11 Golf Club Brands To Avoid (Plus 3 Brands You Can Trust)

Many golf lovers, beginners and experts alike, get overwhelmed by the variety the golf market offers. They are often trapped by brands that make false claims of high quality. Some of these brands are highly reputable and many people, who associate reputation with quality, chase these brands. However, they regret their choices when they find their pockets empty.

Don’t worry; you won’t be making any wrong decisions when purchasing because we have listed and reviewed the Golf club brands to avoid.

However, it’s not just the Golf club brands you should avoid. You should also stay away from any cloned and knock-off clubs. You might be tempted to buy from unknown golf club brands from a shady website because of a great deal. But you will just be saving pennies while compromising a lot on the quality, so we would say that it’s not worth it. Let’s elaborate on these categories to aid your understanding.

Knock-off Clubs

Golf clubs that are knock-offs are usually made where it is simple to copy a product and sell it because they are typically illegal. Knock-off golf clubs look the same but are of poor quality. These golf clubs are manufactured from awful materials and are mass-produced with no quality control. These golf clubs are unlikely to last. They are prone to breakage and have no warranty. If you end yourself purchasing counterfeit golf clubs, you might as well burn the cash you paid for them.

Component Golf Clubs

Component Golf Clubs

Certain manufacturers sell club components; however, brands often don’t sell their clubs in parts. While buying component clubs isn’t necessarily bad, assembling them could be a hassle. You would also have to rely on the assembler’s skill set because many people can’t make sets independently. Even if you find great deals on good-quality component golf clubs, we don’t recommend them.

Cloned Golf Clubs

Cloned golf clubs are created in the same factories and go through the same production process as the originals but are significantly more affordable. While this may sound great, cloned clubs are not subjected to quality control or testing; therefore, you will likely receive a damaged golf club.

Now let’s see the list of branded Golf clubs to avoid:

1. Yonex Graphite Driver:

It can be unexpected to learn that the Yonex Brand s in this list as it originated in Japan because Japanese golf club brands are often world-class. The Yonex gold club, however, doesn’t offer the same overall performance as other Japanese golf club manufacturers. Despite being reasonably inexpensive, the golf club has a poor quality, poorly produced feeling. Golfers cannot hit the ball firmly due to the Yonex graphite driver’s large grip.

2. Alien Golf Club

Another company that sells things for a low price but sacrifices quality is Alien. The unstable construction quality of an Alien club is the most apparent issue a consumer might discover.

As we all know, the club must move quickly when performing a swing, and the golf ball must be struck swiftly and forcefully. As a result, the chance of harming the club increases if the product is improperly made. However, because of its low cost, Alien may be an excellent option if you’re looking for a golf club set for your kids.

3. Yamaha

Yamaha golf clubs are outstanding; therefore, their quality is not the problem; instead, the problem is their cost. We find it a little absurd that you can purchase a Yamaha driver for the exact cost of a complete set of golf equipment.

You can spend whatever you want on a golf club as long as it meets your performance standards, but given how much Yamaha’s clubs cost, you’d be much better off choosing a golf club brand like Cobra, where you can get three to five clubs, or even an entire set, for the price of one or two Yamahas.

4. Giga-Golf Club Brand

This business focuses on creating customized clubs and selling clubs that have already been put together to meet personal standards.

Even if you get a club customized to your specifications, you can’t be sure that your purchase is right for you because GigaGolf is a dubious brand.

Additionally, GigaGolf items frequently have substantially lower costs than most competing brands. So, having a complaint regarding the product’s quality is inevitable.


Many golfers are impressed by Hammer X after seeing its commercials highlighting its business success. Any brand’s marketing plan includes product advertising.

However, if the advertised quality isn’t what you get, many golfers use Hammer X to illustrate a brand with excessive advertising.

The Hammer X club is said to slice the ball frequently due to its unusual shape. In addition, there are complaints about Hammer X’s durability.

6. Precise Golf Club

The Precise golf club brand has the outstanding feature of letting you know exactly what you’re receiving before you buy. They do not portray their golf clubs as being of top quality since they are not. They are reasonably priced and ideal for occasional golfers, i.e., those who don’t play frequently but still want to have a golf bag in their garage.

So you can choose Precise if you want a golf club but don’t want to pay a lot of money. Don’t choose the Precise golf club; however, if you are an avid golfer seeking a gold club that will produce the desired outcome.

You must be thinking about which Golf clubs you should buy instead. Well, lucky for you, we have also reviewed the best golf clubs ever made. We used them and liked them; you should test which one fits your preferences the best.

7. Axis Putter

Most likely, if you follow professional golf, you have seen Justin Rose compete in a few tournaments.

Rose is a reasonably reliable golfer with a respectable on-tour reputation.

In his golf bag, he carries one of these Axis putters.

We should make a few points clear regarding this brand and the reasons why it is on our list of companies to stay away from.

To begin with, there is no aspect of this club’s quality that merits inclusion on our list.

In fact, the Axis putters are among the more expensive putters built with top-quality materials and are very well made. We have a problem with Axis putters because we don’t think they’re quite as groundbreaking as Axis claims.

There is no denying that a putter’s balance and design are crucial, but the price tag doesn’t seem justified. Without question, Justin Rose is an excellent putter, but many other players on tour are as well; with putters that cost half as much as the Axis, many of these other golfers are winning competitions.

Although the price is difficult for a novice golfer to justify, we appreciate that this is a modest company that invests a lot of time and work into its designs.

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8. Seven

Our list includes the seven for a variety of reasons. The first factor that Seven brand is that which lacks the renown or easy recognition of the more prominent brands, including those in Japan, where they have their base of operations. Seven is not far behind in terms of the excellence of their goods, though.

That might be slightly short-selling them. In actuality, these items have an excellent feel and sound. Additionally, they have the punk appearance to match.

They are designed for professionals. And right there is where the issue is. These golf clubs are not recommended for beginners for apparent reasons. In an ideal world, a golf club with greater flexibility and tolerance would help. Most novices struggle to strike the dead center of the clubface. Seven’s golf clubs don’t provide any.

Golf clubs with rockstar-like aesthetics always come with rockstar price tags, and Seven is no exception. You would be right if you stated that Seven’s golf clubs were created for a highly upscale audience. Beginners are, unfortunately, not it.

9. Ryoma Clubs

Another Japanese golf company, Ryoma, is trying to catch up to Mizuno and other elite brands.

We believe that the Ryoma brand still has a ways to go.

The clubs have a modern appearance, and we can see why some players could find that appealing.

The sound, though, is the problem we are experiencing with the Ryoma. This club doesn’t have an excellent sound, and frequently when a club doesn’t have the right sound, it also loses some of its feels.

This company produces a wide variety of golf clubs, but they don’t quite appear to know who their ideal clients are.

The majority of Japanese brands are renowned for their excellent feel and top-notch performance.


The company, Kankura Golf shoes, is a newcomer to the industry. They are renowned for using disruptive technologies in their goods, and their selection of golf shoes is no exception. It is among the Golf Club brands to stay away from.

The best feature of these shoes is that they are waterproof and offer the option to have Thinsulate insulation added to them, allowing you to play throughout all four seasons without being concerned about your feet becoming too hot or too cold. It has Formotion Fit Technology, which has sensors on one side of each shoe and vibrates briefly to force your foot back into place when it detects your foot moving away from its natural position, which is one of the disruptive technologies they use. Over time, your foot will move to its natural position. When compared to FootJoy, they appear to be a more affordable rival. They don’t seem to be as durable either. You must choose whether this is what you want because it seems like they are more of a fashion statement than anything else.

11. Nike SQ 5900 Iron

The Nike SQ 5900 iron is one of the worst items on the list as we draw closer to the worst items possible. The club resembles a terrible box perched atop a pole. It was a must-add because the remainder of its general dynamics helped it earn a spot on our list. The structure and form of this beast defy all available golf technology today. And the “SQ” does indeed stand for square. Nice, huh? Additionally, the sound was equally as ugly as the appearance! The SQ and similarly shaped Callaway FTi are to blame for stifling golfers’ appetites for unconventional-looking drivers for a while.

High Rated Golf Clubs Brands You Can Trust

1. Callaway Golf Club

Callaway Golf Club

According to customer reviews, Callaway golf club kits are ideal for the beginning golfer and are created with high performance. They are equipped with a complete collection of irons, hybrids, and woods covering all of the situations beginning golfers face. The comprehensive packages are designed for players of all skill levels who wish to expand their distance, hit spectacular shots, and have more fun playing the game than ever before.

The brand is loved by many because it offers impeccable balance and grip along with a decent price tag. However, some people may find its driver a bit difficult to use.

This set is the best for amateurs who are just beginning to play golf. It is because the kit contains all the relevant golf clubs that can help you master the basics. The kit also falls on the cheaper side making it good for beginners. However, there is no compromise on quality.

Top Rated Callaway Golf Clubs You Can Trust

ProductMaterialIncluded ComponentsRating
1. Strata Men’s Complete Golf Club SetAluminumDriver, 3 Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 – 9 Iron, PW, Putter, Stand Bag and 2 Head covers#1
2. Callaway Golf 2021 REVA Complete Golf Set (11 Piece)Graphite‎Golf Club Set, Headcovers, Golf Bag#2
3. Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf SetSyntheticDriver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid, 7-iron, 9-iron, Sand Wedge and Putter#3

2. Wilson Golf Club

Wilson Golf Club

Wilson’s golf set combines the finest materials with Wilson’s unrivaled engineering. Superior technology plus lightweight components work together to provide incredible distance off the tee. They provide maximum control, improve launch trajectory and deliver increased distance. Its popular Profile Platinum technology places mass low and back, allowing for longer, straighter shots.

This set is recommended for golf professionals. The golf club is of impeccable quality, however, only professionals may be able to handle it properly. Since, the set contains advanced tools, it is best for experienced players.

Top Rated WILSON Golf Clubs You Can Trust

ProductMaterialIncluded ComponentsRating
1. WILSON Women’s Complete Golf Club Cart Bag Package Sets – Ultra, Ultra Plus, LuxeCompositeDriver, 3 Fairway Wood, 4 Hybrid, 5 Iron, 6 Iron, 7 Iron, 8 Iron, 9 Iron, Pitching Wedge, Putter, Bag.#1
2. WILSON Junior Profile JGI Complete Golf Club Package Set – Stand BagNylon9 Piece Complete Set includes Driver, Hybrid, Long Iron, Short Iron, Wedge, Putter, Bag and 2 headcovers#2
3. WILSON Men’s Profile SGI Complete Golf Club Package Set – Men’s and SeniorNylon10.5° Driver with graphite shaft, #5 Fairway Wood with graphite shaft, #5 Hybrid, Irons: #6, 7, 8, 9, Pitching Wedge, Sand Wedge, Putter, Carry Bag and three Head Covers#3

3. TaylorMade Golf Club

TaylorMade Golf Club

We like TaylorMade golf because of its Ultra-lightweight construction. It also comes with a speed pocket and premium shafts, enhancing flexibility for a powerful launch. There are also three color options to choose from. So if you’re looking for lightweight gear to give you full swing, this might be the best one.

This light-weight set is best for old people or women who may find it tedious to lift heavy golf clubs. It’s also suitable for beginners since its very easy to handle, however it may be a bit pricey. 

Top Rated TaylorMade Golf Clubs You Can Trust

ProductMaterialIncluded ComponentsRating
1. TaylorMade Golf Kalea Complete Golf Set Graphite‎Bag, Driver, Putter, 3 Fairway Wood, 5 Fariway Wood, 5 Hybrid, 6 Hybrid, 7,8,9,SW Irons#1
2. WILRBZ Speedlite Complete 13-Piece SetSON Junior Profile JGI Complete Golf Club Package Set – Stand BagTitaniumDriver, Fairway, Irons,Wedge,Bag#2

What To Look For When Shopping For A Good Golf Brand?

What To Look For When Shopping For A Good Golf Brand?

You should always keep the price in mind to ensure that you don’t overspend on a product that’s not worth it. However, we also don’t recommend buying cheap counterfeit goods because of their quality.

The key is finding the balance to get quality goods at a justified price tag. You should always research and read reviews before investing in a golf brand.

We really like the Strata golf kit by Callaway because it offers impeccable quality at a reasonable price. Many people find it on the cheaper side. It has an efficient design to give you excellent command over your gear.

Our favorite is the TaylorMade golf club because of its lightweight. The gear doesn’t wear out and is easy to handle. Additionally, the brand produces exceptional quality golf clubs that last long and have high launch power. We have tried it and recommend it to you too.


Q1) Which golf club brand is best for beginners?

The best golf club brand for begineners is Callaway 11-Piece REVA Complete Set. Specifications.

Q2) What is the best golf club set brand?

Here are some best golf club set brands :

Q3) What are the best cheap golf clubs?

Here are some best cheap golf clubs:

  • Callaway Strata (Best Overall on A Budget)
  • Callaway Edge (Best For Better Quality)
  • Wilson Profile SGI (Best For Custom Fit)

Q4) Do bad golf clubs make you a bad player?

Your game can be improved with the use of good golf clubs. However, golf clubs may not always be the most crucial element in developing your game. The two most important aspects will be how skillfully you swing the club and execute your stroke. However, good clubs can be helpful if you’re searching for a competitive advantage.

Q5) Do Expensive Golf Clubs Make a Difference?

Expensive golf clubs certainly matter, but just because a set is more expensive doesn’t automatically imply it will improve your game. Due to their forging process, the more expensive clubs on the market are typically blades. While this increases consistency or feedback, the lack of assistance with distance and forgiveness means they may harm the game of many players.


We hope that this knowledge will save you the hassle of choosing a golf club and safeguard you from any scams and bad decisions.

We recommend that you do proper research before investing in a golf club. It is advisable that you read customer reviews and avoid running after popular brands. As you have read above, many famous brands deliver a false impression of their products. So its best that you follow the guidelines in this article to make the right choice.

When buying a golf club, make sure to keep these golf club brands to avoid. Also steer clear of counterfeit clubs, clones and component gloves no matter how tempting it maybe.

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