How to Choose Golf Clubs for 4 Years Old – The Most Important Factors

Buying a golf club for a junior, or a 4-year-old, you need to be very careful. Only the right golf equipment can make your 4 years old fall in love with golf. This love affair, then and only then, will be a lifelong experience.

So what do you start with golf clubs for 4 years old?

What you need is a professional set of golf clubs. Something that your kid is most likely to get attracted to. And before you take your kid to the golf course, the right set of toy clubs can get your kid excited and eager to learn faster.

Investing in a beginner set of junior golf clubs is pretty straightforward. You have to get your kid fitted for his or her first golf clubs. Find a good golf coach unless you’re the one teaching your kid to play golf. And pass on some helpful golfing tips for swinging and improving golf scores.

This article helps you find the best golf clubs for 4 years old. You don’t want to buy the first golf club for your son or daughter before reading this.

3 Tips to Buy Golf Clubs for 4 Years Old


Is buying golf clubs for 4 years Oldsworth it? Motivating a junior golfer to become an adult professional is a rewarding journey. But it’s not possible without the proper set of equipment and training practice.

The only way you can avoid arriving at a dead end with kids is when you keep their golf clubs up-to-date. Children are more likely to continue learning and mastering the sport with brand-new equipment. So before you teach your kid how to play golf well, buy him or her the right set of golf clubs to play with.

What you’re about to read next shows you how.

1. Always buy a golf club set – not singles


A complete junior set has everything a 4-year-old needs. In fact, junior golfers between the ages of 5 to 12 work better with a junior set. A junior golf set has everything –  a golf bag, irons, woods, and a putter.

It’s versatile, functional, and very practical. Junior golfers grow out of their gear very quickly. And a junior golf set has a number of golf clubs to suit this progress. This is a penny-saving trick as well.

If you buy individual golf clubs, you’ll end up paying more for each golf club every time your kid grows out of them. Junior sets are designed in such a way that it complements the growth of a junior golfer. So he or she doesn’t have to switch over to new golf clubs as much.

2. Do not customize old golf clubs


Lots of parents take hold of their old golf clubs and trim down the shaft. This is then fitted to their children after re-gripping and customizations. While this may be a cost-effective solution for many parents, it’s not the right thing to do.

Cutting down an old golf club’s shaft can alter its flex and weight. The golf club feels too heavy for any 4-year-old kid to swing. Cutting down the shaft will also interfere with the flex and feel of the grip.

No matter how accurately or passionately you re-grip the shaft. The heavy-weight of the head of the shaft will negatively affect your kid’s swing.

Golf clubs for 4 years old are measured perfectly. The length, weight, and feel of the golf club are in sync. A golf club’s shaft should be accurately tailored for a kid’s swing. When you cut down the shaft of an adult golf club, that club is measured for an adult’s swing.

Golf clubs for 4 years Oldshave a flexible tip. This makes it easier for kids to get the ball in the air. Golf clubs for adults have a stiffer tip. And that’ll frustrate your kid because he or she will be unable to get the ball into the air.

3. Buy according to height, not age


Not every junior golf club set is designed the same. Similarly, no two 4-year-olds’ golf clubs will fit the same way. Unless they have the same height measurements.

Lots of new buyers go for the general category of golf clubs. If you’re one of them, you’ll end up using a golf club that’s not for your 4 years old. Incorrect golf clubs can interfere with any golf game. Be it a 4-year-old or a tour-level pro player.

It’s the fastest way your kid will lose his or her confidence on the green.

To avoid this mishap, measure your kid’s height. And find a golf club that is recommended within that measurement. Never buy a golf club according to age.

If your kid is tall for her age, she might end up using something that is too short for her age. So it’s best to fit your kid according to height, rather than age.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest reasons why junior golfers do not stick to their training is lousy equipment. When you start with brand-new golf clubs, there’s a strong possibility that a 4-year-old will grow out of it in weeks, rather than months.

When that happens, you resist spending extra money on a new set of golf clubs. And so your kid uses an inaccurate golf club which ruins his or her game. Thus demotivating him or her from continuing on their training.

If you really want your kid to grow, do not start with an individual golf club. Buy a set of golf clubs that suit the swinging speed of a 4-year-old. When you do this, your kid is more likely to stick to the game and win.

It’s important to make golf as profitable as possible for kids. So that more juniors join the game and compete on a professional playing level. For that reason, finding the best golf clubs for 4 years old is very important. Basic instruction, consistent training, and the right equipment. These are the 3 tools for making your kid fall in love with golf.


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