?

Yes, it is. The Superhot is for golfers wanting more distance with less spin. It is a good choice for beginners seeking to improve their play.

Yes, they are. The USGA certified the Callaway Superhot Golf Ball conforms to the rules.

8. Is Callaway Supersoft good for distance?

In terms of distance, the Supersoft is above average. Its low compression with less spin makes the ball gets enough rolls even on miss-hits. 

9. Callaway Supersoft and Superfast: How do they differ?

The Callaway Superfast is cheaper than the Supersoft. However, the Superfast gets more distance than the Supersoft. 


The battle between Callaway Superhot vs. Supersoft golf balls must end. Both balls have their functionalities and use: golfers should not confuse about their importance in the game.

The balls have a resemblance in overall look, compression, and construction. It is worth trying each ball until you arrive at the best one for your skill. 

If you seek more control over the ball, the Supersoft is probably the one you are looking for. However, if you want a straighter flight and further distance: go for the Superhot.

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